Harmony Inc

President’s Report!

Thank you to Convention team and friends
Oh my goodness – wasn’t our first, Virtual International Convention wonderful! Under Convention Manager Allison Thompson’s lead, the convention team with its many assistants and volunteers, created a masterpiece!  Thank you soooo much – nothing is impossible when you bring together purpose driven women and give them a task!  Our deepest gratitude goes to all of you who played a part in creating such a successful event.
While IC&C 2021 is still an unknown at this time, we will not be concerned!  Creative juices are already flowing and we will all look forward to the event, whatever it will look like! (Don’t you like surprises?!)
Updates from Annual 2020
While Zoom meetings are not the ideal way to meet for three days in a row, your International Board of Directors collected their snacks and water bottles, found comfy chairs and settled in to deal with the business of the organization.
Many of the highlights from the meeting were presented live at the Delegates meeting on the Sunday following our Virtual Convention. But please remember that you can always go to the members’ only section of our web site to read the minutes and financial reports. 
I will just highlight a few things here:
IC&C 2021
Just a reminder, those who paid the pre-registration (full All Events Pass of $125) for the 2020 convention back in November 2019 have the option of a refund, or rolling it over to 2021 IC&C. (If the 2021 AEP is more than $125, there will not be an additional fee owed; if less than $125, there will be no refund.) Registrants will retain their spot on the list (for preferred seating purposes).

Until we have a better idea of what the details of IC&C 2021 might be (i.e. in person or not, etc.) we will defer setting the AEP price.  The Convention Manager, along with the IBOD, will be discussing options in the New Year.   Please be sure to read your HI Note for updates!
Future IC&C venues
2021 (Nov. 3-7) – Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA
2022 (Nov. 2-6) – Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY
2023 – Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI
2024 – Galt House, Louisville, KY
Why are we returning to the Galt House in Louisville in 2024 and 2026? As you might imagine, getting out of a contract is a tricky business. By agreeing to return to Louisville, we were able to defer our contract from 2020 with no penalty. Thank you to Allison Thompson for her patience and poise as she worked through all these details and possible solutions. We were also fortunate to have all our Areas negotiate with AC&C venues to prevent financial penalties.
Board/ Assistant Vacancies
Elsewhere in this issue of the HI Note, you will find details as to how to apply for Assistant positions that are currently vacant. 
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize our members that are retiring and extend our sincere thanks for all they have done:

  • Mary Ann Wert (Director of Communications) and Katie Taylor (Director of Music Programs) as well as Jeanne O’Connor (Recording Secretary) have completed their time with the International Board.
  • Jen Wheaton Forest has also retired from the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator position and we wish this very busy friend all the best in her next adventure!

Of course, with every end is a new beginning! The IBOD is excited to welcome Sara Stone (our incoming Director of Programs (Music and Education), Laura Oakes (incoming Director of Marketing and Communications), and Sarah Thorne-Miller (our new Area 3 Director).
While we are thrilled to have six new Assistants added to our team this past year, we still have three vacant positions:

  • Recording Secretary (Jeanne O’Connor is retiring)
  • Copyright & Licensing Coordinator (Jen Wheaton Forest has retired)
  • Business Services Coordinator (new position, former IBOD Director position)

Strategic Plan “Harmony. Stronger.”
The Board has continued to work towards some of the goals set out in our Strategic Plan in 2018. One of the goals (or buckets as we called it) was to review our governance structure. As a result, we have created a Governance & Nomination Committee, a Strategic Planning Committee and a Philanthropy Committee. Over the next few months, you will hear more about the work of these committees.
Your IBOD has been elected to serve and work to ensure the growth and strength of the organization. This year, we have made a few changes to the titles and overall structure of the IBOD.

  • We have implemented a new Executive position, Executive VP, a position that will work along side the President, assuming some of her responsibilities as well creating an effective mentoring program for new Board members. This person will also be available to attend functions if the President is not available and will be a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. The holder of this position does not automatically become the International President following her term.
  • We have also combined music and education programs and put them in the portfolio of the Director of Programs (Music and Education).
  • A new position on the Board is our Director of Development, a position to help with philanthropic efforts, fund raising and raising awareness of HI with other organizations.

Financial Status
Harmony, Inc. Is financially strong at this time.  Two successful IC&Cs along with careful spending and negotiating of large contracts has contributed to our financial health.

