REFUNDS: Contest Entry Fees/ICC Pre-registrations

If you have not already done so, please be sure to contact Judi at [email protected] to advise your wishes regarding your Area quartet/chorus contest entry fees and your preregistrations for ICC 2020.

Contest entry fees paid by choruses and quartets for AC&C and IC&C entries will be refunded at your request, or may be donated to Harmony, Inc.

If you choose a refund, electronic refunds will be returned to the original sender, unless otherwise specified. If you paid by check and are able to provide electronic information for a representative of your quartet or chorus, we prefer this method and strongly encourage you to do so.

You may request a refund by contacting the Finance Office at [email protected] Please include:
– Name of your Chapter or Quartet
– Name of contact person to whom refund will be sent
– Preferred method of payment and associated PayPal US, PayPal CAN, or Etransfer address
– Mailing address if check/cheque is your only option

If you wish to donate the funds to Harmony, Inc. you may send a request to the Finance Office and an internal transfer of funds will be done to record your donation, or complete the online For the Love of Harmony form and indicate that the payment will be made by transfer of contest entry fee. CLICK HERE (insert link) for further information and instructions.