Let’s Keep Changing Lives!

If you are like me, you have imagined the sound of our voices once again coming together in song – ringing chords, moving to the music, feeling the energy in the room. We came to barbershop for the music and stayed for the friendships – the sharing, the giving, the receiving big and small. In addition to our passion for singing, and experiencing the thrill of ensemble singing, it has been a place where we make a positive difference in people’s lives including our own. That is why it is so important to stay

To quote Jim Henry, during his 2007 Harmony University Gold Medal Moments Keynote address, “Barbershop – it isn’t just a hobby, it’s a Ministry!” Indeed, through our music and our actions, we change lives – it is a calling and during this pandemic, we must maintain that ‘calling’ and continue to change lives!

With each virtual rehearsal we host, we keep the magical, musical, spiritual, and communal synergy going. We change people’s lives and create new Gold Medal Moments for those who attend.

Build it and they will come!
Consider this time, as an opportunity to grow your chapter. Seek singers in your community who are looking to connect with others. Introduce these new guests to Barbershop and to your vibrant organization. Share, and inspire others.

There is no better time to make plans…
There will be a time when your chapter will once again, safely gather for in-person singing and performing – learn new music, reach out to your local municipalities and boroughs, call your local radio or TV station for an interview. Make plans for a Holiday Walk-Around in your community, or, plan a Spring Show, or an open-air community event. There are so many people out there who need to be inspired by our music.

Are you running out of ideas to keep everyone engaged? Look through this list of Virtual Rehearsal Ideas – please feel free to reach out to me and join our weekly round table discussions.
We are here to help!

Submitted by Anne Bureau
Chorus Director Development Coordinator
[email protected]