One of the three pillars of our strategic plan is Membership which includes Recruitment, Retention and Onboarding. Did you know that last year we experienced a seven percent increase in our membership? We had six new chapters. This year we are working with two prospective chapters in Illinois and Arizona as well as a potential new chapter in Quebec.

Wouldn’t it be great to see new chapters all across the USA and Canada? If you’ve got contacts is parts of the USA and Canada where there are yet to be Harmony, Inc chapters why not reach out to them and ask them to spread the word about our amazing organization? New recruitment material is in the works but in the meantime, there are links you can share with interested contacts:
– If people want to find out if there is a Harmony, Inc. chapter in their area they can check out Locate A Chapter on our website.
– If they are interested in starting their own chapter they can check out Start A Chapter.
–  If friends want to learn more about the history of Harmony, Inc. they can check out Our Rich History. Our website is full of information, history, and resources.

If you are new to Harmony, Inc. you may not know that we have different types of memberships. Learn about Associate Memberships, Affiliate Memberships and Life Memberships by clicking here.

Do you have ideas on how to attract youth to our organization? Have you already been successful in attracting youth and are willing to share your techniques with all of us? If so, please send me an email so I can compile a list of ideas to share with all our chapters. I can be reached at [email protected]

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership

[email protected]