President’s Message

Here we are in the quiet days of January. The holiday season is behind us and weather is typically the thing we talk about the most. Unless, of course, you are a performer. Then our conversations circle around the timeline for getting back to the risers.

Thank you so much for filling in the recently-distributed survey regarding preferences for our next International Convention and Contests. I apologize for not including the option for a chorus contest, an oversight on our part. By the time I had heard from many of you asking why that option was not included, over 500 (in the first 48 hours!) had already responded. Please know that no decision has been made at this time. We are reviewing all your comments and working with the venue to see where we stand and what, if any accommodations, can be made.

One member reminded me of the dilemma we find ourselves in when we are simply trying to decide whether we should cancel a rehearsal because of road conditions. While IC&C is on a much bigger scale, the outcome will probably be the same – some will agree, and others will say, “But why? Roads are fine here.”  Just as it is on rehearsal night, your safety is our concern.

Please be patient with us – our intention is to make the best decision we can with the information we have. You are important to us and I know, when it is possible and safe, we will stand together in song again. You will hear more as soon as we know more.  Thank you for your understanding.


Board Activity

BY-LAWS – The International Board of Directors is using this time to review documents and take care of some updating. Be on the watch for some updates to the Harmony, Inc. by-laws that will need your vote.

CANADIAN CHARITY – We have some news for you – a little complicated to understand, but I’ll give you the short story. About a year ago the board formed a committee to investigate the possibility of having Harmony, Inc. declared a charity in Canada. The committee determined that Harmony, Inc. would first have to be incorporated in Canada and then apply for charitable status. This would require the services of a lawyer and it was estimated that the cost would be in excess of $10,000 with no guarantee of a successful outcome or obvious benefit to the organization. It was the decision of the IBOD not to pursue this option at that time.

While in discussion with the lawyer, we were advised that Harmony, Inc. income “earned” in Areas 1 and 5 (Area dues, AC&C Registrations) and other dues and registrations paid by Canadian members to Harmony, Inc. (Corporate dues, IC&C Registration) could be subject to Canadian Income Tax.  The lawyer cautioned that we could be penalized by the Canada Revenue Agency for not already having this in place and recommended that we apply for an exemption under the US/Canada Tax Treaty. On January 12, we were notified that the exemption had been approved and we had not been penalized.

While our American members can donate to Harmony or to the Harmony Foundation International (HFI) to receive a tax receipt, Canadians cannot. Sing Canada Harmony (SCH) is a registered charity and if Canadians are looking to receive a tax receipt, please consider making a donation through Sing Canada Harmony. If having a receipt is not necessary, you can always donate directly to Harmony, Inc.!

NEW COMMITTEES – We have recently seated our Philanthropy Committee and our Strategic Planning Committee. Over the next few months, you will hear more about their activities.

TEACHABLE MOMENT – Think of these days as a bit of a performance skill-building exercise. How well can people tell what you’re thinking/feeling by the look in your eyes (since that is all they can see of your face). This will be a real asset when we “smile with our eyes” from the risers again!


BHS 2021 MID-WINTER VIRTUAL CONVENTION, JANUARY 28-31 – The Barbershop Harmony Society is providing a discount code to any chapter that brings them in to their weekly Zoom rehearsal to give a 10-minute presentation about Virtual Midwinter, and that code is active for 7 days after that meeting. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will point you in the right direction.

In the meantime, if you are attending the BHS mid-winter convention, please check in with me to see what we can do to make our “Harmony Village” inviting. We are pleased to have Hot Pursuit hosting Harmony’s hospitality room on Friday evening from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. EST. Taken 4 Granite is also on the schedule for Friday evening at the afterglow from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m EST.

Stay well my friends, look out for each other and sing when you can. Stay the course and we’ll all get to the finish line together.

Submitted by Linda Brehaut

[email protected]

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A Note From Your Webmanager

Did you know that our website promotes and lists several companies and individuals who make learning tracks?
And did you know that some of these are even Harmony, Inc members?!
And, if you have a company/individual you think should be listed, send me an email!
Submitted by Tanya Reid
Web Manager
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Zoom tips

Keyboard Shortcuts (For Windows PCs and Macs)

Many of us have heard by now that we can press the keyboard’s space bar to Mute/Unmute on Zoom: Here are Zoom’s Push To Talk instructions.

Frustrated because the Zoom meeting controls toolbar obstructs part of your screen/view when the Zoom Host is screen sharing? You can temporarily Hide and Unhide the toolbar with another easy shortcut:

  • Windows:
    • Press these 3 keys at the same time to hide the bar: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
    • Press the Esc key to unhide the toolbar.
  • Mac: Ctrl+Option+Command+H

Can’t get to the Raise Hand command within the Reactions button fast enough? 

Try the keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows: Alt + y
    Mac: Option + y

Here are other helpful Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Windows PCs and Macs.

Submitted by Sue Melvin
[email protected]

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Harmony, Inc. Needs Your Help!

