It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Samantha Tramack as Youth Member of the Year!

Samantha joined New England Voices in Harmony in 2007 at the age of 9. Her energy, cheerful demeanor, and contributions to her chorus have left a positive impression on the chapter. Samantha has been able to give back to her chorus by leading vocal and visual warm-ups, many of the music-learning portions of rehearsals, teaching skills, and creating high-quality learning tracks for their new music. Her familiarity with each part allows her to support each section in their learning process. Samantha has also been appointed as Assistant Director.

Samantha is the Lead in the 2016 International Champion Quartet, Taken 4 Granite. In August 2015 she competed in the SAI Rising Star competition as a bass, coming in second place. Samantha is currently the Baritone of the Area 2 2019 Champion Quartet, New Q. In addition, she entertains in the community with her family quintet the Von Tramack Family Singers and her mixed quartet, Sweet & Sour.

In August 2018 she was the director for the Girls Chorus at BHS’ Northeastern District’s Harmony Explosion Camp (HXNE), where she also sang Lead in Taken 4 Granite which served as the teaching quartet. In August 2019 she became the HXNE Girls’ Chorus Manager, working
with the chorus director and teaching quartet to ensure a successful experience for all attendees, as well as teaching in the camp’s educational program.

Samantha has directed the Area 2 Generations Chorus for four years. In 2018 Samantha was appointed as Area 2 Education Coordinator. She is also co-chairman for the 2021 AC&C Hostess Chapter Committee. Internationally, Samantha performed on the World Harmony Jamboree with Taken 4 Granite. Samantha was the first youth director selected to direct the Minor Chords at IC&C in 2014. She also taught a tag class at the BHS International in the Harmony University education program. At IC&C 2018 Samantha directed the AHQ Chorus in the Parade of Champions.

There seems to be no end to her talent, but the most special things about Samantha are her smiling face, giving heart and beautiful spirit. Given Samantha’s contributions to Harmony, Inc., New England Voices in Harmony, Area 2, BHS, MBHA, and to her local community, she is a wonderful youth who has proven herself to be a model Harmony member deserving of the Youth Member of the Year award.