THERE’S NO NEED TO REGISTER NOW if you registered anytime in 2019!

Wait, what? Why? Last year, the Quartet Registration deadline was moved from January 31 to July 1.

All registrations received any time in 2019 were labeled valid until July 1 of 2020.  This was communicated in your Registration Confirmation, and in E-Note articles. So…..if you are already registered, you are eligible to compete in the coming AC&C’s.  Then you will need to
Renew/Re-Register by July 1.

If you have a change in personnel, please email [email protected] with the details:  the new member’s name, status as Chapter Member (what Chapter?) or Associate (from what City or State/Province?) , what part she will sing, and who is no longer a member of your quartet. Your Quartet Registration must match your Contest Entry, so please process any changes before you enter a contest.

Remember that any new quartet member must be a member of Harmony, Inc. If her membership is “in process”, please communicate that, and I will work with the Corporate Office to expedite.

New quartets can register any time, and must be registered to compete in an Area Contest. Please use the new, easy, online form HAR 028 on the HI website.

Take full advantage of all the opportunities at AC&C….perform anywhere, any time you can….it’s a BLAST…..everyone wants to hear you….and it will make you a better quartet!

Submitted by Deb Stoll
Quartet Development Coordinator  
[email protected]