Out of respect for our membership and the struggles that some are having while we deal with the side effects of the pandemic, along with the Board’s commitment to being financially responsible, we wanted to let the membership know we are thinking about them. Renewals 2021 will be invoiced at 25% less than our current annual dues.  We know that this is not a lot, but we are hoping that even this little bit will encourage us all to stay the course and wait this pandemic out. You are important to us. Please be aware that we have not applied this reduction to the purchase of new Life time memberships or Chapter renewal fees.
Common Songs
Over the years, our website has had a number of songs available for download, many of which have never been accessed.  These songs are being reviewed and the list is being revised.  While we are removing some songs from the list for a number of reasons, we are excited to be adding songs to the list!  At this time, our new songs include Change the World, It’s the Music that Brings us Together, and very soon you will see In Harmony You Belong and From Now On.  There is still a possibility that a fifth song will be added in the next month or so as well!  
MBHA  (Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association)
Our six Areas have all agreed that if there is space and time available in our AC&C schedules, they would welcome both quartets and choruses from the MBHA.  These quartets and choruses will be competing for score only. 
Harmony Shoppe!
New to Harmony this year is our virtual store!  Harmony has partnered with Big Bang Products to create a virtual store where we can order logo apparel and other items.  Be sure to check it out regularly!
Virtual Chorus grants 
Choruses are being very creative in generating a variety of virtual chorus recordings.  These were very well received at our Virtual International Convention and we would like to encourage chapters to consider this activity!  The IBOD has set aside a number of grants in the amount of $250 to assist Chapters in creating or enrolling in an educational program to learn how to do this.  The grant application process will be available shortly – give us a couple of weeks to put a plan to paper – we’ll be in touch soon!
Corporate Manual and Bylaws 
As you might guess, we are knee deep in reviewing our corporate manual and updating it.  Please know that we make every attempt to ensure that decisions we make are in line with our current Bylaws.  We are quickly realizing that our Bylaws need to be updated (since we ask our Chapter to ensure that theirs are updated every five years) but each of these changes will require a membership vote.  You can expect some more communication regarding this over the next few months.
Canadian Incorporation Task Force
Over the past six months we have been investigating the benefits of proceeding with incorporating Harmony, Inc. in Canada.  Following consultation with a lawyer, it has been determined that there is no obvious benefit to following through with the action to incorporate.  In the process of asking this question, we have learned that it is in our best interest to apply for the US/CND tax treaty that will address any concerns with money earned in Canada.  It was also suggested that we apply for a payroll account with the Canadian Revenue Association if we are in a position to pay an employee in Canada.  This information is encouraging and we are currently in the process of following through with these details.
Nomination Process
Like everything else this year, we have been reviewing our nomination process as well.  The major changes are a result of most things being done electronically these days rather than depending and allowing for the delivery of paperwork by the postal service.

We have changed the nomination submission deadline from January to April 15 and allowed only 15 days to vote (rather than the 30 days previously).  Elections will be held May 1-15 for Area Directors and June 1-15 for Board Directors.  If there is a contested election, interviews will be conducted.
Please feel free to ask questions if you have them!  Your IBOD is busy learning and discovering efficient and effective ways to carry out the business of the organization.  We are all volunteers and we don’t come with all the answers … but, we’re willing to look for them! 

Submitted by Linda Brehaut
International President
[email protected]

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Harmony, Inc. Needs Your Help!

Are you looking for a way to give back to Harmony, Inc.? We have three Assistant positions available, and you may be the perfect fit for one of them!

We are seeking a volunteer to fill the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator position. This volunteer reports to the Director of Programs Music and Education. The primary duties are:

  • responsible for maintaining and recording information
  • has knowledge of copyright laws and assists members with questions
  • assists the Social Media Coordinator with obtaining applicable licensing for songs placed on social media
  • compiles quarterly SESAC, BMI and ASCAP reports

The Business Services Coordinator is the perfect position for you if you have an interest in shopping and retail!  This volunteer reports to the Director of Development.  Primary duties are:

  • oversees the iGive and AmazonSmile program
  • liaises with the managers of Harmony Shoppe (on-line store)
  • seeks out vendors for the Harmony Mall at IC&C and distributes contracts
  • solicits Big Screen Ads for IC&C from those companies with whom Harmony does business and the general membership
  • informs chapters that they may sell merchandise in the IC&C Hospitality Room as space allows.

