Twenty-Two Stores!

Twenty-two stores! Hundreds of clapping hands and smiles! Sugartones sprinkled the joy of the season throughout the community of Alliston. Our name precedes us! Our legion of fans continues to grow! And they said we sounded pretty good, too!

Sugartones, the Alliston Ontario chapter of Harmony, Inc., had a busy 2019 Christmas season. We started with a recording by our local TV station of Christmas favourites along with our own MC-ed introductions and seasonal jokes. We sang to the excited families in advance of the Beeton and Tottenham Santa Claus parades, entertained shoppers during the downtown Alliston Christmas Crawl, shared our joy of the holiday season through song at a community Christmas party, and shared some joyful sounds with the staff and visitors at a local Hospice. The season was capped by our always fun annual Family and Friends Christmas party.
Seven performances in 4 weeks. We are truly radiant with our love of barbershop!

Sending best wishes to our Harmony, Inc. community for a harmonious and blessed 2020.

Submitted by Tracie Kennedy