Quartet Musings In 2021

Does your New Year’s wish list include starting or joining a quartet? Awesome! We have some great resources for you to check out while you ponder and plan, all within our website. 

Our Quartet Directory is up-to-date with all active quartets, sorted by Area. Want to have a quartet visit your next virtual rehearsal? Perhaps a New in 2020 quartet? Or a Harmony Queens Quartet? Use the red envelope icon to email the quartet contact person! Peruse their Facebook page, Instagram, or website while you’re at it. Have an update for the directory? Email [email protected] and I will help get it done.


Do you know who your Area Quartet Promotion Chair is? These lovely volunteers are your go-to for Area education events and would love to hear your ideas. 

Area 1: Joanne Ings (Retake Quartet) [email protected]

Area 2: Janet Billings (WoN Voice Quartet) [email protected]

Area 3: VACANT. Interested? Contact Sarah Thorne-Miller [email protected].

Area 4: Sandi Wright (Great Day Quartet) [email protected]

Area 5: Lise Anne Boissonneault [email protected]

Area 6: Cheryl Copeland-Lewis [email protected]


Already established, but need a refresher on quartet guidelines? The Quartet FAQs and Information page is the best place to start. Find out membership and registration requirements, naming your quartet, and a few other FAQs.

Curious about policy details related to quartets? Section 5: Statements of Policy, page 5.4 is for you. Really want to geek out with me and learn all things HI quartets? Then consider Section 9: Quartets a fun, six-page adventure between your Brené Brown books! 

Don’t forget about The HIVE classes, including Virtual Quartetting, Leading the Way, We Got This, and What About Our Personalities. 

Just have general questions or ideas? Don’t be shy! I would love to hear from you. My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions include meeting more of you and finding inspiration through our Harmony world of quartetting! I look forward to connecting with you.

Submitted by Jess Jones
Quartet Development Coordinator
[email protected]