Getting To The Heart of Inclusion

Harmony, Inc. was born from a desire to value and appreciate all women regardless of race.  Recently Harmony, Inc has been exploring ways to increase our knowledge about equality, diversity and inclusion and the impact exclusion, whether intentional or not, has had on our members. We want to look honestly at our past and present practices through a transparent lens
and ask ourselves if we are truly inclusive.

To this end, the International Board of Directors voted unanimously to remove Harmony Grace and Two Nations from our repertoire, recognizing that including songs of a religious nature excludes many of our members.  We anticipate that you may have questions about this recent decision so we have prepared answers to possible Frequently Asked Questions.

Today’s world events are shining a light on the many ways that human beings are seen and treated as different.  We’ve shared information so that we can all learn together.  We’ve provided venues where members can share their thoughts.  We have had difficult conversations that have made us even more resolved to stretch our inclusive reach to all women.  We are particularly mindful of those who, because they may be diverse from the mainstream population, often are not heard.

Moving forward, we will be reviewing all songs in our repertoire to ensure they do not come from a history or intent of discrimination, nor hold any symbolism that would be deemed offensive.  We have talked a lot about equality and diversity.  We are getting to the heart of inclusion through action.  It is a move in the right direction and one that we are glad to be
making so that we can proudly say we are an inclusive organization.

Submitted by Harmony, Inc. IBOD and the Equality and Diversity Committee
[email protected]