We are also in search of a new Recording Secretary.   This individual is supervised by the International President.  The Recording Secretary will:

  • assist with preparing agendas
  • record and finalize meeting minutes for all scheduled Executive and Finance Committee meetings and IBOD meetings and additional meetings as required
  • record and finalize minutes for the Opening Ceremony and International Delegates/Associates meeting held at IC&C.

Want more details?  Job descriptions in the Corporate Manual are currently undergoing revisions.  If you are interested in applying for any of these assistant positions, contact me at [email protected] and I will send you an up-to-date job description. 
If you are interested in applying for a position, please submit Form HAR-001 no later than January 4, 2021. 

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Executive Vice-President
[email protected]

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Atlanta Harmony Celebration! Holds ‘Socially Distant’ Social

Twelve Atlanta Harmony Celebration! singers, ready to venture out, donned their masks, grabbed their chairs and headed out on a sunny Sunday afternoon to Lilburn City Park as the chorus held its first “Socially Distant” Social November 1. Several members brought individually wrapped treats to share as they lounged in a semicircle, chatting with their chorus sisters.

Chorus member Donna Hyde brought up the idea of a social.  “It had been over seven months since we’d been together and I really missed being with my AHC! family.  I’m thankful for our weekly Zoom rehearsals, but nothing beats seeing each other in person,” she said.

Donna wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to spend in-person time together.  “It was wonderful to catch up with each other and simply enjoy being together, masks, distancing and all,” she observed.

The group continues to meet virtually on Thursday evenings and hopes for more opportunities for “socially distant” socials.

Submitted by Kim Johnston
Chapter President

[email protected]

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2020 Virtual ICC Donations

Thank you to all of you who attended and made our first Virtual ICC such a wonderful success! Your generous donations are so greatly appreciated. If you are wondering where to send your check for a donation that you pledged on your ICC registration form, it can be sent to the Corporate office in the US or the Finance Office in Canada or by etransfer in Canada to [email protected]

HI Finance Office
4475 Line 9 N
Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0


HI Corporate Office
2106 Liesfeld Pkwy
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Submitted by Judi Johnston
Finance Assistant
[email protected]

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Get Your Convention Swag, Here!

In a year like no other in history, Harmony, Inc. is holding an International Convention like none you’ve seen before. You’re going to want mementos. And we’ve got just thing! Harmony Shoppe has T-shirts celebrating our 2020 Virtual IC&C.  Order now and you can wear yours while you watch! Just scroll down on the main page of the Shoppe!
Orders are accepted until October 23, 2020.

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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Who Do You Think Deserves Honorary Membership in Harmony, Inc.?

Have you ever met someone who you thought would make an excellent spokesperson for Harmony, Inc. and who would be willing to work with our Public Relations Coordinator to be the focus of Harmony, Inc. publicity?  If so, then we may have found our next Honoree!

It’s that time of year again to remind you that any Harmony, Inc. member (regular and associate) in good standing can nominate an individual whom they feel would be a suitable nominee for an Honorary Membership.  To learn about the nomination and selection process, as well as the expectations of the Honoree, please visit Honorary Membership Nomination and Selection
Process on page 14.5 of our Corporate Manual.  The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2021.

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]

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Sing Together – Unite The World

The ScotianAires, of Area 1, celebrated #WorldSingingDay digitally by sharing this beautiful tag and message. Have a listen!

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EXCITING NEWS! Harmony Shoppe

I am extremely excited to announce the opening of Harmony, Inc.’s new online store – Harmony Shoppe!!

Harmony, Inc. is launching the all new online store to service both US and Canadian members – the store will show pricing in both US and Canadian dollars, with Canadian orders being shipped from a Canadian location and US orders shipped from a US location – reducing shipping costs for everyone and eliminating exchange and duty charges.

We are beginning with offering a variety of apparel items with the Harmony, Inc. logo, and a select piece sporting the Virtual IC&C logo. There is also a selection of other items, including bags, drinkware, mask lanyards, our oft requested SiNG magnets, and more! Every order placed provides a direct benefit back to Harmony, Inc. to help support operational and special event costs.  This means great products for you while you support Harmony, Inc.! When your chapter or quartet is looking to purchase any branded items, check out the Ensemble Shoppe link within the Harmony Shoppe site – you can choose from listed items or request pieces to suit your ensemble’s needs – be it for group use or fundraising.

