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What’s the latest buzz? Harmony, Incorporated Virtual Education (HIVE)! Yep, interactive classes, lectures, symposia, recordings are now available to every Harmony member through the magic of the internet. We may need to be physically distant from each other during this unusual spring and summer, but we can still meet virtually to support each other and grow together.

With this thought in mind, the Education and Communications Teams have created The HIVE. Top tier instructors from IC&C 2019 responded to the call, providing virtual versions of popular classes covering singing skills, leadership advice, music education, membership recruitment and retention. And there’s more to come as additional instructors come online.

Music Judge Janet Billings leapt into online education early, offering multiple Zoom sessions on Music Theory at ever-advancing levels. She says she took this initiative because “The more our singers enhance their skills, the better we all are for it.  As a newly certified Music judge, I have had many excellent mentors along the way. Offering basic music theory classes seemed like an appropriate way to pay it forward.”
Said Maria Blair of Bella Nova Chorus after a recent session, “I really like starting to understand the framework of what we do. Janet is such a patient teacher.”

Singing Judge D Dyer encourages her class to Drop and Give Me 25. Her exercises for life-long healthy singing guided by the elements of the singing category: Intonation, Vocal Quality, Unity, Expansion, and Vocal Expression debuted to rave reviews.

Harmony Queen and music educator par excellence Katie Taylor offers Sight-Reading for Dummies. Says Katie, “Want to be a little more independent when learning your music? I’ll help. Don’t be afraid!”
Student Patricia Margaret Day observed following Katie’s class, “…there is so much material…. but I learn something each time I sit through an educational ZOOM!”

–  Susan Spencer has a class, Get Out of Your Shell – Heads Up Barbershop Edition, that uses an interactive game to encourage more
expressive faces and bodies.

There’s still time to join a live class, too. Coming up this month are:
Stretches for Everyday Singers – A demo of some important stretches every singer should do before singing as well as an explanation of why each is important. Wear pants and come ready to stretch and share experiences with Jen Wheaton! Wednesday, May 6, 3 p.m.

Who We Are and What We Do – How to provide an enjoyable, well-focused, compelling musical and social experience that attracts and
retains new singers, taught by Anne Bureau. Saturday, May 9, 2 p.m.

Sight-Reading for Dummies 2 – Join Katie Taylor for round two of this quest for independence. Wednesday, May 13, 7 p.m.

Conquering the Aging Voice – If you go for a note and it doesn’t land in the spot you’re aiming for, this class is for you. Sandi Wright gives physiological reasons for the change in our voices and some advice that has worked for her singing in a top 10 quartet well into her 60s. Thursday, May 14, 2 p.m.

Recordings of these sessions may be found on the Members Only website for later viewing, as well.

Special thanks to:
– Anne Colt, our Education Coordinator, for the remarkable and vital job of getting the classes and instructors organized.
– The Communication Team for jumping in quickly to promote and design.
Special recognition goes to Robyn Matula for her creative play on words in naming the program The HIVE, to Anita Prather Harvell for the
elegant yet approachable design of the videos, and Tanya Reid for the tech wizardry involved in getting The HIVE up and running on the
– Our participants, whose enthusiastic response drives us onward. The enrollment for the first classes offered was astounding!  Our honeycomb runneth over.
The HIVE is a fruitful way to allow singers to continue to grow and flourish, to further our mission to empower women through education, friendship, and singing.

Allison Thompson says, “Thanks, Harmony, Inc., for offering these online classes. They [are] amazing! I hope this is something we can continue post COVID 19.”

Yes, Allison, The HIVE is here to stay. Harmony. Stronger. Now that’s something to buzz about.

Submitted by Robyn Lynn Matula
PR Coordinator
[email protected]

and Kelly Thomas
VP of Education
[email protected]