Convention Corner

We are excited about the possibility of seeing so many of you at IC&C this year. Now more than ever, we need to all come together to celebrate our organization and what it means to each and every one of us. I know that it has benefited all of us during this unprecedented time of quarantine and while we haven’t been able to be together physically, I love seeing all of the creative ways you are finding to stay in touch – and in tune!

As you start thinking about the IC&C, there is some important information about
– Event prices
– Hotel info
– Transportation
– Parking
to be found on the IC&C webpage.

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Baytones Announce New Director

We are proud to announce our new Director for Baytones Harmony Inc is Bonnie Sue Dowdall. Bonnie bring enthusiasm and energy to our chorus and we look forward to working hard for her as we move forward in 2020.

After two years of being on Reserve Status due to low membership, we are excited to share that we now have 18 members registered with Harmony, Incorporated.

Submitted by Dianne Cerka
Chapter President
[email protected]

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A Harmony Emporium is in the Works

Harmony, Inc. is looking to add a “Harmony Store” to our website. We are seeking RFPs from retailers who are able to provide:

– A small number of pre-approved Harmony, Inc. branded items.
– Items will be offered for sale through a webpage/link on the Harmony, Inc. website.
– Items will be available for sale to customers in Canada and the USA.
– Retailer will provide an option for shipping items to Canada and the USA.
– Retailer will work directly with the customer; there will be no requirement for Harmony, Inc. to purchase or maintain stock.

If you are able to provide this service yourself please consider submitting an RFP. If you have a retailer with whom you have worked and you think they would be interested in this opportunity, please forward this information.

If you require additional information, email the Director of Business Services.

RFPs must be emailed to the Director of Business Services by April 1, 2020.

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio,
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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VVC Taps Lynn Randall to Direct

The Village Vocal Chords are thrilled to bring to an end our search for a new frontline director and to introduce you to our new director, Lynn Randall.
Oh, you already know Lynn?

Well, for those of you who don’t know her, Lynn began her adventures in barbershop singing in 1975 with Sweet Adelines International. She joined Harmony, Inc. 5 years later and became Assistant Director of The Harmonettes Chapter. In 1992 she moved to the Chicago-area from Massachusetts, joined the VVCs as a lead singer, and has been our Assistant Director for the past 4 years. She also currently directs the new Harmony, Inc. prospective chapter ‘A Cappella Project’.
She is a multiple time Harmony Queen (as the lead of ‘Talk of the Town’, ‘Voices’, and ‘U4X’ and the replacement lead of ‘The Villagers’). In addition she holds a Music Education minor, along with a Bachelors degree majoring in Business Administration. But more importantly, she brings to us her extraordinary knowledge and coaching skills, as a Harmony, Inc. Certified Singing Judge since 1997.

We’re excited to share this new chapter in Lynn’s barbershop career and know Harmony, Inc. joins us in celebrating and supporting us under her leadership.

More new chorus directors!

President Ruthie Farrell of the St. Louis Chordinals is pleased to announce the chapter has found its new Music Director, Juliet Jackson. Ruthie writes, “We’ve entered her for Directors First and Harmony University scholarships. Congratulations, Chordinals and Juliet!”

Pam Stewart of Classic Blend informs us their new Director is Jim O’Neill. Watch for articles on the adventures of these new chorus-director partners in future issues of the E-Note!

Submitted by Jacquie Jensen
Village Vocal Chords

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to Catch Fire who chartered as a new Geographically Out of Area chapter on March 8, 2020.

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“This Is My Quest”

During IC&C in Sandusky, Ohio, Susan Brooks, a long-time member of The Over Tones, now with A Cappella Showcase, willingly took on the task of delivering Past International President pins to a number of special Harmony, Inc. women. Here is her message – a wonderful story of friendships and Harmony, Inc. history!

“I have completed my mission to give these ladies their 60th anniversary Past International President pin. You would not believe how thrilled they all were. I spent time with all of them and the memories and laughter flowed!

You may wonder why I cared.

In the early days of Harmony, a number of Woodville girls travelled to Orillia to sing, laughing and singing all the way.  As numbers grew and they found Roy Keys to direct they decided to form Woodville Country Chords. My mom, Gertrude Lillico, was the founding president, November 1, 1966. Marilyn Kelsey, International President 1966-1968, Dianne Pethick 1979-1980, and Marlene Sargent, 1974-1976, were all very active members of the Country Chords.