Our store is being supplied and managed by Big Bang, a branding and merchandise company with head office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s owned by Harmony, Inc. member, Jill Reid, and her husband, Doug Reid.  Jill and Doug are excited about this partnership with Harmony, Inc. and we hope you will support this new enterprise.

US Shoppers harmonyshoppe.org/

Canadian Shoppers harmonyshoppe.ca/

You will soon find a link from our website main page. Be sure to check it out regularly for new products and special offers!

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Join Me For Opening Ceremonies

Last year at this time, we were putting the finishing touches on our contest packages, getting our costumes ready, and making our final travel plans for Sandusky, Ohio to celebrate Harmony’s 60th Anniversary! Sadly, due to COVID-19, there are no contest packages to prepare, no costumes to pack, and no travel plans to make this year.  Despite the pandemic, WE’RE HAVING A CONVENTION!  I can say, without a doubt, that this year’s International Convention will be like no other in our history!

Please join me for the Opening Ceremony on Friday, November 6, as we install your new International Board of Directors who will lead our organization in the coming year. We will also recognize our outgoing IBOD members who are finishing up their tenure on the Board, as well as all of our amazing Board Assistants!  Every Board member and Assistant will be making a special appearance at the Opening Ceremony. This is our opportunity to recognize them for their dedicated service to our organization, and thunderous applause is welcome!

Several special awards will be presented, including the prestigious President’s Award.  It will be my honor, one more time, to present this award to someone who has made significant contributions to Harmony, Incorporated.  We have so many deserving volunteers and it was difficult to choose just one individual, but I know you will agree that this dedicated volunteer is the right choice!  Lastly, I will share an update on the organization and our strategic plans.  You won’t want to miss a minute of the Opening Ceremony and our Virtual International Convention.

I would like to pass along a special thanks to Corporate Assistant Kelly Peterson, who is assisting me with the technology necessary to pull off a great virtual Opening Ceremony.  Also, I’d like to give a shout out to our amazing Convention Team for all their hard work and creativity.  They are the backbone of every successful IC&C, and this year is no exception.

I look forward to seeing you in early November as we celebrate Harmony’s strength and resilience!


Submitted by Donna Mackay

[email protected]

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World Singing Day

Sing together, unite the world!

The International Board of Directors is happy to announce that Harmony, Inc. has partnered with World Singing Day in promoting the social and personal benefits of singing with others.

A global sing-along for everyone, World Singing Day will be celebrated October 17, 2020. Online or in person, WSD is on. Sing from wherever you are. Sing with whoever is with you.

Each year on the 3rd Saturday in October, people all over the world gather in groups of all sizes to sing all kinds of songs to celebrate our common humanity. And this year, of course, many of us will be gathering virtually. Everyone, from shower singers to celebrities, can sing. And that includes you.

So mark your calendars for October 17, and join in the fun!

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
Editor, The HI Note
[email protected]

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Quartet Corner – Part 4

We have come to the fourth installment of our New Quartets in 2020 feature and I hope you all have enjoyed learning of our new groups as much as I have! While a few remain who I have yet to hear from, this will likely be the last article of this series.

Give a loud, virtual cheer to High Gear!

High Gear is (L to R) Christina Tramack, Jen Selby, Ariana Schmidt (back) and Deb Green, all Area 2 members who sing with New England Voices in Harmony. Christina and Jen, lead and baritone, were itching to try out new voice parts and were curious to hear how this formation would sound, so they
gave it a shot. As for the name, Christina says, “We liked the thought of something that said
‘high quality’ and ‘exciting’. High Gear was the perfect choice!”

Like many of our quartets during this tough time, High Gear has not been able to connect as often as they’d like. Between busy personal lives and physical distance on top of the pandemic, it has been tough to sing in person. Deb lives in Florida during part of the year and Ariana is a Residence Assistant in college. All four are very active with New England Voices in Harmony, leaving little spare time to meet even virtually, but they remain connected, nonetheless. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we will get to hear music that Harmony, Inc. hasn’t really heard before from High Gear at a future contest or convention!

Are you a new quartet who registered in 2020 and haven’t yet been featured? Or do you have ideas for the next Quartet Corner article? Email Jessica Jones at [email protected] She would love to hear from you!

