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October 13, 7.00pm      Northern Blend annual show "Sing Fling" with guests "Taken 4 Granite".

                                     Dulles State Office Building, Watertown, NY

                                      Contact: Mary Ann Wert            

October 20, 7.00pm      Crystal Chords annual show "Anything You Can Do"

                                     Horseheads First Presbyterian Church, 2943 Westinghouse Road, Horseheads, NY

                                       Contact: Jessica Rhodes (607-215-1526)                  


September 8, 6.00pm      Breton Songbirds Chorus charter party

                                            St. Theresa's Parish Center, 285 St. Peter's Road, Sydney, NS

                                            For more information click here.

                                            Contact: Sheila                 

October 19, 7.30pm      Sound Celebration

October 20, 2pm              Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth, WI

                                       Contact: Denise Shaffer                  

September 8, 2pm      Harmony Heritage/NoteAble Blend Combined Show

                                   Original Congregational Church, 1 East Street, Wrentham, MA

                                 Contacts: Carole Seaver, NoteAble Blend;  Barbara Ann MacIntosh, Harmony Heritage

November 25, 2.00pm      Annual Christmas Dessert with the Codiac Chords

                                       Moncton Dart Club, 28 Eaton Street, Moncton, NB

                                       Contact: Tammy Mackay-Oxner                 

October 13, 7.00pm      Niagara Frontier Chord Authority annual show                                     

                                    St. John Lutheran Church in Williamsville, NY

                                    Contact: Charlene Mindel            

May 4th, 2.00pm      Sea Belles 50th Anniversary Celebration

                                     Assumption Church Hall, Saint John West

                                     Contact: Helen LeFort (506-634-8096)                  


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