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Getting To Know You

The Liberty Belles have a new member today!

What makes that unusual? This new member has never been to a live rehearsal!
She came to her first rehearsal via Zoom on May 18, then attended every Zoom meeting until, on June 22, she sang a virtual audition and passed!

One day, we’ll get to hug her and welcome her in person.  In the meantime, she’s using the time to learn our repertoire and loving it!

Welcome to our new member, Wei Chen!

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Volunteer Opportunities!

Are you looking for a way to give back to Harmony, Inc.? We have two Assistant positions available, and you may be the perfect fit for one of them!

After many years as our Copyright & Licensing Coordinator, Erin Cassidy will be retiring soon. Thank you, Erin, for dedicating your time and talents in service to Harmony, Inc. We are actively seeking a volunteer to fill the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator
position. This volunteer reports to the Director of Music Programs. The primary duties are:
– responsible for maintaining recording information
– has knowledge of copyright laws and assists members with questions
– assists the Social Media Coordinator with obtaining applicable licensing for songs placed on social media
– compiles quarterly SESAC, BMI, and ASCAP reports


The Membership Coordinator is the perfect position for you if you are passionate about membership recruitment and retention. This volunteer reports to the Director of Membership. The primary duties are:
– connects with Harmony, Inc. chapters, quartets, directors, and Associate members
– works with new chapters, geographically outlying chapters (GOCs), and chapters on reserve status, in coordination with the Director of Membership
– works with Area Associate Representatives to ensure Associate members are well connected to Harmony, Inc.

Want more details? Check out the job descriptions in the corporate manual or email [email protected] If you are ready to apply, please fill out the online application.

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]

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Congratulations to the 2020 Judith Waite Scholarship Recipient!

Earlier this month we learned about the woman who made the Judith Waite Scholarship possible. Now we’ll meet the 2020 recipient of the scholarship. Please join me in congratulating JENNIFER CARSON from Island A Cappella in Area 1.

Jennifer is enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program at the University of Prince Edward Island and recently completed her first of five years. She made a transition from teaching dance and performing in theatre to teaching music.

She describes the journey this way:
“I really enjoyed teaching. But I loved being at the helm of a music classroom. I loved being able to sing all day, share my enthusiasm for and knowledge of music and rhythm, wave my arms with a baton in hand, instill curiosity and encourage students of all ages”.

Jennifer has been a member of Harmony, Inc. since 2015. She is grateful for the support she receives from her Island A Cappella sisters and particularly the baritone section who lovingly claimed her daughter as their “baby bari”!

Jennifer also sings lead with her quartet TAMbre along with Jan Coffin, bass; Kellie Annett, tenor; and Marylynn Cote, baritone.


Submitted gy Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]

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Your International Board of Directors Working For YOU!

COVID-19 and In-Person Rehearsals

The Barbershop Harmony Society and the American Choral Directors Association each published guidance recently for ensembles interested in singing together while COVID-19 remains a significant public health concern. The Harmony, Inc. International Board of Directors has not changed its position on this issue. We advise that you refrain from in-person chorus rehearsals and/or performances at this time due to the risk of contracting and spreading the virus during these activities.

IBOD Mid-Year Meeting Update

Your International Board of Directors conducted a very productive Mid-Year Meeting in June through Zoom video conferencing! The full meeting minutes are, or soon will be, posted in the members-only section of the Harmony, Inc. website (webmaster note: they are posted!). I also encourage you to take time to read the full meeting minutes.

Harmony. Stronger. Strategic Plan
We made good progress in several areas of our strategic plan in the first quarter of 2020. In March, we took a dramatic detour due to COVID-19. As AC&Cs and IC&C were canceled, we shifted our focus to virtual education, assisting chapter musical leaders with Zoom rehearsals, and connecting with our members through more robust communication in the bi-weekly E-Note. At our Mid-Year meeting, Quantum Governance shared their Governance Assessment Report which was compiled over the past few months based on the results of surveys and discussions with Board members. As the IBOD reviewed the report, we identified action steps we should take to move our governance and leadership to the next level of excellence.

Harmony Grace & Two Nations
After much discussion and careful consideration of the feedback received from many of our members, the IBOD has voted unanimously to remove Harmony Grace & Two Nations from the Harmony, Inc. repertoire. Please read the article in this issue called, “Getting to the Heart of Inclusion”, which shares details and FAQs about this decision.

For the Love of Harmony Program Recognition
The Fundraising Task Force recently reviewed the recognition program established several years ago for the “For the Love of Harmony” program. We fully intend to continue the FLOH program; however, we will be revamping the process for recognizing donations.