Submitted by Jessica Jones
Quartet Development Coordinator

[email protected]

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Leadership Round Table: An Open Invitation

Greetings everyone!
For a video version of this column, please see my commercial.

If you have not yet joined our Leadership Round Table sessions, and would love to participate, please let me know. By the way, you do not have to be a Director or President to join in on the discussions – you simply need to have the passion to bring something new to your chapter’s virtual meetings! If you or your chapter have not been meeting since March, that is even more reason for you to join us.

Our discussions revolve around the importance of staying connected through our Virtual Rehearsals: ways to keep everyone engaged (including those who host these sessions!), keep them educated and, above all, singing. We also have talked about in-person rehearsals and what that looks like in the future – it is not recommended for now, and it remains important to keep following your local government guidelines.

Join us for our next Round Table Discussions October 14 and 29, 2020 at 6 p.m. ET. Please contact me or your Chapter Musical leader for your invitation – note that an invitation is sent to every Musical Director!

And speaking of education, if you purchased an online education class and participate in your chapter’s and/or area’s education or admin team, you may qualify for the Boot Camp Assistance Program – that may mean money in YOUR pocket! Check out the Boot Camp page on Harmony Website for details!

I am looking forward to seeing you all, one day soon – in the meantime, keep meeting, and keep singing!

Submitted by Anne Bureau
Chorus Director Development Coordinator

[email protected]

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Marilyn Penketh

Dear Harmony Members,

Marilyn Penketh passed this life at home, with her family around her on Sunday, 24 May 2020, after a very long battle with cancer over the last five years. I would like to thank you all, and especially the Village Vocal Chords, for the friendship and love you gave to my friend over the years. Marilyn attended every International Convention and Contests since 1984, missing only one year when she was unwell.

Many of you have in the past extended your love and had us to stay with you at homes and with your families. For this we are eternally grateful. Marilyn also hosted Harmony members in her home in the UK. We had fun together, coaching, singing and holidaying. Time now, without Marilyn, is difficult and different. But she left her chorus, The Pitchpipers, with the skills to carry on the craft — which is what we are doing in these most trying of times. She founded The Pitchpipers in 1976, and her skill and work were testament to her true dedication to the Barbershop world.

Barbershopping was her life and we are the poorer for her passing.

Thank you from her dearest friend and travelling companion,
Rosamunde Pope

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HOT HOT HOT with the Sugartones

‘Sugartones TV’ just released another video for you to enjoy.

Submitted by Barbro Westin
President of Sugartones
[email protected]

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Looking for an Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Caricaturist

2020 Hindsight.

That’s going to be the theme of the next semi-annual issue of The Key-Note. A year like no other in Harmony history deserves a publication that reflects the sharing, caring, coping, creative qualities of our sisterhood.

With that thought in mind, the staff of The Key-Note is looking for a talented cartoonist/caricaturist to illustrate several of our articles.

Is it you? Or a member of your family?
Could you recommend a friend or co-worker with a wicked sense of humor and a way with a pencil?

Please send contact info for all prospects to the editor.
Many thanks!

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
Editor, The Keynote and The HI Note

[email protected]

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Big Screen Ad – Last Chance

This is your last chance to place an ad on the Big Screen for our Virtual IC&C 2020.  Let your Harmony friends know how much you miss them!  This year we are offering ads to our membership and to member-owned businesses for only $10 U.S.  Also, for this year only, we will not accept any transitions or animation on your ad; each ad must be independent.

The following link will take you directly to the Big Screen Ad Contract Form.

Jotforms, Ads, and payment must be received by October 10.

Any questions?  Contact [email protected]

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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Announcing New Assistants!

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed two new Board Assistants!

Jen Wheaton Forest is our new Copyright & Licensing Coordinator. Jen will be filling the “big” shoes of Erin Cassidy who is retiring from the position. We are thrilled to have Jen on board, and we extend a huge THANK YOU to Erin for her dedicated service to Harmony, Inc.

Bonita Hester has been appointed as the new Membership Coordinator. This position has been vacant for a few years, but with our focus on membership growth and retention, especially in this time of COVID-19, she will be a great asset to our members and to our Director of Membership.

Please join me in welcoming Jen and Bonita to our team of incredible Board Assistants!  You will be hearing more about them in an upcoming issue of the HI Note.

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]

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2020 Annual Delegates/Associates Meeting

The Annual Delegates/Associates Meeting will be held via Zoom on Sunday, November 8 at 2:00 pm EST.

