We’re Still Connecting – in Harmony!

Did you know Harmony, Incorporated has an official communications email group called the Harmony Connection? It’s a place where people can ask questions, network, and stay in touch with just an email address – no specific social media account required!

Some of you may have seen that Yahoo Groups, the platform for the Harmony Connection, is shutting down.  But never fear, the Harmony Connection is moving to a new home in the next few weeks on Groups.io – and you’re all invited!

All you have to do to join is accept the invitation that will show up in the email that you have on file with the Corporate Office.  If you decide you don’t want to join, that’s OK – just delete the email registration notice.  But if you do, you could be missing out on official notices and info, “what’s new,” conversations, questions and all things barbershop.

And  Harmony, Inc. members are not the only people on the Harmony Connection.  As with the previous forum, we’ll include barbershop folks like judges, arrangers and others that can contribute to a lively barbershop conversation.

We’ll start to add people slowly with full migration by the first of the year.  Check your mailbox for your invitation – we’ll see you there!

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]