Review of Venue Contracts
As we worked through the agonizing process of canceling our 2020 conventions, we realized the importance of ensuring that all future venue contracts be either negotiated through a meeting procurement agency, such as HelmsBriscoe, or reviewed by an attorney. This will be our policy for future venue contracts in order to better protect our organization.

Virtual International Convention
The Board approved a plan and funds to be used to create a virtual International Convention in early November. Stay tuned for more information as we roll out plans for the virtual convention which will take place in early November!

Membership Coordinator
As you know, membership growth and retention are key areas of focus in the Harmony.Stronger. strategic plan. It was decided at Mid-Year that the IBOD would reinstate an unfilled Assistant role previously called the Chapter Membership Coordinator. The position will be renamed “Membership Coordinator”. She will work with the Director of Membership to assist chapters with various membership growth initiatives and will also handle Associate members’ needs. If you are interested in finding out more about this position, please contact the International President or the Director of Membership.

Harmony Awareness Week Date Change
At the recommendation of our Social Media Coordinator, the Board voted to change the date of Harmony Awareness Week to coincide with Harmony, Inc.’s anniversary. Going forward, Harmony Awareness Week will occur the week of February 26.

Name Change from E-Note to HI Note
At the recommendation of Roxanne Powell, the name of the E-Note will be changed to the HI Note. The focus of the HI Note will be to expand the appeal of this bi-weekly newsletter to a broader, more public audience, while also including important member information and deadlines.

Song Donation for 2021, “From Now On”
Marie Ross generously donated an Adam Scott arrangement of “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman. This song may be used as the 2021 International Chorus song, and/or possibly a common song for Harmony, Inc. in the future. Thank you, Marie!

Change to Area Demarcation
Earlier this year we were excited to add The Greater Montreal Chorus as a new prospective Harmony, Inc. chapter in the Montreal area. Based on the current Area demarcation lines, this new chapter falls within Area 1; however, they requested to be part of Area 2. Our current chapter, Montreal City Voices, is already part of Area 2, an exception that was granted to them a few years ago. Given that we will now have two chapters in the Montreal area, both requesting the accommodation to be part of Area 2, the Board approved an agenda item submitted by Patricia Cassidy to move the Area demarcation lines so that Montreal falls within
Area 2. See the Mid-Year meeting minutes for full details.

Potential Canadian Incorporation
A task force was created to investigate the benefits of Harmony, Inc. incorporating in Canada. This is a complicated issue. The task force will connect with an attorney in Canada to conduct research and present the findings to the IBOD.

Area Affiliation for Associate Members
In the past, Harmony, Inc.’s policy has required Associates to be members of the Area in which they reside. However, we have had requests from Associates in the past to affiliate with a different Area for various reasons. Having found no valid reason why Associates must be members of the Area in which they reside, the IBOD has voted to allow Associate members to select the Area with which they want to belong.

For full details about all items and decisions made during the Mid-Year Meeting, please refer to the Mid-Year minutes in the members-only section of the Harmony, Inc. website.

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Thank you, Judy Waite!

There are many tasks involved in my role as Director of Membership and one of them is to chair the Selection Committee for the Judith Waite Scholarship. As I read over the requirements and the time line I kept thinking about Judith Waite:
– Who was this woman who generously left the gift of the scholarship in her name 10 years ago?
– What was she like?
– What did Harmony, Inc. mean to her?

This year is the last year for the Judith Waite Scholarship to be awarded. Each year, for ten years, a Harmony, Inc member or family member received $1,000 to go toward their music education.

I wanted to learn more about this remarkable woman so I reached out to some of her friends in the Village Vocal Chords.  Through them I got a very good idea of who Judith Waite was, and more importantly, who she still is, in the hearts of those her spirited personality touched.

Thank you to Lynn Randall and Jacquie Jenson who provided me with photos and stories.  Although I never met Judy, I can feel her spunky energy through the following story from her friend, Jacquie Jenson.
“To know Judy, as I did, was to share in the humor and wit of an active mind. After joining The Village Vocal Chords, she admitted to us that the first night she visited a rehearsal she signed the guest book with a fake name, in case she didn’t want further contact with the group. That was our Judy!
“However, that anonymity was quickly set aside as she joined the chorus and became a valued member of the bass section. While her music world began with early piano training, once she got involved in the VVCs she was TOTALLY involved. She was an excellent sight reader, learning her music quickly and correctly and was a strong supporter of all things barbershop. Once, The Villagers were singing at a Christmas banquet, serenading individual tables through-out the room. Judy was attending that banquet as a guest but as we moved from table to table, she did the same, to be able to listen to each song we sang. An active supporter of all VVC quartets…that was our Judy!
“In addition, Judy was a bit of a perfectionist, and encouraged those around her to be the same. Give her a written document, whether it be a newspaper, a report, or a letter, and she approached it with editing pencil in hand, circling grammatical and spelling errors. In her non-barbershop life Judy was involved at several levels of teaching but also enjoyed a period of time
in retail sales. Judy was a people person and remained actively involved in all aspects of her life. For example, after moving into a retirement home, Judy continued to be a go-getter, helping to organize and staff the home’s gift shop. That was our Judy!
“All that being said, it is entirely consistent that the scholarship that memorializes her is for those involved in increasing their musical knowledge through education. Music and education were hallmarks of this wonderful and witty lady, and a scholarship encouraging those two things…well, that was our Judy!”