I sang bari at Mom’s elbow whenever I was home and when I got my teaching job in Elmira, Marion Baier, who had sung with the Country Chords and was now in Guelph, lured me to the Over Tones.

Oh my, how life unfolds. That’s where I met Jo Rider, International president 1977-1979. Jo went on to charter the Chord Spinners and was their first director.

I hope the current Harmony membership will be reminded how much these ladies love Harmony. We have a wonderful history full of wonderful people!”

Thank you for sharing this with all of us Susan.  It is a beautiful reminder of how our time in Harmony, Inc. impacts our lives, brings us together and fills our hearts with wonderful memories!

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership
[email protected]

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We Say Again: New Procedures Now in Effect

THERE’S NO NEED TO REGISTER NOW if you registered anytime in 2019!

Wait, what? Why? Last year, the Quartet Registration deadline was moved from January 31 to July 1.

All registrations received any time in 2019 were labeled valid until July 1 of 2020.  This was communicated in your Registration Confirmation, and in E-Note articles. So…..if you are already registered, you are eligible to compete in the coming AC&C’s.  Then you will need to Renew/Re-Register by July 1.

If you have a change in personnel, please email [email protected] with the details: the new member’s name, status as Chapter Member (what Chapter?) or Associate (from what City or State/Province?) , what part she will sing, and who is no longer a member of your quartet. Your Quartet Registration must match your Contest Entry, so please process any changes before you enter a contest.

Remember that any new quartet member must be a member of Harmony, Inc. If her membership is “in process”, please communicate that, and I will work with the Corporate Office to expedite.

New quartets can register any time, and must be registered to compete in an Area Contest. Please use the new, easy, online form HAR 028 on the HI website.

Take full advantage of all the opportunities at AC&C….perform anywhere, any time you can….it’s a BLAST…..everyone wants to hear you….and it will make you a better quartet!

Submitted by Deb Stoll
Quartet Development Coordinator  
[email protected]

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Talent, Energy, & Selfless Service Make This Gal a Champ

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Samantha Tramack as Youth Member of the Year!

Samantha joined New England Voices in Harmony in 2007 at the age of 9. Her energy, cheerful demeanor, and contributions to her chorus have left a positive impression on the chapter. Samantha has been able to give back to her chorus by leading vocal and visual warm-ups, many of the music-learning portions of rehearsals, teaching skills, and creating high-quality learning tracks for their new music. Her familiarity with each part allows her to support each section in their learning process. Samantha has also been appointed as Assistant Director.

Samantha is the Lead in the 2016 International Champion Quartet, Taken 4 Granite. In August 2015 she competed in the SAI Rising Star competition as a bass, coming in second place. Samantha is currently the Baritone of the Area 2 2019 Champion Quartet, New Q. In addition, she entertains in the community with her family quintet the Von Tramack Family Singers and her mixed quartet, Sweet & Sour.

In August 2018 she was the director for the Girls Chorus at BHS’ Northeastern District’s Harmony Explosion Camp (HXNE), where she also sang Lead in Taken 4 Granite which served as the teaching quartet. In August 2019 she became the HXNE Girls’ Chorus Manager, working with the chorus director and teaching quartet to ensure a successful experience for all attendees, as well as teaching in the camp’s educational program.

Samantha has directed the Area 2 Generations Chorus for four years. In 2018 Samantha was appointed as Area 2 Education Coordinator. She is also co-chairman for the 2021 AC&C Hostess Chapter Committee. Internationally, Samantha performed on the World Harmony Jamboree with Taken 4 Granite. Samantha was the first youth director selected to direct the Minor Chords at IC&C in 2014. She also taught a tag class at the BHS International in the Harmony University education program. At IC&C 2018 Samantha directed the AHQ Chorus in the Parade of Champions.

There seems to be no end to her talent, but the most special things about Samantha are her smiling face, giving heart and beautiful spirit. Given Samantha’s contributions to Harmony, Inc., New England Voices in Harmony, Area 2, BHS, MBHA, and to her local community, she is a wonderful youth who has proven herself to be a model Harmony member deserving of the Youth Member of the Year award.

