Quartet Registration Past Due!

Haven’t registered in 2020?
The deadline was July 1, but you can still register.

However….within the next couple weeks, quartets that have not renewed will be deleted from the Official Quartet Directory. We don’t want that to happen, my friends, so log into the Members area of the Harmony, Inc. website and take care of that pronto!

Scroll to, and click on Forms/Documents and find Form HAR-028 and just follow the directions. Use an electronic method of your choice to pay….it’s easy.

Also happening soon is the transition of the Quartet Development Coordinator position to Jessica Jones (member of Northern Blend). She’s been preparing to take over, getting acclimated and learning the job. She’s very capable and friendly and will do a fabulous job! You will be able to reach her at the same address: [email protected]

Have a great summer. “Harmony from our hearts…” is keeping us together and strong, but we all look forward to reuniting in song, and the joy of  “Harmony Hugs.”

– Deb Stoll
(almost retired) Quartet Development Coordinator