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]

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REFUNDS: Contest Entry Fees/ICC Pre-registrations

If you have not already done so, please be sure to contact Judi at [email protected] to advise your wishes regarding your Area quartet/chorus contest entry fees and your preregistrations for ICC 2020.

Contest entry fees paid by choruses and quartets for AC&C and IC&C entries will be refunded at your request, or may be donated to Harmony, Inc.

If you choose a refund, electronic refunds will be returned to the original sender, unless otherwise specified. If you paid by check and are able to provide electronic information for a representative of your quartet or chorus, we prefer this method and strongly encourage you to do so.

You may request a refund by contacting the Finance Office at [email protected] Please include:
– Name of your Chapter or Quartet
– Name of contact person to whom refund will be sent
– Preferred method of payment and associated PayPal US, PayPal CAN, or Etransfer address
– Mailing address if check/cheque is your only option

If you wish to donate the funds to Harmony, Inc. you may send a request to the Finance Office and an internal transfer of funds will be done to record your donation, or complete the online For the Love of Harmony form and indicate that the payment will be made by transfer of contest entry fee. CLICK HERE (insert link) for further information and instructions.

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Quartet Registration Past Due!

Haven’t registered in 2020?
The deadline was July 1, but you can still register.

However….within the next couple weeks, quartets that have not renewed will be deleted from the Official Quartet Directory. We don’t want that to happen, my friends, so log into the Members area of the Harmony, Inc. website and take care of that pronto!

Scroll to, and click on Forms/Documents and find Form HAR-028 and just follow the directions. Use an electronic method of your choice to pay….it’s easy.

Also happening soon is the transition of the Quartet Development Coordinator position to Jessica Jones (member of Northern Blend). She’s been preparing to take over, getting acclimated and learning the job. She’s very capable and friendly and will do a fabulous job! You will be able to reach her at the same address: [email protected]

Have a great summer. “Harmony from our hearts…” is keeping us together and strong, but we all look forward to reuniting in song, and the joy of  “Harmony Hugs.”

– Deb Stoll
(almost retired) Quartet Development Coordinator

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How I Spent My Pandemic Shutdown

A.D. 2070: “Gramma, was it very b-o-o-o-o-r-i-n-g in the olden days during the COVID-19 Pandemic?”

Imagine half a century from now how you’ll answer your grandchildren’s questions about 2020. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell them you spent some of your time creating a rocking music video as part of the Minor Chords Virtual Chorus? It’s as simple as Do-Re-Mi, ABC, 1-2-3… It’s not too late to join this project. But hurry, time is of the essence!

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Getting To The Heart of Inclusion

Harmony, Inc. was born from a desire to value and appreciate all women regardless of race.  Recently Harmony, Inc has been exploring ways to increase our knowledge about equality, diversity and inclusion and the impact exclusion, whether intentional or not, has had on our members. We want to look honestly at our past and present practices through a transparent lens
and ask ourselves if we are truly inclusive.

To this end, the International Board of Directors voted unanimously to remove Harmony Grace and Two Nations from our repertoire, recognizing that including songs of a religious nature excludes many of our members.  We anticipate that you may have questions about this recent decision so we have prepared answers to possible Frequently Asked Questions.

Today’s world events are shining a light on the many ways that human beings are seen and treated as different.  We’ve shared information so that we can all learn together.  We’ve provided venues where members can share their thoughts.  We have had difficult conversations that have made us even more resolved to stretch our inclusive reach to all women.  We are particularly mindful of those who, because they may be diverse from the mainstream population, often are not heard.

Moving forward, we will be reviewing all songs in our repertoire to ensure they do not come from a history or intent of discrimination, nor hold any symbolism that would be deemed offensive.  We have talked a lot about equality and diversity.  We are getting to the heart of inclusion through action.  It is a move in the right direction and one that we are glad to be
making so that we can proudly say we are an inclusive organization.

Submitted by Harmony, Inc. IBOD and the Equality and Diversity Committee
[email protected]

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It’s The Music That Brings Us Together: With Compassion and Harmony For All

Ever wonder how someone takes a simple creative spark and turns it into something magical for the world to share? One of Barbershop’s finer examples of this wizardry is found in a writer, arranger, BHS music judge, International quartet champion baritone, devoted husband, and loving father…..the Chord Master himself, Clay Hine.

