We have established a member-based Facebook group with a purpose similar to the Harmony Connection Yahoo Group.

Harmony Chat is an internal communications medium providing an opportunity to discuss with other Harmony, Incorporated members any number of topics relating to Harmony, Incorporated and barbershop in general. Using Facebook allows social media-connected members another avenue to ask questions, engage with each other and share insights and ideas. What to know more about Harmony Chat? Here’s a few frequently asked questions.


Q: How do I join Harmony Chat?
A: Joining Harmony Chat is easy. Launch https://www.facebook.com/groups/HarmonyChat/ and then request to join the group. You will be presented with two questions which you must answer to be allowed in the group. Once we confirm your question, your group membership
will be approved (please be patient as it may take a bit of time to approve you – we have a lot of members!). As a reminder, please do not use Facebook’s “Invite” feature to inform members about Harmony Chat – they will not be prompted for the required questions.

Q: Is the Harmony Connection going away?
A: The Harmony Connection still will exist as it includes non-HI members and is a good way for others to see what’s going on in Harmony, Inc. and to share info with us. If you want to be added to the Harmony Connection, contact the Social Media Coordinator.

Q: How is Harmony Chat different from the Harmony Connection?
A: The groups are basically the same, except for the audience (internal versus open). Some of the basic rules are the same, but there are a few differences.
– Photos, videos, memes, etc. are discouraged unless they are specifically related to the group’s purpose. Attachments will be screened to prevent SPAM and malware.
– Membership must be approved (please make sure you answer the membership question).
– The group is monitored, but not moderated. Please be civil, constructive and helpful in your questions and responses.
– Please be mindful of the group.

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]