During IC&C in Sandusky, Ohio, Susan Brooks, a long-time member of The Over Tones, now with A Cappella Showcase, willingly took on the task of delivering Past International President pins to a number of special Harmony, Inc. women. Here is her message – a wonderful story of
friendships and Harmony, Inc. history!

“I have completed my mission to give these ladies their 60th anniversary Past International President pin. You would not believe how thrilled they all were. I spent time with all of them and the memories and laughter flowed!

You may wonder why I cared.

In the early days of Harmony, a number of Woodville girls travelled to Orillia to sing, laughing and singing all the way.  As numbers grew and they found Roy Keys to direct they decided to form Woodville Country Chords. My mom, Gertrude Lillico, was the founding president, November 1, 1966. Marilyn Kelsey, International President 1966-1968, Dianne Pethick 1979-1980, and Marlene Sargent, 1974-1976, were all very active members of the Country Chords.

I sang bari at Mom’s elbow whenever I was home and when I got my teaching job in Elmira, Marion Baier, who had sung with the Country Chords and was now in Guelph, lured me to the Over Tones.

Oh my, how life unfolds. That’s where I met Jo Rider, International president 1977-1979. Jo went on to charter the Chord Spinners and was their first director.

I hope the current Harmony membership will be reminded how much these ladies love Harmony. We have a wonderful history full of wonderful people!”

Thank you for sharing this with all of us Susan.  It is a beautiful reminder of how our time in Harmony, Inc. impacts our lives, brings us together and fills our hearts with wonderful memories!

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]