So in honor of this first week in July, typically one of celebration at Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Convention, I interviewed Clay about his recent gift of the song; It’s The Music That Brings Us Together.

What is your process and advice for budding arrangers?
“For me, arranging and writing are a lot like woodshedding and improvising. I get an idea, either from an existing song or just from a situation, and start to picture how that could be cool if it were done in a certain way by a certain group. After that, it’s filling in the words and notes to fill out that picture. I find the best way to get better at doing that is to do it a lot. I was fortunate to sing with quartets and a chorus that enjoyed singing stuff I arranged so I practiced and got a better feel for what worked and
what didn’t. Honestly, I’m still going through that process! Two great resources I’d suggest – The Theory of Barbershop Harmony by Dr. Burt Szabo (an awesome primer on music theory specific to barbershop) and www.rhymezone.com (great place to go to find rhyming words when you’re writing lyrics).”

What prompted you to write this new song?
“Right after the Covid19 lockdown, our choruses started having virtual rehearsals. I began working on a virtual recording project for my chorus, Atlanta Vocal Project. I wanted to write a long tag but nothing very deep just a fun project that expressed a sentiment! But as I wrote it, it seemed like there was more sentiment around what we were doing than this short piece expressed. And since I’ve often heard from barbershoppers, “We come for the music, but we stay for the friends,” it seemed especially important now.”

What was the original intention for the song?
“I thought a song like this would be a great way to help everyone realize that even during all of the weirdness in the world that remembering why we need and love what barbershop has to offer was especially important. It’s easy to focus on the tasks we do and not take time to remember ultimately why we do them. So I spent more time remembering what barbershop really means to me personally and figured most other barbershoppers probably shared that sentiment.”

What were the moments leading up to the song being released for all barbershop voices?
“I did the original chart for male voices with my chorus in mind (when I arrange or write, I always picture a specific ensemble performing the piece). With help in tweaking the song in a few places, Tony DeRosa, one of my favorite people to collaborate with was generous enough to make tracks and make them available to BHS all for no charge! It was then that it occurred to me maybe other organizations might feel similarly too! So I emailed them all (actually, my rock start daughter Melody checked with SAI and
Harmony, Inc.) trying not to sound too pretentious, but everyone was very nice and showed interest! So looked at creating versions with higher voices (reaching out to Michaela Johnston for female voices and Tony for a mixed version). To no surprise, they were totally supportive and very happy to donate their time to the chart and the tracks.”

Any future projects?
“Nothing specific, but the response from this song has been fun, so who knows? Any suggestions as I’m always looking for fun new material…..although I’d be happy not to have the opportunity to draw inspiration from any more global catastrophes! I do have some fun, short, simple pieces with juicy chords that I’ve done over the years. It is kind of my own polecat collection that I may start to throw out there for anyone who wants to sing them.”

And finally, what has writing this song meant to you on a personal level?
“It was the kind of project that got more personal as it progressed. I’ve been very blessed to have been engrossed in barbershop since I was born and even more blessed to have had amazing opportunities to meet barbershoppers all over the world. I’m passionate about what the lyrics in this song talk about and I think that’s something that barbershoppers everywhere share. I love that barbershop can be a place where that’s what’s important to us. Where people who love music, ringing chords, and sharing that with good folks can put aside any other differences we might have. We can just enjoy the music and the friendships. Would be great if the world could find a way to do that!!”

Our world is certainly getting closer to that goal thanks to arrangers like Clay bringing us together, especially during these unprecedented times. And while he may get called “Melody’s Dad” more often than Clay these days (his daughter, also an arranger & BHS Music judge, is one of our own Harmony Queens (2019 International Quartet Champions, Hot Pursuit)), we all can attest to the impact a “Clay Hine Arrangement” has had on our lives at some point during our barbershop careers.

So we thank you, Clay. For although it’s the music that brings us together, it’s the gifted dreamers like you, who continue to arrange a special place in our hearts and encourage us to always share our joy.

Submitted y Robyn Lynn Matula
PR Coordinator
[email protected]

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Awareness, Understanding, Action

Harmony, Incorporated was founded in 1959, primarily due to the exclusion of women of color in Sweet Adelines International.  Our founding members were committed to providing women of color a place to experience the joy of barbershop singing. They understood the need for, and benefits of, diversity and inclusion.

Sixty-one years after our founding, Harmony, Inc.’s Call to Action reaffirms our commitment to this mission. The words in this statement are powerful, but without action they mean nothing.

