Highlighting H.I.V.E.

“Great job, H.I.V.E.!” says Margie Fife from Area 1.
“Thrilled with this format! This made my year!” says Jan LeClair from Surround Sound.
“What an opportunity to learn, at no cost, from top barbershop educators from the comfort of my own home!” notes Jacquie Jenson.

These are some of the many overwhelmingly positive comments from among the hundreds of recent H.I.V.E. participants. As you might expect, many were delighted to “see” their HI friends from afar at these sessions and were missing convention education classes.  They also think that these sessions help to overcome the COVID Blues. The Liberty Belles’ Nancy Weisbein shares
that the sessions are valuable even for those who don’t attend.
“The sessions have been super valuable for me. Also, when any chorus member attends H.I.V.E. classes, she comes back to virtual rehearsal and talks about what she has learned and how it might apply to our chorus.”

The convenience of this form of education also appealed to most participants.
Jacquie Jenson says, “I appreciate that the classes are recorded so that I can watch again or watch those that I didn’t see in real time.”
Sannie McInnis from the Sugartones says, “I prefer online learning as it allows me to concentrate in my own ‘quiet’ environment and to do the workshop again if I choose to.”

Most think H.I.V.E should continue after the pandemic restrictions, particularly because of benefits to the elderly, financially challenged, associate or ‘long distance’ members who may not find area or convention education classes possible.
Anne Ash of the California Note Catchers sums it up, saying, “Virtual classes open up many options especially for our older members who don’t travel and have limited incomes, really leveling the playing field, offering opportunities for so many members that would not necessarily be able to access them.”  She went on to say, “Every H.I.V.E. class I’ve attended has been organized, well-run and worthwhile.”

Margie Fife, the Area 1 Membership and Youth Coordinator, expresses everyone’s appreciation, “I am grateful for all the facilitators, planners and presenters and would like them to know that they are appreciated for giving their time and talents to all Harmony members.”

Submitted by Judy Breckles
Staff Writer
[email protected]



EDITOR’S NOTE: Sugartones’ Judy Breckles debuts as a new staff writer for our new HI Note with this article. Judy was so incautious as to respond a couple of months ago to the standing query at the bottom of this newsletter, “What would you like to read about in the [then] E- Note?” Having determined what she wanted to see, we invited her to write the story. (Evil, we are.) And she did! Along with Director of Communications Mary Ann Wert, I’d like to offer a great big WELCOME to Judy as a staff writer for the HI Note! We are looking forward to reading her future articles.