Finding Silver Linings

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our organization and all barbershop singing organizations around the world. Over the past several months, I have experienced feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, and sadness for what we have lost. I miss rehearsals, the hugs, the laughter, the opportunities to see old friends and meet new ones. I’m sure many of you have experienced similar feelings. But even in the saddest and most difficult times, there are silver linings.

From my office here in Painted Post, New York, I have been privileged to visit chapters all over the U.S. and Canada. What an incredible gift it has been for me to drop in, say hello, share information about the IBOD’s work, and learn about you and your chapters. Many of our Board members are doing the same, attending virtual rehearsals and council meetings to connect with
you. A silver lining, indeed!

A few months ago, we created the HIVE (Harmony, Inc. Virtual Education) to share knowledge and inspiration and, most importantly, to keep us connected during the pandemic. Harmony’s musical and administrative leaders have stepped up to teach classes for the HIVE, which has uncovered the amazing depth of talent within our organization. We have received a lot of
positive feedback from you about the HIVE, and we plan to continue this program. Silver lining? Definitely!

With no IC&C this year, we can’t meet in the stairwell to sing a tag or gather in a ballroom to cheer on our favorite quartet or chorus, but we can still stay connected virtually. I look forward to seeing you at our first-ever Virtual International Convention in November. This year’s convention has no travel or hotel costs and no registration fees – another silver lining!

Please reach out anytime and let me know how you are doing. Maybe you have a silver lining story to share as well.

Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]