So, where do we begin? Let’s start by increasing our awareness and understanding of the core issues surrounding racism and unconscious bias. Next, I ask each member to ensure that our members of color feel fully valued as singers and leaders in our chapters and our organization. I ask each member to seek out, encourage, and welcome women of color into Harmony, Inc. As an organization, we must do our part to eliminate systemic racism in the United States and Canada.

The Equality & Diversity Committee is compiling a list of resources to increase our awareness and understanding of the root causes of systemic racism. I have included a short list of resources, with more to follow soon from the EDC.

I ask all members to seek awareness and understanding and, lastly, to take action to induce real, long-lasting change.

Together we are Harmony. Stronger.

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]

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The Connection: Trans-Atlantic Quartet Forms Initial Bond Between LABBS and HI

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Ladies Association of British Barbershoppers and Harmony, Inc. have long shared a special bond that began with the chance meeting of Englishwoman Marilyn Penketh and American Ginny Gedney. Upon Marilyn’s passing this spring, her daughters penned the following account of her life and the beginnings of the LABBS-HI association.

Marilyn Penketh – 1945 – 2020
Our Mum, Marilyn Penketh, discovered barbershop back in 1976 at the age of 31 and decided to start her own chorus that same year in our front room. The Havant Ladies Barbershop Harmony Chorus, England, aka The Pitchpipers, was born and both of us wanted to join in, too. Toni-Ann, (being the eldest) got to join right from the start and Karen had to wait until she was eight! Mum was in a quartet with Toni-Ann and two other members (Kathy and Loli) and they called themselves The Havatones.

Mum threw herself into helping the fledgling Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers and became Treasurer first, followed by many other posts on the Executive Board including becoming the Chairman of LABBS in 1987 to 1989.

In February 1982, an Ginny Gedney came to visit The Pitchpipers. This American lady had been in England just a week, having moved there when her husband, Ron, had a job assignment in the town of Havant on the south coast. This was the start of Mum’s love for Harmony, Inc. Our families became really good friends and Ginny, Pam (her daughter), Marilyn and her youngest daughter Karen formed a quartet called The Connection that competed in 1983, placing 5th and winning the Novice Quartet Award.

One of the highlights for mum was traveling with Rhiannon Owens-Hall, Sheila Rice, Sandra Landey and Margaret DeWolf to Providence, Rhode Island, in 1985 with a view to learning about barbershop from Harmony, Inc. It was this trip that sparked off Mum’s desire to attend as many Harmony, Inc conventions as she could and to become an Associate member for more than
25 years.

Mum was instrumental in inviting the Village Vocal Chords over to one of our conventions and other quartets like Cameo Performance, Four In Accord, Kaleidoscope and The Villagers to name a few. She really wanted the two organisations to become close. So many Harmony, Inc members knew Mum. It is a real joy to know she had special bonds with all of you.

There is so much more we could write but I will leave this now with a heartfelt thanks to all the barbershoppers all over the world who knew Mum and who helped make her life full of song.
Mum and The Pitchpipers did a lot of charity fundraising for a local hospice, The Rowans. If you would like to donate to them, that would be wonderful.  They were amazing at helping Mum in the last few days of her life and we are eternally grateful for their compassion and dedication.

Submitted by Karen and Toni-Ann Penketh

The Pitchpipers (LABBS), coached by Barbara-Ann MacIntosh, Gloria Swanson, and Ginny Gedney, competed in 1986 with an American football set, singing All American Girl and Mr. Touchdown, USA.

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Guess Who’s New? Coastal Voices, That’s Who!

Eagerness. Determination. FUN

That’s what Coastal Voices Chorus brings as one of Harmony, Inc.’s new chapters. This energized Area 6 chorus officially chartered on October 1, 2019, but their journey started a mere four months prior when a board of primarily “out of state transplants” was determined to create a chorus that would fit their needs in the Southwest Florida area.

Under the charge of their original Board of Directors (Angie Beatty, Pam Ringo, Betsy Grim Long, Tina Gleason, Debbie Toy and Jeanne O’Connor), these determined women managed to create a member’s handbook and chorus bylaws and file the necessary paperwork with the State of Florida to become recognized as a 501(c) in record time. They are very thankful for all of the
assistance they received in the process from Harmony, Inc. and feel this was the right organization for their members to fulfill their dream.

Coastal Voices is proudly a place for any woman of any age as their current membership ranges from 19 to “80 something!”

“We’ve worked hard since chartering to learn new music, welcome new guests, prospective members, and always enjoy our time together.” says Team President Angie Beatty.

