Harmony, Inc. Emporium

Hope everyone is staying safe. When you are reading this, the DelVecchio household will have been in lockdown for 84 days. Who knew you could watch that much television!! Very thankful for the return of good weather and to be able to go outside.

Harmony On-line Store  

In March, we published a notice in the E-Note about Harmony, Inc. looking to add a “Harmony Store” to our website. WIn April a follow-up notice advised that we were putting that project on hold until September. Now that we have all had a chance to adjust a bit to the “new normal”, that project is being re-booted.

Harmony, Inc. is looking to add a “Harmony Store” to our website.  We are seeking RFPs from retailers who are able to:
– Offer a small number of pre-approved Harmony, Inc. branded items.
– Offer items for sale through a webpage/link on the Harmony, Inc. website.
– Make items available for sale to customers in Canada and the USA.
– Accept payment in Canadian or U.S. currency.
– Provide an option for shipping items to Canada and the USA.
– Work directly with the customer; no requirement for Harmony, Inc. to purchase or maintain stock.
– Provide Harmony, Inc. with a commission on sales.

If you are able to provide this service please consider submitting an RFP.  If you have a retailer with whom you have worked and you think they would be interested in this opportunity, please forward this information.

If you require additional information, email the Director of Business Services.
RFPs must be emailed to the Director of Business Services by July 1, 2020.

Special Offer – Lady Jayne Jewelry  

Nancy Basche, President and Founder of Lady Jayne Jewelry, is one of our most loyal IC&C vendors. Because she won’t be seeing us in person in the fall, Nancy is offering something special to Harmony, Inc. Between now and October 25, shop on the Lady Jayne website, use the check-out code HI and Nancy will donate 25 % of all sales to Harmony, Inc.  Nancy is also offering free shipping! So take a look; maybe you will find something special for your first, big, post-COVID outing!

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]