Did you know of Harmony Shoppe?

Did you know that Harmony, Inc. has a Harmony Shoppe? Harmony Incorporated Official Merchandise (harmonyshoppe.org)  

Did you know you can get one of these really cool looking water bottles from our Harmony Shoppe? 

Did you know that your chorus can host a fundraiser by contacting [email protected]? They are willing to work with you and have an endless list of possibilities.

Did you know that you can order apparel for yourself? harmonyshoppe.org

Did you know that you can order apparel for your chorus? [email protected] 

Did you know that the Harmony Shoppe is another source of income for Harmony, Inc.?  Every time you order an item from the Harmony Shoppe, a small portion goes to Harmony, Inc. 

Did you know that coming soon there will be some very exciting limited time only Harmony items that you will be able to order? More details coming your way soon.

Did you know that you can contact [email protected] to make suggestions that you think would be a great item to sell in the Harmony Shoppe?

Take a few minutes from the comfort of your couch to browse and shop at the Harmony Shoppe!

Submitted by Nancy Arkin
Business Services Coordinator
[email protected]