While the arrival of COVID-19 derailed their debut at Area 6’s AC&C this past April, the chorus has been utilizing their time and talents, like many of us, “Zooming” each week and growing together as a family. It can be a challenge week to week, but Angie is confident that they will come out stronger than they went in. “We’re not done yet! We still hope to attract more singers to join this talented group and are working on music with an eye toward competing at some point when quarantine has been lifted and we can sing together again,”  she says.

And we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us once that happens.

Welcome home, Coastal Voices Chorus.  Welcome home.

Submitted by Robyn Matula
Public Relations Coordinator
[email protected]

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We’re Moving!

The Corporate Office has a new address, effective June 20, 2020.

Corporate Assistant Kelly Peterson, has recently moved from Fort Benning, Georgia, to Richmond, Virginia, on orders from the U.S. Army. Kelly’s husband, Erik, is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and will serve as the commander for the Richmond Recruiting Battalion for the next two years.

The new Corporate Office address is:

Harmony, Inc. Corporate Office
2106 Liesfeld Pkwy
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Any mail sent to the previous address will be forwarded.

Submitted by Kelly Peterson
Executive Assistant, Administration
[email protected]

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Attention Youth! Virtual Chorus!

Looking for a way to connect with other Harmony Youth in an exciting virtual project? Check out this opportunity.

Minor Chords will be singing ‘ABC’. The deadline is approaching, so hop to it!

Submitted by Kristin Gunasekera
Youth Programs Coordinator
[email protected]

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Apology and Thanks

Due to an editorial oversight, the 2019 Convention Team was omitted from page 27 of the recent issue of The Key-Note. These ladies planned and executed our fabulous 60th Anniversary International Convention and Contests at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, last November.

We owe this team an apology for failing to recognize them and our heartfelt thanks for the five days of magic we all experienced. The Key-Note has been updated on the website to include recognition for the team who are:
Convention Manager Allison Thompson
Convention Contest/Stage Manager Linda Hilko
Convention Volunteer Manager Anne Leinen
Convention On-Site Manager Carolyn Pellow
Convention Registration Manager Chris Hembel
Convention Team Assistant Dorothy Webster

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
Editor, e-note and Key-note

[email protected]

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Time To Re-Register Your Quartet!

If you have not registered in 2020, NOW is the time. Form HAR-028 is found in the Members area of the website.  Follow the directions carefully, and you will find it’s not difficult. The fee is now $20 (after many years at $10). As the contact of your quartet, please do everything you can to send your form online, and pay via PayPal or one of the other electronic options.

Now is also the time to process your nomination for The Image of Harmony Service Award. The deadline is July 31, but if you have a quartet in mind, jump on that right now. Write a letter detailing their contributions to their Chapter, Area, Harmony, Inc.
and Community. Really give them their due credit. List the names of 3 or 4 others who support this nomination, and send it to [email protected]

If you haven’t seen it in the E-NOTE or elsewhere, this is my last month of being the Quartet Development Coordinator. It’s been an adventure, and I’ve loved the opportunities to interface with you in this capacity. I’ll still be around, so don’t forget to say Hello at convention. I leave it in the capable hands of Jessica Jones, who is just starting her adventure in this position, and I know you’ll make her feel welcome and appreciated. You can still send your questions to [email protected], and it will go to the correct person.
Thanks for the memories! Heartfelt Harmony Hugs and love to you all.

Submitted by Deb Stoll
Quartet Development Coordinator
[email protected]

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Membership Adventure: The Power of Positive Thinking!

The global pandemic we heard about eventually made its way to North America and turned our world upside down. I am sure I’m not alone in saying I was in shock during the first month, adjusting to the new rules of contact, mask-wearing and the disappointing news that rehearsals and singing with my Harmony, Inc. sisters would have to cease.

Then something happened. Action! Determination! Creativity! Ingenuity!

Our dedicated Board of Directors met for hours, sorting out just how the new COVID world would impact our members, our craft, our conventions and contests. They agonized over difficult decisions, all with member health and safety being paramount.

Chapter music leaders quickly learned how to navigate Zoom rehearsals and structured them to serve as check-ins, social events, education and yes, singing opportunities! Invitations were extended to coaches and other chapters to join in, providing a wonderful way to meet other barbershoppers.

Chapter leaders checked in on their members by phone and email, organized car drive-bys when members needed to be cheered up, dropped off gifts of homemade bread and reduced chapter dues, all of which demonstrated kindness, compassion and solidarity.

Volunteers stepped forward to provide virtual workshops in what was eventually named THE HIVE (Harmony, Inc. Virtual Education) by our brilliant Communications Team. Harmony members could step into these virtual classrooms live or visit Harmony’s website to view the recordings at their leisure.

Gifts of free music appeared in our publications and we responded as if we received a cool beverage on a hot, humid day. Yes, we were thirsty for music!

Amazing video performances were planned so that we could sing together, once the solo pieces were blended by technological geniuses!