Looking for a way to give back?  We have two Assistant positions available – maybe you are the perfect fit for one of them!!


Copyright & Licensing Coordinator  

Reports to the Director of Programs (Music and Education). The primary duties are:

  • responsible for maintaining and recording information
  • has knowledge of copyright laws and assists members with questions
  • assists the Social Media Coordinator with obtaining applicable licensing for songs placed on social media
  • gathers information for quarterly SESAC, SOCAN, BMI, and ASCAP reports

Recording Secretary   

Supervised by the International President.  The Recording Secretary will:

  • assist with preparing agendas
  • record and finalize meeting minutes for all scheduled Executive and Finance Committee meetings and IBOD meetings and additional meetings as required
  • record and finalize minutes for the Opening Ceremony and International Delegates/Associates meeting held at IC&C. 
  • currently, all meetings are via Zoom.  Traditionally, there are three days of in-person meetings in May and four days of in-person meetings in November.


Want more details?  Up-to-date job descriptions can be found in Section 4 of the Corporate Manual. 

Corporate Manual – Harmony, Inc. 

Want to apply?  If you are interested in applying for a position, submit Form HAR-001 no later than February 3, 2021.  https://www.harmonyinc.org/har-001-application-for-assistant-to-the-ibod/

Have questions?  Contact me at [email protected].  


Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Executive VP

[email protected]

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Change The World

In our brave, new pandemic world, performing artists around the world have turned to virtual productions to share their talents – and Harmony, Inc. ensembles are participating in this activity as well.

In November 2020, the Harmony, Inc. International Chorus – a performing unit formed of representatives from all Harmony choruses who customarily perform at the International Convention after a single onsite rehearsal/coaching session – turned, instead to the virtual world and entertained us all with this beautiful rendition of Change the World as arranged by Deke Sharon and David Wright.

This editor cried when it debuted at the Virtual International Convention.

Submitted by Roxanne Powell

[email protected]

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Support AcousChix!

Your vote could send them to BHS Midwinter contest finals!

Area 3 AcousChix, all Harmony, Inc. Associate Members and students at Alexandria Central school, where Katie Taylor has taught for 24 years, have a dream. They would like to qualify for the finals of the youth contest at this month’s Barbershop Harmony Society Virtual Midwinter Convention. To do this they need to be in the top five for votes received. This is where they need Harmony, Inc’s help!

Says, Katie, “There are 17 youth quartets and the 5 with the MOST votes will get to the finals and be part of the Midwinter convention! If you’d like to support our youth quartet, I know they would GREATLY appreciate it!

She continues, “These gals have all had me since kindergarten! This January would have been their second trip to a BHS midwinter in New York City if had it not been canceled. They attended in January 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida, where they sang Cruella Deville (arr. David Wright). Their song this year is another David Wright chart, Happy Together, which I also sang with For Heaven’s Sake!

“Please share this link with your chorus and quartet mates and vote, vote, vote!  Many thanks!”

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And… We’re Off

Happy New Year everyone!

Your leadership has been working diligently for the past 9 months, to keep you well connected, educated and ready for the coming months.  We all know that we will be getting together some time soon, this year.

In the meantime, please keep supporting your chapters – attend their virtual rehearsals when you can, make sure you pitch in and help with any tasks, and reach out to call a fellow singer.  Your leadership and fellow singers are eager to hear from you! It is an investment in your future!

As Chorus Director Development Coordinator, my passion is to keep your leadership motivated and connected by hosting discussion round tables. Our next sessions are scheduled January 6 at 6 p.m. and January 28 at 6 p.m. Interested in attending? Just let me know at [email protected]

And speaking of Education, if you are planning on attending any paid tuition education events in 2021, you could be eligible to receive up to $100 back in tuition fees.  Just go to the Harmony Inc website and read about our BOOTCAMP assistance program!  Four of our Harmony, Inc. members, took advantage of this program this past year and each received money back! LEARN ON, PEOPLE, and be ready to sing!

Submitted by Anne Bureau
Chorus Development Coordinator
[email protected]

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Quartet Musings In 2021

Does your New Year’s wish list include starting or joining a quartet? Awesome! We have some great resources for you to check out while you ponder and plan, all within our website. 

Our Quartet Directory is up-to-date with all active quartets, sorted by Area. Want to have a quartet visit your next virtual rehearsal? Perhaps a New in 2020 quartet? Or a Harmony Queens Quartet? Use the red envelope icon to email the quartet contact person! Peruse their Facebook page, Instagram, or website while you’re at it. Have an update for the directory? Email [email protected] and I will help get it done.


Do you know who your Area Quartet Promotion Chair is? These lovely volunteers are your go-to for Area education events and would love to hear your ideas. 

Area 1: Joanne Ings (Retake Quartet) [email protected]

Area 2: Janet Billings (WoN Voice Quartet) [email protected]

Area 3: VACANT. Interested? Contact Sarah Thorne-Miller [email protected].