The agenda for the International Board of Directors Annual Meeting will be posted on the Harmony website by mid-October. Delegates and Associates should review the agenda and note any items you would like discussed. This is an opportunity for members to discuss business matters conducted and decisions made by the International Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting. 

At this meeting, Delegates will elect a Nominating Committee for the 2021 election of the International Board of Directors. 


Chapter Presidents (Delegates)

If you are unable to attend this meeting, you may select another chapter member to serve as an Alternate Delegate. 


You are encouraged to attend this meeting. The voting privilege of Associate Members will be exercised through the vote of one Associate elected by Associate Members at the meeting.


REGISTRATION TO ATTEND THIS ZOOM MEETING IS REQUIRED. Complete Form HAR-029 by November 7, 2020 to receive the link to the meeting.


Submitted by Debbie Parmerter
International Parliamentarian
[email protected]


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The HIVE – Your Thoughts?

The HIVE will be back in business before you know it, but we still need to hear from you. How often would you like to see classes offered? What do you want to learn? Tell us what you want from the HIVE by completing this brief survey.

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Remembrance at Opening Ceremonies

In keeping with tradition, we will take a few moments at our virtual Opening Ceremony to remember those members and former members who have passed away this year.  To ensure no names are missed, please email Corporate Assistant Kelly Peterson and provide her with the names of those whom we have lost since our last IC&C.
Thank you.

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Quartet Corner

In part three of our New Quartets in 2020 series, let’s cheer for Rhythm Method, Remedy, and No Rush!

Rhythm Method is (L to R) Sally Jeffery, Diane Kelley, Sarah McNamee, and Karen Rourke, a mix from Area 2’s Women of Note and Associate members. You may recognize Karen and Diane from their former quartets, Boston Accent, and Accidental Charm.

“We decided to start a new adventure and find two other like-minded, semi-normal singers,” says baritone Sally, “and voila! Rhythm Method was born.”

Their name was no easy task (and they’re willing to share their list of 100 ideas for a small fee), but their top three were Open Fifth, Rack Pack, and Rhythm Method. The latter suited their collective personality and doubled as a musical reference, so it became official.

Like most of our other new quartets, this foursome have stayed connected virtually about once a week with Zoom, email, phone, texting, and the Acapella App, but also with boat rides, carrier pigeons and mental telepathy, says Sally. This group is creative and has a great sense of humor! They hope to continue socially distant “heated pool” rehearsals, maybe even this winter.

Despite the pandemic, Rhythm Method has developed show repertoire featuring their “Lounge Lizard Lead” Diane (say that three times fast!). These gals are ready to perform as soon as the world is given the ‘all clear,’ not to mention compete in all three barbershop societies! Welcome to the Harmony, Inc. family, Rhythm Method.

Remedy is (L to R) Sheryl Neal, Pam Redford, Jane Tham, and LeAnn Kleinhesselink, Area 4 Associate members.

“We joined Harmony, Inc. to fulfill one of our 2020 goals of singing as much barbershop as possible,” in addition to getting feedback and growing in their craft together, says baritone Sheryl.

Although this long-distance quartet has never competed, they love spending weekends together and were ready to go all in! Remedy is based in central Iowa, but Jane winters in Arizona and Sheryl recently purchased a home in Florida to do the same.

The quartet says, “Our name was inspired by music and the connection it creates… a sort of remedy for the world. It entwines our goals, inspirations, and aspirations.”

Aside from lengthy text chains keeping them connected, these ladies were fortunate to gather weekly this summer learning three new charts, two of which were arranged by their talented in-house arranger, Sheryl! With the change of seasons, they hope to share their music virtually and have set goals as they move forward.

Sheryl shares, “One thing we know for sure is that we love each other and singing together. We are in a good place as a quartet… and hope to have many more years of creating beautiful four-part harmonies.”

Remedy dreams that 2021 will be the year they can sing for people outside of their communities. Let’s hope their dream comes true!

No Rush is Kristina Thompson, Sara Dahl, Lisa Traxler, and Nancy Weisbein, all members of Area 3’s Liberty Belles Chorus. Realizing their goals aligned as well as their harmonies, these gals decided to make things official as they prepared for a show hosted by their brothers in harmony, The North Pennsmen. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled, but they look forward to their next performance opportunity.

