A Note from your Website Manager

Hello, Harmony!

I have a couple questions for you:
1) You want to email your fabulous president, Donna McKay. You start typing her name in the ‘to’ field, and 5 different @harmonyinc addresses pop up. What do you do?
2) You want to email someone on the board who you’ve never emailed before. You know her title and might be able to guess what her email address would be. What do you do?
3) You’ve received an email from me alerting you of a typo in an email address. What do you do?
4) You’re writing an article for the HI note, under a time constraint. You’re pretty sure you’ve typed everything correctly (including your contact information), but don’t have time to double check it. What do you do?

Did you know what we have a fail-stop set up so that if you email someone with an @harmonyinc email address, but that address doesn’t exist, it bounces to me as your webmaster? That way, emails aren’t left floating around in cyber space. That means, any email addresses that have typos land in my inbox (and how many I receive a week is pretty eye- opening!)

While I never mind helping folks out (and we ALLLLLL make mistakes), I have two concerns. First of all, sometimes emails are of a personal nature. I would hate a private email of mine to land in someone else’s inbox. Secondly, perhaps the intended recipient will miss out on something (I’ve twice received a, “We have ten minutes to put an order in for lunch!” I assume that person
didn’t get to eat lunch that day.)

I ask each of us to please try to keep our contact list up to date, search out someone’s email address if you need a new one, and double check what you type ☺

In the meantime, I’ll continue to forward along what finds its way to me.

Submitted by Tanya Reid
Web Manager
[email protected]