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Members – Are you using Harmony Chat?

We have established a member-based Facebook group with a purpose similar to the Harmony Connection Yahoo Group.

Harmony Chat is an internal communications medium providing an opportunity to discuss with other Harmony, Incorporated members any number of topics relating to Harmony, Incorporated and barbershop in general. Using Facebook allows social media-connected members another avenue to ask questions, engage with each other and share insights and ideas. What to know more about Harmony Chat? Here’s a few frequently asked questions.


Q: How do I join Harmony Chat?
A: Joining Harmony Chat is easy. Launch https://www.facebook.com/groups/HarmonyChat/ and then request to join the group. You will be presented with two questions which you must answer to be allowed in the group. Once we confirm your question, your group membership
will be approved (please be patient as it may take a bit of time to approve you – we have a lot of members!). As a reminder, please do not use Facebook’s “Invite” feature to inform members about Harmony Chat – they will not be prompted for the required questions.

Q: Is the Harmony Connection going away?
A: The Harmony Connection still will exist as it includes non-HI members and is a good way for others to see what’s going on in Harmony, Inc. and to share info with us. If you want to be added to the Harmony Connection, contact the Social Media Coordinator.

Q: How is Harmony Chat different from the Harmony Connection?
A: The groups are basically the same, except for the audience (internal versus open). Some of the basic rules are the same, but there are a few differences.
– Photos, videos, memes, etc. are discouraged unless they are specifically related to the group’s purpose. Attachments will be screened to prevent SPAM and malware.
– Membership must be approved (please make sure you answer the membership question).
– The group is monitored, but not moderated. Please be civil, constructive and helpful in your questions and responses.
– Please be mindful of the group.

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

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Give Us Your Two Cents

Prior to International Board Meetings, members and chapters are given an opportunity to submit items for consideration at the next IBOD Meeting. The official form for submitting agenda items for the 2020 International Board of Directors Mid-Year Meeting is available in the members only section of the Harmony, Inc. website. Form HAR-009 is available in an easy-to-complete online form here in the Members Only section of the website.

Please be sure to complete the entire form and submit it by the May 20, 2020 deadline for Mid- Year Meeting. If you have any questions about the agenda item form, please contact the corporate office at [email protected] or call toll free 855-750-3341.

Submitted by Kelly Peterson
Corporate Assistant
[email protected]

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Contest Deadlines Approach!

Contest season is upon us! If you don’t want to pay a late entry fee, fill out you contest entry form and submit it online at least 60 days before your contest weekend! You have another 30 days if you don’t mind paying the late fee and singing first, but really…

And song registration forms, also available through an online link, are due 14 days before your contest weekend.

The forms are found in the members only section of our Harmony, Inc. website under Forms/Documents to Download.  Look for HAR-061 to enter your quartet contest, HAR-063 to enter your chorus contest, and HAR-082 to register your songs.

Submitted by Kathy Greason
Harmony Inc, ICJC
[email protected]

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A Change in Scoring the Music Category – But is it Really a Change?

In November, the International Board of Directors approved an amendment to our contest rules pertaining to how the Music category scores performances. The amendment encourages all Music judges to weigh the most basic characteristics of the style in the same way, actually
assessing penalties for performances of arrangements that do not exhibit those characteristics.

The bottom line is that this change should have little effect on how you choose your contest music, and final scores probably won’t change much, but contestants should have a better idea of how the scores were affected by use of non-stylistic material. If you don’t want to go any further into the weeds, stop reading now! But if you donned your music nerd hat this morning, carry on…

What has changed:  In recent contest history, Music judges have been simply lowering scores overall if a song heard in contest lacked characteristics of the barbershop style. While judges may continue to lower the score for contest songs that don’t fit our style very well, the new rule describes three situations in which a score must reflect an actual penalty based on style considerations. Penalties can range from a point or two to forfeiture.

Music judges are called on to assess a penalty:
– When excessive passages in a song are not sung in the inside voice. As before, contestants will not be penalized for a song that features a brief and appropriate bass or tenor melody. But when that melody in the outside voice becomes a significant characteristic of the performance, a penalty will be assessed.

– When the song and arrangement lack characteristic chord progressions that resolve around the circle of fifths. Music judges continue to listen for the harmonies characteristic of our style. But if the expected chord progressions are lacking, the Music judge will assess a penalty rather than simply lowering the score.