The power of positive thinking! After the initial shock dissipated Harmony members didn’t give up. They didn’t say, “This is too hard.” They said, “We can do this! We’ll have to learn new ways but we can still be Harmony. Stronger.”

THANK YOU for being there, for Harmony, Inc. and each other!

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]

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Harmony, Inc. Emporium

Hope everyone is staying safe. When you are reading this, the DelVecchio household will have been in lockdown for 84 days. Who knew you could watch that much television!! Very thankful for the return of good weather and to be able to go outside.

Harmony On-line Store  

In March, we published a notice in the E-Note about Harmony, Inc. looking to add a “Harmony Store” to our website. WIn April a follow-up notice advised that we were putting that project on hold until September. Now that we have all had a chance to adjust a bit to the “new normal”, that project is being re-booted.

Harmony, Inc. is looking to add a “Harmony Store” to our website.  We are seeking RFPs from retailers who are able to:
– Offer a small number of pre-approved Harmony, Inc. branded items.
– Offer items for sale through a webpage/link on the Harmony, Inc. website.
– Make items available for sale to customers in Canada and the USA.
– Accept payment in Canadian or U.S. currency.
– Provide an option for shipping items to Canada and the USA.
– Work directly with the customer; no requirement for Harmony, Inc. to purchase or maintain stock.
– Provide Harmony, Inc. with a commission on sales.

If you are able to provide this service please consider submitting an RFP.  If you have a retailer with whom you have worked and you think they would be interested in this opportunity, please forward this information.

If you require additional information, email the Director of Business Services.
RFPs must be emailed to the Director of Business Services by July 1, 2020.

Special Offer – Lady Jayne Jewelry  

Nancy Basche, President and Founder of Lady Jayne Jewelry, is one of our most loyal IC&C vendors. Because she won’t be seeing us in person in the fall, Nancy is offering something special to Harmony, Inc. Between now and October 25, shop on the Lady Jayne website, use the check-out code HI and Nancy will donate 25 % of all sales to Harmony, Inc.  Nancy is also offering free shipping! So take a look; maybe you will find something special for your first, big, post-COVID outing!

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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Congratulations to Our New International Board Members

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the following members of Harmony, Inc. have been elected to the 2020 – 2021 International Board as Board Directors:

Jan DelVecchio
Kim Meechan
Laura Oakes
Sara Stone

These members will assume their positions as International Board Directors immediately following the 2020 Annual Meeting. At that time, they will join the incumbent four Board Directors and the six Area Directors as the governing body of Harmony, Inc. for the coming year.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank each of them for submitting her name. It is indeed a great honor to serve on the International Board of an organization such as ours, and we look forward to their work on our behalf in the coming years.

We would also like to thank, on behalf of Harmony, Inc., those individuals who stepped forward to offer their name in service to our organization but were not elected. This has been a new and unusual moment in Harmony’s democratic voting history, and it was commendable that they were willing to step forward to offer their experience and dedication in service to the members.

As an organization we always gratefully rely on our International Board’s leadership. At this uncertain time – while members navigate all that is new and different – we especially appreciate them, and uphold them with harmony in our hearts.

Yours in Harmony,

Marie Ross, Nominating Committee Chair
Trinda Ernst, Canadian Teller
Michelle Buckenmeyer, U.S. Teller

Submitted by Marie Ross
Nominating Committee Chair
[email protected]

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Boot Camp Program Gets Makeover

I am pleased to announce that we are expanding our program this year!

Originally developed to provide educational funds to Chapter Leaders and Musical Leaders who supported their chapters, the Boot Camp Assistance Program has now opened eligibility to associate members who play a role at the Area or International level as well Chapter Leaders and Musical Leaders who help their own chapters or other chapters, or volunteer at an Area or International level.

There seems to be an increased availability and demand for online education for singers, coaches, directors, and leaders of all sorts this season. Please take advantage of any portion of these educational opportunities and apply for YOUR funding!

For the complete set of guidelines, please visit https://www.harmonyinc.org/member-resources/bootcamp-assistance/ or feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]

Enjoy your education and keep singing!

Submitted by Anne Bureau
Chorus Director Development Coordinator
[email protected]

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Atlanta Harmony Celebration! Hosts Virtual Sweet Sixteen Party

Atlanta Harmony Celebration! took to the internet April 30 with a special virtual party, complete with dress up contest, soul train dance line, festive background screens, a photo slideshow and sweet sixteen “Six Word Shares”. The event, honoring AHC!’s sixteen-year anniversary as a chartered chapter of Harmony, Inc., was attended by past, present, and potential members as well
as special guests from the Sweet Adelines Georgia Sensation Chorus, HI queen Michaela Olson, tenor of Hot Pursuit, and HI Area 6 director Gaye LaCasce.

