Congratulations to the 2020 Judith Waite Scholarship Recipient!

Earlier this month we learned about the woman who made the Judith Waite Scholarship possible. Now we’ll meet the 2020 recipient of the scholarship. Please join me in congratulating JENNIFER CARSON from Island A Cappella in Area 1.

Jennifer is enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program at the University of Prince Edward Island and recently completed her first of five years. She made a transition from teaching dance and performing in theatre to teaching music.

She describes the journey this way:
“I really enjoyed teaching. But I loved being at the helm of a music classroom. I loved being able to sing all day, share my enthusiasm for and knowledge of music and rhythm, wave my arms with a baton in hand, instill curiosity and encourage students of all ages”.

Jennifer has been a member of Harmony, Inc. since 2015. She is grateful for the support she receives from her Island A Cappella sisters and particularly the baritone section who lovingly claimed her daughter as their “baby bari”!

Jennifer also sings lead with her quartet TAMbre along with Jan Coffin, bass; Kellie Annett, tenor; and Marylynn Cote, baritone.


Submitted gy Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]