Volunteer Opportunities!

Are you looking for a way to give back to Harmony, Inc.? We have two Assistant positions available, and you may be the perfect fit for one of them!

After many years as our Copyright & Licensing Coordinator, Erin Cassidy will be retiring soon. Thank you, Erin, for dedicating your time and talents in service to Harmony, Inc. We are actively seeking a volunteer to fill the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator
position. This volunteer reports to the Director of Music Programs. The primary duties are:
– responsible for maintaining recording information
– has knowledge of copyright laws and assists members with questions
– assists the Social Media Coordinator with obtaining applicable licensing for songs placed on social media
– compiles quarterly SESAC, BMI, and ASCAP reports


The Membership Coordinator is the perfect position for you if you are passionate about membership recruitment and retention. This volunteer reports to the Director of Membership. The primary duties are:
– connects with Harmony, Inc. chapters, quartets, directors, and Associate members
– works with new chapters, geographically outlying chapters (GOCs), and chapters on reserve status, in coordination with the Director of Membership
– works with Area Associate Representatives to ensure Associate members are well connected to Harmony, Inc.

Want more details? Check out the job descriptions in the corporate manual or email [email protected] If you are ready to apply, please fill out the online application.

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]