New Year Offers New Opportunities

Happy New Year to all!

Yes, we have closed the door on 2020 and opened the door to 2021. It was time; it is time! January feels like a good time for a new start, a time to hit the reset button. It’s a time to dig deep to find that motivation we need to see ourselves through the winter and plan for what the new year will bring. I must admit that having the last few weeks off Zoom meetings has kind of left me looking forward to them. Soon enough, we will “see” each other again. Remember this is a great opportunity to connect with other chapters and quartets to share the challenge of planning creative get-togethers!


Hope for the new year

I know COVID-19 isn’t far from anyone’s mind and that we are not out of the woods just yet, but there is hope. There is light on the horizon. What does hope for the new year look like? It looks like the photo I pulled from Music Judge Liz LeClair’s Facebook page.

This is hope, my friends. The vaccine is available and I am forever grateful for individuals who work in health care and facilities that care for our most vulnerable. It’s good to know that they are first in line to get the vaccine.

The rest of us will wait patiently for our turn and, yes, we know that it will take some time for the vaccine to find us all. When it does, I suspect many of us will be happily sitting at the table putting together plans for some in-person events. Until then, we remain in a holding pattern. We have so many questions and just no clear answers. We’ve already canceled our Area Conventions & Contests to ensure our safety through the first six months of the year, and we are spinning our thoughts on what the fall will look like, specifically the International Convention and Contests. (I’m still looking for a gently used, but dependable, crystal ball if you have one!)


We closed out 2020 with hope, optimism, and excitement. On December 20, Harmony, Inc. chartered the Mollyockett Chorus, from Norway, Maine. How exciting is that!  Please take some time to read the article introducing our newest Chapter elsewhere in this issue. (I’m not going to tell you any more details. You will have to read along!)


Service opportunities await you!

Thank you to those individuals who took up the invitation to let me know that they would be willing to offer their time to sit on one of our committees or fill an Assistant position. Your willingness to serve is definitely respected and valued.

We are pleased to announce Nancy Arkin as our new Business Services Coordinator. Nancy is no stranger to leadership positions as she previously served on the IBOD for 7 years, including one year as Director of Business Services!   Welcome to our team of Assistants, Nancy!

It is not too late for you to consider an Assistant position.  If you have the skills and the time, we are still looking for a Recording Secretary and a Licensing and Copyright Coordinator – Interested? Send me a message, please – the sooner the better, so you don’t forget!

There is much more to read in this issue of the HI Note. Please stay informed and connected.  We appreciate your comments and questions and are here to serve you.


Opportunity for Harmony, Inc. at BHS Mid-Winter Convention

Harmony, Inc has been invited to host a hospitality room (or a suite of rooms) at the BHS Mid-Winter Virtual Convention January 28-31, 2021!  BHS has also extended their member pricing to any Harmony, Inc. member who would like to attend.

What does this mean? It means we have a couple of rooms that we can set up with videos, etc. so that members can visit the room and enjoy some of the creative work Harmony, Inc. has produced this past year.

Are you interested in taking on this little short term (very short term!) project?  I would love to have someone who is willing to coordinate the planning of events for this hospitality room contact me. There is an orientation session planned for this week.  Thanks!

Submitted by Linda Brehaut
International President
[email protected]