Area 4: Sandi Wright (Great Day Quartet) [email protected]

Area 5: Lise Anne Boissonneault [email protected]

Area 6: Cheryl Copeland-Lewis [email protected]


Already established, but need a refresher on quartet guidelines? The Quartet FAQs and Information page is the best place to start. Find out membership and registration requirements, naming your quartet, and a few other FAQs.

Curious about policy details related to quartets? Section 5: Statements of Policy, page 5.4 is for you. Really want to geek out with me and learn all things HI quartets? Then consider Section 9: Quartets a fun, six-page adventure between your Brené Brown books! 

Don’t forget about The HIVE classes, including Virtual Quartetting, Leading the Way, We Got This, and What About Our Personalities. 

Just have general questions or ideas? Don’t be shy! I would love to hear from you. My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions include meeting more of you and finding inspiration through our Harmony world of quartetting! I look forward to connecting with you.

Submitted by Jess Jones
Quartet Development Coordinator
[email protected]

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New Year Offers New Opportunities

Happy New Year to all!

Yes, we have closed the door on 2020 and opened the door to 2021. It was time; it is time! January feels like a good time for a new start, a time to hit the reset button. It’s a time to dig deep to find that motivation we need to see ourselves through the winter and plan for what the new year will bring. I must admit that having the last few weeks off Zoom meetings has kind of left me looking forward to them. Soon enough, we will “see” each other again. Remember this is a great opportunity to connect with other chapters and quartets to share the challenge of planning creative get-togethers!


Hope for the new year

I know COVID-19 isn’t far from anyone’s mind and that we are not out of the woods just yet, but there is hope. There is light on the horizon. What does hope for the new year look like? It looks like the photo I pulled from Music Judge Liz LeClair’s Facebook page.

This is hope, my friends. The vaccine is available and I am forever grateful for individuals who work in health care and facilities that care for our most vulnerable. It’s good to know that they are first in line to get the vaccine.

The rest of us will wait patiently for our turn and, yes, we know that it will take some time for the vaccine to find us all. When it does, I suspect many of us will be happily sitting at the table putting together plans for some in-person events. Until then, we remain in a holding pattern. We have so many questions and just no clear answers. We’ve already canceled our Area Conventions & Contests to ensure our safety through the first six months of the year, and we are spinning our thoughts on what the fall will look like, specifically the International Convention and Contests. (I’m still looking for a gently used, but dependable, crystal ball if you have one!)


We closed out 2020 with hope, optimism, and excitement. On December 20, Harmony, Inc. chartered the Mollyockett Chorus, from Norway, Maine. How exciting is that!  Please take some time to read the article introducing our newest Chapter elsewhere in this issue. (I’m not going to tell you any more details. You will have to read along!)


Service opportunities await you!

Thank you to those individuals who took up the invitation to let me know that they would be willing to offer their time to sit on one of our committees or fill an Assistant position. Your willingness to serve is definitely respected and valued.

We are pleased to announce Nancy Arkin as our new Business Services Coordinator. Nancy is no stranger to leadership positions as she previously served on the IBOD for 7 years, including one year as Director of Business Services!   Welcome to our team of Assistants, Nancy!

It is not too late for you to consider an Assistant position.  If you have the skills and the time, we are still looking for a Recording Secretary and a Licensing and Copyright Coordinator – Interested? Send me a message, please – the sooner the better, so you don’t forget!

There is much more to read in this issue of the HI Note. Please stay informed and connected.  We appreciate your comments and questions and are here to serve you.


Opportunity for Harmony, Inc. at BHS Mid-Winter Convention

Harmony, Inc has been invited to host a hospitality room (or a suite of rooms) at the BHS Mid-Winter Virtual Convention January 28-31, 2021!  BHS has also extended their member pricing to any Harmony, Inc. member who would like to attend.

What does this mean? It means we have a couple of rooms that we can set up with videos, etc. so that members can visit the room and enjoy some of the creative work Harmony, Inc. has produced this past year.

Are you interested in taking on this little short term (very short term!) project?  I would love to have someone who is willing to coordinate the planning of events for this hospitality room contact me. There is an orientation session planned for this week.  Thanks!

Submitted by Linda Brehaut
International President
[email protected]

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Welcome to our newest members – Mollyockett Chorus!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mollyockett Chorus, from Norway, Maine, as our newest chapter. The name Mollyockett honors a well-known Pequawket Native American woman who was born in the 1700s and spent much of her life in western Maine.  She was a healer, an artisan, hunter, storyteller, and friend of the settlers in the region. With the addition of Mollyockett Chorus, particularly after the year we’ve had, we can certainly say, “Harmony, Stronger!”

