Harmony, Inc. is looking to add a “Harmony Store” to our website. We are seeking RFPs from retailers who are able to provide:

– A small number of pre-approved Harmony, Inc. branded items.
– Items will be offered for sale through a webpage/link on the Harmony, Inc. website.
– Items will be available for sale to customers in Canada and the USA.
– Retailer will provide an option for shipping items to Canada and the USA.
– Retailer will work directly with the customer; there will be no requirement for Harmony, Inc. to purchase or maintain stock.

If you are able to provide this service yourself please consider submitting an RFP. If you have a retailer with whom you have worked and you think they would be interested in this opportunity, please forward this information.

If you require additional information, email the Director of Business Services.

RFPs must be emailed to the Director of Business Services by April 1, 2020.

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio,
Director of Business Services
[email protected]