Seeking Today’s Harmony Leaders

It’s time to select the leaders who will lead Harmony, Inc. into the vision articulated by President Donna McKay at IC&C 2019 — more members, more chapters, more education, more communication, greater accomplishments and a larger footprint across North America. Harmony. Stronger. 

To do that, we need nominations to the International Board of Directors. This is a reminder to all Chapter Presidents and Associate Members that Nomination Forms for 2020 International Board elections are due January 15. We are seeking nominations for the Areas 1, 3 and 5 Area Directors as well as nominees for members at large on the International Board of Directors.  The election will take place in early 2020. Sound familiar? If not then please go to https://www.harmonyinc.org/2019/12/04/5062/ on the Harmony, Inc. website. Everything you need to know is detailed in that post.

Request for Chapter Presidents

All Chapter Presidents, please take a look at your chapter membership and encourage those that are seen as potential International Board Members to consider sharing their time and talents.  Chapters are each limited to nominating two members.  

Request for Chapter Members and Associates

Chapter Member, is that person YOU, or Associate Members…is that problem solver/dreamer/planner YOU?  If so, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to be more involved in Harmony, Inc. In either case just get a chapter or an associate member to compete the online Nomination Form and then follow that with your Application Form submission.  As an Associate Member you could play a unique role on the International Board…representing the many Associate Members of Harmony, Inc. as decisions are made. We need to hear the voices of our Associate Members as well – might you be that voice? If not you, then WHO from your Area has shown interest in developing policies and practices that might be useful to Harmony, Inc.  Who are your problem solvers? Your dreamers? Your planners? Harmony, Inc. needs those people to help us to move forward.  

Nomination Form (HAR-034 1) and Application Form (HAR-034 2) must be completed online by the January 15 deadline. Both forms may be found on the Harmony Inc. website under Forms/Documents in the Members’ Only section. It is easier than ever this year because both forms are an online submission.  Once the forms are filled out, they will be digitally submitted to the Nominating Committee Chair and Corporate Office.  

Please be sure that all members of your chorus receive this information. Send it by e-mail, add to your Chapter bulletin and announce this at your chapter meetings. Areas, forward it to your Associate Members. Encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming part of the administrative team that will move our organization into the future. 

Harmony, Inc. needs qualified, experienced individuals. Allow your name to stand, get to know Harmony, Inc. and let Harmony, Inc. get to know you! Become part of the future of Harmony, Inc. – how exciting is THAT?

In case you didn’t catch it the first three times it was mentioned above — the deadline for submission of nominations is no later than January 15, 2020!

Submitted by Marie Ross
Nominating Committee Chair
[email protected]