Guess Who’s New? Coastal Voices, That’s Who!

Eagerness. Determination. FUN

That’s what Coastal Voices Chorus brings as one of Harmony, Inc.’s new chapters. This energized Area 6 chorus officially chartered on October 1, 2019, but their journey started a mere four months prior when a board of primarily “out of state transplants” was determined to create a chorus that would fit their needs in the Southwest Florida area.

Under the charge of their original Board of Directors (Angie Beatty, Pam Ringo, Betsy Grim Long, Tina Gleason, Debbie Toy and Jeanne O’Connor), these determined women managed to create a member’s handbook and chorus bylaws and file the necessary paperwork with the State of Florida to become recognized as a 501(c) in record time. They are very thankful for all of the
assistance they received in the process from Harmony, Inc. and feel this was the right organization for their members to fulfill their dream.

Coastal Voices is proudly a place for any woman of any age as their current membership ranges from 19 to “80 something!”

“We’ve worked hard since chartering to learn new music, welcome new guests, prospective members, and always enjoy our time together.” says Team President Angie Beatty.

While the arrival of COVID-19 derailed their debut at Area 6’s AC&C this past April, the chorus has been utilizing their time and talents, like many of us, “Zooming” each week and growing together as a family. It can be a challenge week to week, but Angie is confident that they will come out stronger than they went in. “We’re not done yet! We still hope to attract more singers to join this talented group and are working on music with an eye toward competing at some point when quarantine has been lifted and we can sing together again,”  she says.

And we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us once that happens.

Welcome home, Coastal Voices Chorus.  Welcome home.

Submitted by Robyn Matula
Public Relations Coordinator
[email protected]