Stay Connected

Hello everyone! Since our “stay at home” orders have been in place, our Musical Leadership have been busy, staying involved as a community, through our weekly Special Editions of the “Musical Leadership Connection” newsletter and our weekly ZOOM Round Tables. We’ve been discussing ways to keep you connected! We’ve also stayed connected through our Musical Leadership Private Facebook Chat
Room where ideas are shared, challenges are discussed, and successes are celebrated. I am here to say that YOUR Musical Leadership ROCKS and, recognizes and embraces the importance of staying connected in order to maintain that feeling of belonging we all love.

Our many articles, published in the most recent E-Notes, have focused on the numerous ways to stay connected as a community. Although there are many Video Conference platforms available (like Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.), ZOOM seems to be at the top of the list these days, for groups like ours, for their versatility and accessibility. I encourage you to check it out if you have not yet done so. It’s super easy to sign up and create your first ZOOM Virtual Rehearsal.

As a result of our Musical Leadership ZOOM Round Table Meetings, we’ve discovered that it’s almost effortless to invite outside guests to help with your Virtual Rehearsals. This can be as simple as inviting one of your regular coaches to drop in and say “hi” or, having someone provide a short theory lesson or vocal warm up! I have been compiling a list of volunteers to do just that, so if you are interested in helping, please drop me an email with your availability and what you are willing to offer our chapters. We need fun, interesting and educational material for our virtual rehearsals – WE NEED YOU!  Send your information to [email protected]

And please use ZOOM meetings any time of the week even if it’s just to connect and exchange stories of what everyone is doing to stay fit and healthy.

Stay connected, stay healthy and keep singing!

Submitted by Anne Bureau
Chorus Director Development Coordinator
[email protected]