Harmony, Inc. celebrates 60 years

If you think the last 60 years were exciting, wait ‘til you see what’s coming next!

President Donna McKay presented an inspirational look ahead to what’s in store for Harmony, Inc. over the next five years as we implement our strategic plan, Harmony. Stronger. In her crystal ball she saw more members, more chapters, more education, more communication, greater accomplishments and a larger footprint across North America.

Harmony has established a strong culture of accomplished leadership at all levels. The newly installed International Board of Directors and Assistants will boldly lead us into an exciting future. The traditional candle-light ceremony marked the transition from the leadership of yesterday to the leadership of tomorrow. It concluded with an emotional rendition by all present of What a Dream Can Do, “Our Voices One in song, together proud and strong . . .” then a mad dash to the Anniversary party where all indulged in generous helpings (or two . . . or more . . .) of scrumptious cakes and raised their voices, as Harmony members always do whenever they meet, in celebratory song.

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
Editor, e-note
[email protected]