Meet the Assistant: Nancy Weisbein – Manual Chair

Welcome to our newest assistant for the International Board of Directors, Nancy Weisbein!

A member of Harmony Inc. since 2016, Nancy proudly sings bass with The Liberty Belles Chorus in Lansdale, PA out of Area 3. She recalls worrying, as she headed to her first rehearsal, “Would it really be for her?” Luckily for us all, she fell in love with it!

No stranger to leadership, Nancy is honored to serve as the current President and Membership Chair for her chorus but also as Area 3’s Education Co-Coordinator and Membership Coordinator.

In her spare time….Nancy works full time as the manager of a CPA firm, is in a new quartet called No Rush, she loves to sew and feels quite absolute in her preference of waffles over pancakes…. or maybe pancakes over waffles.

When the Manual Chair position became available, she felt that her love for editing and details was the perfect fit for the job. Learning new skills has her very excited to tackle this task as she transitions into the role with the help of Chris Hembel.

While she admits it sounds like she’s involved in “too much”, she confidently remarked, “It’s never too much when you’re doing what you love.”
With a heart this kind, we are all safe in her equally capable hands. Welcome, Nancy!

Submitted by Robyn Lynn Matula
PR Coordinator
[email protected]