It’s The Music That Brings Us Together

In the midst of this crazy pandemic, the generosity and kindness of people’s hearts certainly has shown through in so many ways! Harmony, Inc. is very fortunate to have been given a song from the amazing and talented Clay Hine (who happens to be DAD to our Hot Pursuit Queen Baritone, Melody!) and it is absolutely beautiful! We are excited to be able to make it available on our Harmony, Inc. website to all of our members – for free!

You can download the PDF of the music and learning tracks here. Then you can learn this song to not only sing with your quartet or chorus, but with all of Harmony, and other organizations who have been given this song, as well. It will truly be something universal that will bring our barbershop organizations together.

As Clay so eloquently states in the closing line of his song, “It’s the music that brings us together, but it’s the friendships that make us stay…“ You will love this beautiful, original piece, and we thank you, Clay, for this generous and heartfelt gift!

Submitted by Katie Taylor
Director of Music Programs

[email protected]harmonyinc.org