Bev Jackson, Harmony, Inc.’s New Chapter Development Coordinator, has been a member of Harmony, Inc. since 1973 and has never been this excited about announcing a new chapter. “It has been a challenging year for all musical groups to keep members engaged while unable to meet and sing together. I am absolutely amazed that Jolan Ippolito, president of the Mollyockett Chorus, was able to engage all of the members of the chorus, orient them to Harmony, Inc, complete the paperwork, collect the dues and finally become a chartered chorus, members of Area 2, Harmony, Inc. The usual charter presentation and celebration will have to wait until we can all get together to welcome them to the Harmony, Inc. family,” she says.

Members of Sweet Adelines International for 24 years, the chorus decided to inquire about joining Harmony, Inc. after hearing wonderful things about our organization from coach Jessie Caynon. Their Director, since 2017, is Simon Smith. Simon brings not only his strong music background but also fun and energy to weekly chorus rehearsals. A music education major from the University of Southern Maine, Simon studied euphonium as well as choral conducting. He is currently what might be called an itinerant music educator, working many different jobs over the course of his week. In addition to working in schools, Simon has a private-lesson studio in and around Bethel and Portland, Maine for brass instrument instruction.

Mollyockett President Jolan Ippolito says, “When the Mollyockett Chorus made some initial, gentle inquiries into becoming a chapter of Harmony, Inc., concurrent with the COVID-19 shutdown, the immediate warm and sincere welcoming conversations and flood of information not only made us feel important, but wanted.  Although we are a small chorus, we were overwhelmed with the eagerness shown by all of our touch points along a COVID path to our membership.  Membership now in Harmony, Inc., for our chorus and members is something positive to celebrate as we end 2020 and look forward to singing together in person in 2021. What better way to end the year on a high note!”

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Memberhip

[email protected]


Bev Jackson
New Chapter Development Coordinator
[email protected]

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Notice: Upcoming Membership Renewals

On February 15, 2021, documents and information will be distributed to all Chapter Presidents, Chapter Secretaries, Associate Members, Affiliate Members, and Life Members. The current renewal forms reflecting this year’s reduced rates will be available in the Members Only section of the website beginning February 15.

All members, regardless of the date they initially became members, will be required to renew by April 1. This includes new Chapter, Associate, and Affiliate members who joined between October 2020 and March 2021.

If you have had any change in chapter leadership in the past few months, please notify the Corporate Office and provide updated contact information.
Your renewal documents will be specific to your chapter. Please follow the instructions provided in your renewal notice.
Area dues must be submitted along with International dues for all renewing members.
If your chapter has a male director, you must renew his Affiliate membership and pay his Area dues.

Renewal documents will be sent by email. Please notify the Corporate Office if your email address has changed in the past year.
Your renewal documents will be specific to your Area and will include the correct Area dues amount, if applicable. Please follow the instructions provided in your renewal notice.

Please call the Corporate Office toll free at 1-855-750-3341 or send an email to [email protected] with any questions. I am happy to help with this process!

Submitted by Kelly Peterson
Corporate Assistant

[email protected]

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to Mollyockett Chorus who chartered as a new Area 2 Harmony, Inc. chapter on December 20th.

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We’re Still Connecting – in Harmony!

Did you know Harmony, Incorporated has an official communications email group called the Harmony Connection? It’s a place where people can ask questions, network, and stay in touch with just an email address – no specific social media account required!

Some of you may have seen that Yahoo Groups, the platform for the Harmony Connection, is shutting down.  But never fear, the Harmony Connection is moving to a new home in the next few weeks on Groups.io – and you’re all invited!

All you have to do to join is accept the invitation that will show up in the email that you have on file with the Corporate Office.  If you decide you don’t want to join, that’s OK – just delete the email registration notice.  But if you do, you could be missing out on official notices and info, “what’s new,” conversations, questions and all things barbershop.

And  Harmony, Inc. members are not the only people on the Harmony Connection.  As with the previous forum, we’ll include barbershop folks like judges, arrangers and others that can contribute to a lively barbershop conversation.

We’ll start to add people slowly with full migration by the first of the year.  Check your mailbox for your invitation – we’ll see you there!

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

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Requesting Missing Common Songs

The International Board of Directors decided at the November 2020 meeting to create a process for any member (chapter or individual) who did not receive a copy of our new common songs when they were initially offered to order the sheet music and learning tracks. The form to request downloads is now under forms on the Harmony, Inc. Members Only section of the Web site.

Submitted by Sara Stone
Director of Programs (Music & Education)
[email protected]

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Change The World

In the last issue of the HI Note, I shared a little about myself and, this time, I thought, maybe, I’d share a little about my vision for Harmony.

Our collective goal is to reach out to all those people who do not know we are eagerly waiting for them to join us in song! Now, more than ever, women need the joy of song and sense of belonging that our sisterhood brings. I know that even though most of us are not rehearsing in person,  we are still attracting new faces. If you are one of our newest members, we celebrate you! Welcome to Harmony, Inc.! 

And, speaking of sisterhood, I have something else that I’d like us to think about during this “COVID-time.”  While serving as the Area 1 Director, I focused on creating an atmosphere that encouraged us to see ourselves as one very large ensemble, instead of isolated chapters and quartets. When we started to think of ourselves as a VLC (very large chorus), our attendance at Area events improved. Individuals soon felt connected with that sense that we were “related by music”. To make it easier to share our music at our “family” get-togethers, we worked on creating a library of common songs.