“Our desire to slow down and enjoy the moments that fill life with great music and memories inspired the name No Rush,” says Lisa. It also signifies the time and patience needed to find the right blend.

Lisa and Nancy have been in two prior competing quartets but were searching for two new singers to create harmonies with. Sara and Kristina fit what they were looking for – true testaments to the idea that good things come to those who wait!

Although they have not been able to rehearse due to busy family lives, No Rush stays in touch with email and GroupMe to socialize, discuss their song choices, and their hopes for the future. Their weekly Liberty Belles Zoom rehearsals give them the opportunity to see each other online and they plan to use it themselves when things settle down a bit.

No Rush is optimistic about their future together and says, “We hope it looks so bright we have to wear shades!” Be ready to don your sunglasses next year when we get to hear these four perform for us!

Submitted by Jessica Jones
Quartet Coordinator

[email protected]

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Big Screen Ads!

There are opportunities during Virtual IC&C 2020 for Big Screen Ads. Let your Harmony friends know how much you miss them! This year, ads are being offered to the membership and to member-owned businesses at the reduced cost of $10 U.S. Please note that for this year only, we will not accept any transitions or animation on your ad; each ad must be independent.

The following link will take you directly to the Big Screen Ad Contract Form.

Ads, contracts and payment must be received no later than October 10.

Any questions?  Contact [email protected]

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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Announcing our new Pro-Tem Zoom Director

The California Note Catchers are excited to announce that Katie Taylor will be joining us in the newly-created position of ‘Pro-Tem Zoom Director’. Katie is an incredible asset to our Harmony, Inc. organization, having served as Youth Outreach Coordinator and currently as the Director of Music Programs. We are pleased she will step into this temporary position beginning September 14, 2020.

Katie is a 32-year member of Harmony, Inc. and has been directing the Northern Blend chorus in Area 3 since 2003, leading them to many top four spots and two gold medals! She is also a three- time Harmony Queen.

Katie is a woman of tireless energy and enthusiasm serving as a PK-12 Music & Theatre music educator and choral conductor since 1997. She directs a musical theatre program, as well!  In addition to all that, Katie also produces custom vocal learning tracks.

Katie is passionate about four-part a cappella singing and we will treasure her time with us during our weekly chorus rehearsals. We are truly excited about this opportunity.

Submitted by Anne Colt
California Note Catchers Chapter Contact

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2020 Convention will be Virtually Unbeatable!

Over 2,000 Harmony, Inc. members, family, and friends will be gathering in cyberspace on November 6-7 to celebrate our love of Harmony in our first-ever virtual International Convention!  And did we mention everything is FREE!
Registrations will open next month and every seat is front row center for this amazing show.  Thus far we have:

  • Over 360 photos for the “Fashion Through the Years” video
  • 29 chorus videos for the “Un-contest”
  • Six chorus virtual videos to showcase
  • Six entries for the most entertaining package award
  • Ten entries for the best costume award.

But wait, there’s more!  You can enjoy:

  • Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, followed by
  • Friday night Afterglow orchestrated by Aged to Perfection with opportunities for associates, choruses, youth and the IBOD to be featured, a special appearance by Hot Pursuit, and the first ever “QUEENS – Behind the Crowns” based on the old TV show, The Newlywed Game – but BETTER and more SPARKLY!
  • Chorus Master Class with Jordan Travis and ACS leaders;
  • Quartet Master Class with Hot Pursuit;
  • You Be the Judge with Alan Gordon, Tony Sparks, and Sandy Wright; and
  • Panel Discussion led by Theresa Weatherbee on the recent changes to Performance Category rules.
  • The “Uncontest” for choruses on Saturday.
  • The 2020 Parade of Champions featuring 12 championship quartets, including our 2019 Queens, HOT PURSUIT, and our 2019 Chorus Champions, A CAPPELLA SHOWCASE, directed by Jordan Travis! The show will also honor quartets who are celebrating special anniversaries, and will feature some special guests making an appearance to shout out to HI! The show will end with a beautiful virtual chorus of our Harmony Queens all joining together in song! It will be a wonderful night, and a show that you will not want to miss!!
  • Closing Ceremonies featuring the Hershey Lodge with a special Chocolate Martini mixologist session.

Don’t miss the excitement!  Don’t miss the fun!  Your front row seat is waiting for you and registration for the entire convention is FREE! Links will be posted in the next HI Note. Don’t be left out.   See you in cyber space.

