Harmony, Inc. judges met late in January in not-too-cold New Hampshire for our annual Category Training School to hone our skills in anticipation of serving Harmony, Inc. at our contests this year. At the end of the school, we celebrated certification of three new judges.
Congratulations to Linda Briggs, our newest certified COJ; Fatima Whelan, our newest certified Performance Judge; and Amy Patterson,
our newest certified Singing Judge! Congratulations also to Angie Locke-Morton for advancing to Candidate status in the COJ category at the end of the school.

That’s the good news.
Sadly, we also had to accept Lauren Lindeman’s resignation from the judging program. She determined that health and family concerns were preventing her from participating as a judge at the level she demands of herself. This decision puts a cap on a long and distinguished judging
career. Lauren was among the first three judges ever certified in Harmony, Inc. In 1984, she was a pioneer (along with Nancy Foris and Barbara-Ann MacIntosh) in our nascent judging program, achieving certification in the Sound category at that time. Most recently, we have known her as a Music Judge. Over her 35 years of judging, she has held leadership positions in the program and has been a mentor to
many. We celebrate her service to Harmony, Inc.

Submitted by Kathy Greason
ICJ Chairman
[email protected]