I’m pleased to report that early in the new year we will share with you two new songs that we can start to learn right away with a third one not far behind. We are creating this library so when we have our next “family” get-together (also known as a convention or education day!) we can sing together. That feeling of having 200-400–1000 women all in one room singing the same song is incredibly powerful.

When doors close, windows open

Our recent annual board meeting highlighted some of the ways we creatively used our time this past year. Our mission statement is, “Empowering all women through Education, Friendship and Singing.” With our singing opportunities challenged, we stepped up our focus on education. The HIVE brought us all expert instruction in many different aspects of creating and performing barbershop harmony. As chapters and quartets, we did all we could to stay connected with friends: We used themed Zoom nights, shared Zoom nights with other chapters, joined in drive-by celebrations and sent special cards and letters or made phone calls to members from whom we haven’t head in a while. We learned more about each other and our lives off the risers than we could have learned after six months of in-person rehearsals. 

Friends, our singing will still be with us when this pandemic is gone. Our job is to use this time to strengthen our friendships and work on vocal and performance skills through the amazing educational opportunities that keep coming our way. Our virtual chorus projects will one day be a testament to the lengths to which we will go to sing “together!”

I am looking forward to seeing how creative we can be. Our Virtual International Convention was just one example of how we stepped up quickly to think outside the box and celebrate in style!  What will next year bring? What do you want it to bring? What ideas will we share that will reinforce our mission to empower women through education, music and singing? How can we support our ensemble?  If you have some ideas or answers to these questions, please share with me. I’m all ears! This next year will be different – let’s make it a positive difference!

While this time of year is a wonderful celebration of faith for some, for others it is a celebration of family, friends (and food). But, I know that for some of you this can be a very difficult time of year. While everyone around you is celebrating, you are struggling to get through the day. Many of you have a piece of your heart missing. While there are no words to make this grief and sadness go away, please know that we are here with you; no one should feel alone. Feel the love of your Harmony family as we bring an end to 2020 and step into the New Year with anticipation of whatever it will bring!

I wish every one of you happiness, health and harmony!

Submitted by Linda Brehaut
International President

[email protected]


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Seeking 2021 Nominees for International Board of Directors

It is time to seek nominations for Board Directors and Area Directors to serve on the International Board of Directors. This year, four (4) Board Directors will be elected by the membership at large. Directors of Areas 2, 4, and 6 will be elected by the members of the respective areas. For further information, see the Corporate Manual.
The International Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers with a genuine interest in the future of Harmony, Inc. Serving on the International Board is a privilege we hope many of you will want to experience.

  • Be a member of Harmony, Inc., in good standing, for a minimum of two (2) years at the time of nomination.
  • Have previous administrative or board experience in a professional or volunteer capacity.
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Have daily access to a computer and the skills required to communicate electronically.
  • Be able to work independently and collaboratively and manage time effectively to meet deadlines.
  • Attend two out-of-town or virtual meetings each year, November and May, approximately 4-5 full days each.
  • Attend two virtual quarterly meetings, usually February and September, approximately 3 hours each.
  • Attend additional virtual meetings as needed.
  • Participate in additional Standing or Special Committees.
  • Possess a valid passport enabling international travel. 
  • Commit to the culture and mission of Harmony, Inc.
  • Possess a basic understanding of or a willingness to learn how to interpret financial reports.
  • Support a culture of philanthropy.

General Expectations:

  • Desire to improve the organization for all members.  Board members are respectful of our history but willing to look forward with a vision to see the organization grow. 
  • Dependable, organized, prepared and detail oriented.  Board members must be willing to commit the time needed to accomplish the work of the Board.
  • Strong verbal communication skills.  Board members must effectively communicate in meetings and in written reports/documents.  They encourage dialogue and listen to the ideas of others with an open mind. 
  • Board members must collaborate, adapt, think strategically, analytically and critically, in a professional manner, with a commitment to confidentiality.
  • Board members must have a passion to serve the organization in a constructive and harmonious way!

Specialized skills that are considered an asset:

  • Leadership or managerial background
  • Knowledgeable in music
  • Experience in the Not-For-Profit community
  • Experience in Strategic Planning
  • Experience in Marketing, Customer Service, Public Relations, Law or Finance/Accounting
  • Experience as a chapter or Area officer, International Board member or assistant 
  • Effective public speaker