Submitted by Allison Thompson
Convention Manager

[email protected]

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Quartet Spotlight #2!

Last issue, we featured three of our newest quartets in 2020. Thanks to the kickoff article, I heard from five more groups of ladies to highlight! Check out Harmonix, Brass Ring, All Keyed Up!, Moving Parts, and SWAG!

Harmonix is Heather Williams, Mim Wood, Sherry McGuigan, and Kelly Mullaly (L to R in photo), all members of Area 1’s Island A Cappella Chorus. “Naming this quartet was a long and often laugh-inducing process,” says baritone Kelly Mullaly.
We can all relate to loving harmony, and this group is no exception. So, they all agreed to combine “harmonies” and the letter “x” to make it their own.
After forming in January, Harmonix was just getting into the swing of things and wanted to keep things going, despite the lockdown. “We didn’t want to lose our momentum and enthusiasm so we’ve tried to be creative and curious,” Kelly says. Thanks to Zoom, they produced a virtual performance of individual tracks on a brand new song! Lead Heather mixed them and shared the final product with their chorus.
“We did it to help share a little cheer,” she says, “and it gave us an audience to perform for, virtually!”
Harmonix has been fortunate to hold socially-distanced in-person rehearsals now that Prince Edward Island has loosened restrictions. When not together, this motivated group chats via What’s App and says, “We have our sights set on stepping across the contest stage for the first time in 2021.”
Keep your eyes out for their Facebook and logo debut soon!

Brass Ring is (L to R) MaryLou Neuman, Cinda Langhoff, Valerie Hunt, and Pat Kaiser, all members of Area 4’s Sound Celebration Chorus. “This group is always trying to grab the brass ring you know, the prize that was hanging just out of reach on the carousel,” explains Pat.
These four, reaching for the prize of a successful quartet, have been working on a new song during their lockdown time. Let’s hope we get to hear their beautiful ring in 2021!

All Keyed Up! is Dene (Wordene) Day, Emily Sawdey, Donna Gronemeyer, and Shirley Flint, all members of Area 3’s Rochester Rhapsody Chorus.
Inspired by a chorus fundraiser, this foursome enjoyed singing valentines together so much, they decided to become an official quartet.
“Our name has a double meaning,” says Dene. “It has both a musical connotation and how we felt singing with each other.”
Although it has been challenging to sing together during the pandemic, they have used Zoom to help support each other’s independent learning. Emily’s technical capabilities have come in handy to mix their voices and video together, and while the virtual product has been enjoyable for them, they hope to stand next to each other and sing, soon. “We truly miss that, and each other!” Dene says.
Let’s hope they accomplish their first major goal in 2021: to compete at Area!

Moving Parts is Alice Zywiel, Kathy Do, Dianne Clare, and Brenda Putt Rogers, all members of Area 5’s Scarborough Harmony Chorus.
Inspired by two of the members who attended their first competition in 2019, this group said, “I want to do that!” and so they did, said bass, Brenda Putt Rogers.
To make things interesting, this quartet loves to experiment by each singing two or three parts, depending on the song. Brenda explains, “This allows us to play with different sounds and explore different aspects of singing barbershop.”
Fortunately, these four have stayed connected through their chorus, which baritone Dianne directs, but have only met (and sung) once in person since the pandemic. In the past, Moving Parts performed at a number of community events and their chorus
concert and look forward to performing again, perhaps when Area 5 can get together.

SWAG is Voula Coronios, Grace Kahle, Wendy Shibata, and Susanne Hasulo, a mix of Area 5 members in Toronto Accolades, A
Cappella Showcase, and Associates.
“By creating an acronym our first names ‘with a twist’ (flipping Voula’s upside down to make an ‘A’), the SWAG name was created,” says baritone Wendy.
“We continue to meet both virtually via Zoom and in person as often as possible, when we can in a very big space!” Wendy says.
All four have a lot of fun together. “We look forward to coaching, flexing our performance muscles for Harmony, Inc., and basically vacationing on our own island somewhere warm and tropical… with a plethora of wobbly pops,” jokes Wendy. I bet we would all do just about anything to join SWAG on their island of fun!

We still have about a dozen quartets to spotlight! Don’t be shy… email [email protected] so we can include you in the next HI Note.

Submitted by Jessica Jones
Quartet Promotion Coordinator

[email protected]

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