Change The World – Change The Words

Our new common song, Change the World, is so much fun!  The lyrics speak of a world that is happy and harmonious, as well as sharing our love with those we care about the most.

You’ll be excited to hear that the International Chorus will be performing Change the World virtually, and we’re hoping to get 150 members to participate! When the International Chorus performs this, and whenever we gather to sing this as an organization, we will be making a change to the following lyrics so we include all our loved ones:
The word changes are in measure 42: “I’d make you royalty” for tenor/lead/bari, and in measure 43: “You’d be royalty” echoed by the basses.

I am SO excited to get the chance to sing this with you all! Can’t wait to see our 150-person VIRTUAL CHORUS performing this song!

Submitted by Katie Taylor
Director of Music Programs
[email protected]