Deadline:  Nomination forms (HAR 034, Part 1 and HAR 034, Part 2) must be returned to the Nominating Committee Chair and Corporate Office no later than April 15.
Forms:  The Nomination Forms can be found on the Harmony, Inc. website under Forms/Documents in the members-only section. 
We encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming part of the administrative team that will move our organization into the future to consider running for the Board.
Interviews: One-on-one interviews will be conducted with the nominees. These interviews will be posted to the Harmony, Inc. website. Watch for more details in the HI Note.
Board Directors – Board Directors will be expected to perform a variety of functions and must be flexible with the time and desire to take on extra duties.  It is highly recommended to see the Corporate Manual for additional information.
Area Director – An Area Director’s primary responsibility is to represent her Area at International Board meetings and to keep in touch with the interests, concerns, and needs of the Area. It is highly recommended to see the Corporate Manual for additional information.
Attendance at Board Meetings – All International Board Members are required to attend all in-person and virtual Board meetings as determined by the Board of Directors. Newly-elected International Board Directors are expected to attend the Annual Meeting of the Outgoing Board. This has proven to be an invaluable way to get acquainted with the work and what will be required of them coming into their elected position.
Harmony, Inc. will only continue to grow and flourish if willing members give a little of their time and effort to make it happen. Allow your name to stand for election…it will be deeply appreciated by all Harmony, Inc. members. 
Please remember the deadline for nominations – no later than April 15, 2021!

Submitted by Trinda Ernst
Nominating Committee Chair
[email protected]

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Important News from the Nominating Committee

Area & Board Director elections have new dates

Due date for submission of nominations – April 15
Area Director elections will be held May 1 – May 15
Board Director elections will be held June 1 – June 15

Submitted by Debbie Parmerter
International Parliamentarian
[email protected]

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Hey, Volunteers!

Are you wondering where else you can offer assistance?

Opportunities will come up throughout the year and we will do our best to reach out to the membership to let you know what’s available. At this point, we are looking for:

  • one or two individuals who are interested in sitting on the strategic planning committee, and 
  • a couple of people for the philanthropy committee. 

If this is something that might interest you, please send an expression of interest to Linda Brehaut.

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’Tis The Season For Giving!

There are many ways you can shop and give back to Harmony, Inc. at the same time! 

Online shoppers in the U.S. and Canada can sign up for iGive.  It’s super easy to sign up by going to www.iGive.com/HarmonyInc, create an account, and install the iGive button.  When you shop online, iGive will check to see if the store provides a charitable donation, and if so, a donation will automatically go to Harmony, Inc. at no cost to you. 

If you are in the U.S. and you shop on Amazon, you can donate to Harmony, Inc. every time you shop on Amazon by registering for Amazon Smile.  Once you are set up, anytime you shop at Smile.Amazon.com, donations are automatically made to Harmony, Inc. at no cost to you.  It’s as easy as that! 

Lastly, don’t forget your own holiday wish list!  Perhaps you’re ready for a new t-shirt, tote bag, or tumbler.  You can now shop for official Harmony, Inc. merchandise at the Harmony Shoppe.  When you shop, Harmony, Inc. benefits from your purchases.  To access the Harmony Shoppe, go to the menu bar at the top of the Harmony, Inc. web page. 

Submitted by Donna McKay
Director of Development
[email protected] 

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President’s Report!

Thank you to Convention team and friends
Oh my goodness – wasn’t our first, Virtual International Convention wonderful! Under Convention Manager Allison Thompson’s lead, the convention team with its many assistants and volunteers, created a masterpiece!  Thank you soooo much – nothing is impossible when you bring together purpose driven women and give them a task!  Our deepest gratitude goes to all of you who played a part in creating such a successful event.
While IC&C 2021 is still an unknown at this time, we will not be concerned!  Creative juices are already flowing and we will all look forward to the event, whatever it will look like! (Don’t you like surprises?!)
Updates from Annual 2020
While Zoom meetings are not the ideal way to meet for three days in a row, your International Board of Directors collected their snacks and water bottles, found comfy chairs and settled in to deal with the business of the organization.
Many of the highlights from the meeting were presented live at the Delegates meeting on the Sunday following our Virtual Convention. But please remember that you can always go to the members’ only section of our web site to read the minutes and financial reports. 
I will just highlight a few things here:
IC&C 2021
Just a reminder, those who paid the pre-registration (full All Events Pass of $125) for the 2020 convention back in November 2019 have the option of a refund, or rolling it over to 2021 IC&C. (If the 2021 AEP is more than $125, there will not be an additional fee owed; if less than $125, there will be no refund.) Registrants will retain their spot on the list (for preferred seating purposes).

Until we have a better idea of what the details of IC&C 2021 might be (i.e. in person or not, etc.) we will defer setting the AEP price.  The Convention Manager, along with the IBOD, will be discussing options in the New Year.   Please be sure to read your HI Note for updates!
Future IC&C venues
2021 (Nov. 3-7) – Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA
2022 (Nov. 2-6) – Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY
2023 – Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI
2024 – Galt House, Louisville, KY
Why are we returning to the Galt House in Louisville in 2024 and 2026? As you might imagine, getting out of a contract is a tricky business. By agreeing to return to Louisville, we were able to defer our contract from 2020 with no penalty. Thank you to Allison Thompson for her patience and poise as she worked through all these details and possible solutions. We were also fortunate to have all our Areas negotiate with AC&C venues to prevent financial penalties.
Board/ Assistant Vacancies
Elsewhere in this issue of the HI Note, you will find details as to how to apply for Assistant positions that are currently vacant. 
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize our members that are retiring and extend our sincere thanks for all they have done:

  • Mary Ann Wert (Director of Communications) and Katie Taylor (Director of Music Programs) as well as Jeanne O’Connor (Recording Secretary) have completed their time with the International Board.
  • Jen Wheaton Forest has also retired from the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator position and we wish this very busy friend all the best in her next adventure!