AHC! turned to the virtual world for gatherings as a result of COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions. The limitations of a virtual environment make coming up with stimulating rehearsal plans a challenge. “We’ve been looking forward to a Sweet Sixteen celebration for a while. With no definitive end (to the coronavirus pandemic) in sight, we figured there’s no time like the
present,” said director, Kathy Stone. “I love the creativity of our members….so many great ideas!”

Having a technologically savvy member certainly helps. Melinda Brunson, AHC! member and hostess has done a fabulous job making various aspects of each meeting seamless. “It’s not unusual to have three or four videos, sheet music, and tracks included on our agenda. It’s my job to keep the evening going without dead time,” explained Melinda.

Though topping the “Sweet Sixteen” celebration may prove challenging, AHC! has many great ideas mixing music and fun. On Thursday nights, AHC! members find a quiet spot, a device with internet connectivity and an open mind, ready to explore the barbershop world with friends. They eagerly anticipate the day they will once again raise their voices in song together in the same
room. Meanwhile, the virtual world of laughing, sharing, and yes, even some singing has to be enough….at least for now.

Submitted By Kim Johnston
Chapter President
[email protected]

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It’s The Music That Brings Us Together

In the midst of this crazy pandemic, the generosity and kindness of people’s hearts certainly has shown through in so many ways! Harmony, Inc. is very fortunate to have been given a song from the amazing and talented Clay Hine (who happens to be DAD to our Hot Pursuit Queen Baritone, Melody!) and it is absolutely beautiful! We are excited to be able to make it available on our Harmony, Inc. website to all of our members – for free!

You can download the PDF of the music and learning tracks here. Then you can learn this song to not only sing with your quartet or chorus, but with all of Harmony, and other organizations who have been given this song, as well. It will truly be something universal that will bring our barbershop organizations together.

As Clay so eloquently states in the closing line of his song, “It’s the music that brings us together, but it’s the friendships that make us stay…“ You will love this beautiful, original piece, and we thank you, Clay, for this generous and heartfelt gift!

Submitted by Katie Taylor
Director of Music Programs

[email protected]harmonyinc.org

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Change the World with Harmony, Inc.

You’ve been waiting for it, and finally… the time has come! Harmony, Inc. has been working on starting a “Common Song” program where we present a new song each year for our membership to learn universally. The purpose is for us to be able to join in song at whatever event we may be attending where our HI family is in attendance, and raise our voices in song!

We wanted the music we chose to be uplifting, empowering, fun, and exciting; something ALL of our members would love and enjoy! We will be adding more in the future, but we are starting with the song ‘Change the World’, arranged by Deke Sharon (of “Pitch Perfect” fame) and David Wright (BHS). It ticks all the boxes, and with this wonky year, we couldn’t think of a better gift to our organization than the sheet music and learning tracks. absolutely FREE! All costs are being paid by Harmony, Inc., and a supplemental donation, so we can provide this to our members at no charge.

Each chapter should submit *ONE* request for the entire chapter membership. Chapters may not request more downloads than the number of members on the current chapter roster. Each form will be followed up with a return email giving you the link to the tracks and music. Individual chapter members may not use this form to request individual copies. Associates will be able to print and download only ONE. The deadline to order is July 15.

*Edit: July 16, 2020.
As the deadline for downloading tracks has passed, the form is no longer active. If you/your quartet/your chorus missed the deadline, please email corporate office.

Submitted by Katie Taylor
Director of Music Programs
[email protected]

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Barbershop Angel at Work

Bonnie Morton, a member of the A Cappella Showcase chorus in Milton, Ontario, has always been a very giving person, but her reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has taken her selflessness to an entirely new level.

A knitter for many years, she decided to branch out in the face of growing requirements for protective masks. Dipping into her stash of cloth augmented by her husband’s old t-shirts and “creative ways” to scavenge elastic, Bonnie set to work. Between March 26 and April 28, she
created 300 masks. She even figured out how to use excess material to create scrub caps for those who needed them.

She posted videos on Facebook showing how to make masks so others could join in and make masks as well. She donated masks to chorus members, assisted living communities, seniors homes, grocery store workers, long term care facilities, and pretty much anyone who needed one.

She has inspired friends and family to make masks of their own using fabric they had around the house. In turn they have helped her by donating fabric and delivering completed masks to hospitals and other groups on her list of those in need.

Bonnie is an incredibly talented, kind, caring, and giving woman. We are all grateful for her commitment to her chorus and community.  The light of Harmony certainly burns brightly in her heart.

Submitted by Angie Morton-Locke
A Cappella Showcase PR & Marketing Chair
[email protected]

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