Honor and Cherish

Images have for many years presented an award at the Harmony, Inc. International Convention and Contests to the quartet that it deems the “Image of Harmony” for the year. These quartets are recognized for the significant contributions they have made to Harmony, Inc., and their community.

With the passing of their lead, Sue Trenchard, this past winter, the quartet has decided to honor her memory – her love of music, family, friends, and life – by renaming the award the Susan C. Trenchard Service Award. The first Susan C. Trenchard award will be presented at the Harmony, Inc. 2020 Virtual Convention and Celebration, November 6-7.

Now is the time to submit your nomination for this award. The deadline is July 31. Write a letter detailing your chosen quartet’s contributions to their Chapter, Area, Harmony, Inc., and Community. List the names of three or four others who support this nomination, and send your letter to [email protected]

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
[email protected]