Of course, with every end is a new beginning! The IBOD is excited to welcome Sara Stone (our incoming Director of Programs (Music and Education), Laura Oakes (incoming Director of Marketing and Communications), and Sarah Thorne-Miller (our new Area 3 Director).
While we are thrilled to have six new Assistants added to our team this past year, we still have three vacant positions:

  • Recording Secretary (Jeanne O’Connor is retiring)
  • Copyright & Licensing Coordinator (Jen Wheaton Forest has retired)
  • Business Services Coordinator (new position, former IBOD Director position)

Strategic Plan “Harmony. Stronger.”
The Board has continued to work towards some of the goals set out in our Strategic Plan in 2018. One of the goals (or buckets as we called it) was to review our governance structure. As a result, we have created a Governance & Nomination Committee, a Strategic Planning Committee and a Philanthropy Committee. Over the next few months, you will hear more about the work of these committees.
Your IBOD has been elected to serve and work to ensure the growth and strength of the organization. This year, we have made a few changes to the titles and overall structure of the IBOD.

  • We have implemented a new Executive position, Executive VP, a position that will work along side the President, assuming some of her responsibilities as well creating an effective mentoring program for new Board members. This person will also be available to attend functions if the President is not available and will be a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. The holder of this position does not automatically become the International President following her term.
  • We have also combined music and education programs and put them in the portfolio of the Director of Programs (Music and Education).
  • A new position on the Board is our Director of Development, a position to help with philanthropic efforts, fund raising and raising awareness of HI with other organizations.

Financial Status
Harmony, Inc. Is financially strong at this time.  Two successful IC&Cs along with careful spending and negotiating of large contracts has contributed to our financial health.

Out of respect for our membership and the struggles that some are having while we deal with the side effects of the pandemic, along with the Board’s commitment to being financially responsible, we wanted to let the membership know we are thinking about them. Renewals 2021 will be invoiced at 25% less than our current annual dues.  We know that this is not a lot, but we are hoping that even this little bit will encourage us all to stay the course and wait this pandemic out. You are important to us. Please be aware that we have not applied this reduction to the purchase of new Life time memberships or Chapter renewal fees.
Common Songs
Over the years, our website has had a number of songs available for download, many of which have never been accessed.  These songs are being reviewed and the list is being revised.  While we are removing some songs from the list for a number of reasons, we are excited to be adding songs to the list!  At this time, our new songs include Change the World, It’s the Music that Brings us Together, and very soon you will see In Harmony You Belong and From Now On.  There is still a possibility that a fifth song will be added in the next month or so as well!  
MBHA  (Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association)
Our six Areas have all agreed that if there is space and time available in our AC&C schedules, they would welcome both quartets and choruses from the MBHA.  These quartets and choruses will be competing for score only. 
Harmony Shoppe!
New to Harmony this year is our virtual store!  Harmony has partnered with Big Bang Products to create a virtual store where we can order logo apparel and other items.  Be sure to check it out regularly!
Virtual Chorus grants 
Choruses are being very creative in generating a variety of virtual chorus recordings.  These were very well received at our Virtual International Convention and we would like to encourage chapters to consider this activity!  The IBOD has set aside a number of grants in the amount of $250 to assist Chapters in creating or enrolling in an educational program to learn how to do this.  The grant application process will be available shortly – give us a couple of weeks to put a plan to paper – we’ll be in touch soon!
Corporate Manual and Bylaws 
As you might guess, we are knee deep in reviewing our corporate manual and updating it.  Please know that we make every attempt to ensure that decisions we make are in line with our current Bylaws.  We are quickly realizing that our Bylaws need to be updated (since we ask our Chapter to ensure that theirs are updated every five years) but each of these changes will require a membership vote.  You can expect some more communication regarding this over the next few months.
Canadian Incorporation Task Force
Over the past six months we have been investigating the benefits of proceeding with incorporating Harmony, Inc. in Canada.  Following consultation with a lawyer, it has been determined that there is no obvious benefit to following through with the action to incorporate.  In the process of asking this question, we have learned that it is in our best interest to apply for the US/CND tax treaty that will address any concerns with money earned in Canada.  It was also suggested that we apply for a payroll account with the Canadian Revenue Association if we are in a position to pay an employee in Canada.  This information is encouraging and we are currently in the process of following through with these details.
Nomination Process
Like everything else this year, we have been reviewing our nomination process as well.  The major changes are a result of most things being done electronically these days rather than depending and allowing for the delivery of paperwork by the postal service.

We have changed the nomination submission deadline from January to April 15 and allowed only 15 days to vote (rather than the 30 days previously).  Elections will be held May 1-15 for Area Directors and June 1-15 for Board Directors.  If there is a contested election, interviews will be conducted.
Please feel free to ask questions if you have them!  Your IBOD is busy learning and discovering efficient and effective ways to carry out the business of the organization.  We are all volunteers and we don’t come with all the answers … but, we’re willing to look for them! 

Submitted by Linda Brehaut
International President
[email protected]

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Harmony, Inc. Needs Your Help!

Are you looking for a way to give back to Harmony, Inc.? We have three Assistant positions available, and you may be the perfect fit for one of them!

We are seeking a volunteer to fill the Copyright & Licensing Coordinator position. This volunteer reports to the Director of Programs Music and Education. The primary duties are:

  • responsible for maintaining and recording information
  • has knowledge of copyright laws and assists members with questions
  • assists the Social Media Coordinator with obtaining applicable licensing for songs placed on social media
  • compiles quarterly SESAC, BMI and ASCAP reports

The Business Services Coordinator is the perfect position for you if you have an interest in shopping and retail!  This volunteer reports to the Director of Development.  Primary duties are:

  • oversees the iGive and AmazonSmile program
  • liaises with the managers of Harmony Shoppe (on-line store)
  • seeks out vendors for the Harmony Mall at IC&C and distributes contracts
  • solicits Big Screen Ads for IC&C from those companies with whom Harmony does business and the general membership
  • informs chapters that they may sell merchandise in the IC&C Hospitality Room as space allows.

We are also in search of a new Recording Secretary.   This individual is supervised by the International President.  The Recording Secretary will:

  • assist with preparing agendas
  • record and finalize meeting minutes for all scheduled Executive and Finance Committee meetings and IBOD meetings and additional meetings as required
  • record and finalize minutes for the Opening Ceremony and International Delegates/Associates meeting held at IC&C.

Want more details?  Job descriptions in the Corporate Manual are currently undergoing revisions.  If you are interested in applying for any of these assistant positions, contact me at [email protected] and I will send you an up-to-date job description. 
If you are interested in applying for a position, please submit Form HAR-001 no later than January 4, 2021. 

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Executive Vice-President
[email protected]

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Atlanta Harmony Celebration! Holds ‘Socially Distant’ Social

Twelve Atlanta Harmony Celebration! singers, ready to venture out, donned their masks, grabbed their chairs and headed out on a sunny Sunday afternoon to Lilburn City Park as the chorus held its first “Socially Distant” Social November 1. Several members brought individually wrapped treats to share as they lounged in a semicircle, chatting with their chorus sisters.

Chorus member Donna Hyde brought up the idea of a social.  “It had been over seven months since we’d been together and I really missed being with my AHC! family.  I’m thankful for our weekly Zoom rehearsals, but nothing beats seeing each other in person,” she said.

Donna wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to spend in-person time together.  “It was wonderful to catch up with each other and simply enjoy being together, masks, distancing and all,” she observed.

The group continues to meet virtually on Thursday evenings and hopes for more opportunities for “socially distant” socials.

Submitted by Kim Johnston
Chapter President

[email protected]

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2020 Virtual ICC Donations

Thank you to all of you who attended and made our first Virtual ICC such a wonderful success! Your generous donations are so greatly appreciated. If you are wondering where to send your check for a donation that you pledged on your ICC registration form, it can be sent to the Corporate office in the US or the Finance Office in Canada or by etransfer in Canada to [email protected]

HI Finance Office
4475 Line 9 N
Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0


HI Corporate Office
2106 Liesfeld Pkwy
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Submitted by Judi Johnston
Finance Assistant
[email protected]

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Get Your Convention Swag, Here!

In a year like no other in history, Harmony, Inc. is holding an International Convention like none you’ve seen before. You’re going to want mementos. And we’ve got just thing! Harmony Shoppe has T-shirts celebrating our 2020 Virtual IC&C.  Order now and you can wear yours while you watch! Just scroll down on the main page of the Shoppe!
Orders are accepted until October 23, 2020.

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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Who Do You Think Deserves Honorary Membership in Harmony, Inc.?

Have you ever met someone who you thought would make an excellent spokesperson for Harmony, Inc. and who would be willing to work with our Public Relations Coordinator to be the focus of Harmony, Inc. publicity?  If so, then we may have found our next Honoree!

It’s that time of year again to remind you that any Harmony, Inc. member (regular and associate) in good standing can nominate an individual whom they feel would be a suitable nominee for an Honorary Membership.  To learn about the nomination and selection process, as well as the expectations of the Honoree, please visit Honorary Membership Nomination and Selection
Process on page 14.5 of our Corporate Manual.  The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2021.

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]

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