– When the song and arrangement contain excessive passages without words in all four parts. This does not change current scoring practice, which supports appropriate embellishments, such as brief periods of three parts on a neutral syllable behind a lead feature, for contrast in the arrangement. But when the neutral syllables against a solo become a significant characteristic of the performance, or when the song is all
“doobedoobedoo”, a penalty will be assessed.

What has not changed?
Music judges will continue to judge the song and arrangement as performed, and the group’s musicianship in bringing the song and arrangement to life.

What does this mean for you?
We expect not much! Overall scores in Music are unlikely to change significantly. Strong contest vehicles will remain strong and weak contest vehicles will remain weak. Most of our contestants seem drawn to arrangements that are firmly in the barbershop style, anyway. But some stylistic concerns that were previously reflected in “lower” scores will now be more clearly reflected through penalties. If a penalty of five or more points is assessed, the fact that a penalty was assessed will be noted on your Contestant Scoring Summary and on the Official Scoring Summary. If a smaller penalty is assessed, you can count on your Music judge to mention it at your eval.

As always, Music judges – both Harmony, Inc. and BHS – are a resource for you if you have any questions about whether an arrangement you wish to sing in contest is likely a strong or weak contest vehicle, based on characteristics inherent in the song and arrangement. Just ask (but be sure to leave us some turnaround time!).

Submitted by Kathy Greason
Harmony Inc, ICJC
[email protected]

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What’s New About Chorus Qualifications For IC&C?

Well, one thing that is new is how our geographically distant choruses can qualify for IC&C. One time per spring contest season, Harmony, Inc. choruses in our expansion area can work with their local BHS district to arrange to sing for score. If they meet the qualifying score for IC&C, they are in!

This option is also available to certain choruses located within an existing area. Specifically, if the chorus
(i) has never competed in an area contest,
(ii) rehearses more than 350 miles from its AC&C venue, and
(iii) participates in a BHS spring contest that is located nearer to the chorus than the AC&C venue,
then that chorus may seek to qualify for IC&C based on its score at the BHS contest. This option is only available to choruses in existing areas one time. In following years, they would be expected to participate in the area contest. Currently we have one chorus that meets these criteria, but we are always hoping to expand!
So that’s new.  One thing that is not new, though, is the qualifying score for choruses.  It remains at 792, or an average of 66.

But, with Silver Division contest ended, the IBOD wanted to have a way for those choruses that were close to qualifying to participate in the International Contest, space permitting.
So something old is new again.
That is to say that the pre-Silver Division process of inviting alternate choruses has been reinstituted. If the number of contestants who qualify outright for the contest and indicate intent to compete is less than 27, choruses whose spring contest score is below 792 (66 average) but is at or above 768 (64 average) may be invited to perform in the chorus contest at IC&C. Invitations to alternates will be made in descending order of qualification score and will stop when the contest has 27 choruses. The invitation process will be completed by September 1.

An invitation process as described above for choruses has been in place for quartets for quite some time, and is unchanged. What has changed this year is that, after three years at the same level, the qualifying and alternate scores for quartets are going up by an average of one percentage point. That means that any quartet that scores 816, or an average of 68, qualifies for the International contest. And the minimum qualifying score for quartet alternate invitations is 792, or an average of 66.

Does that all sound too complicated? Well, to make a long story short:

GOCs can qualify at a nearby BHS contest.
Chorus qualifying score is 792 (66); alternate score is 768 (64).
Quartet qualifying score is 816 (68); alternate score is 792 (66).

And if you still have questions, don’t worry. Your ACJCs and I can answer your questions about how and whether this affects you, and what to do if it does!

Submitted by Kathy Greason
ICJ Chairman
[email protected]rmonyinc.org

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Thank You For The Music

Village Vocal Chords’ Director Jeanne O’Connor Retires

After 40 years as the Village Vocal Chords’ front line director, Jeanne O’Connor has retired. In her almost 60 years with Harmony, Inc. (she truly was a mere child when she first joined), Jeanne has thrown herself heart and soul into every aspect of Harmony. More than the winningest director in the organization, she has won multiple quartet crowns, been a certified Presentation judge, served on the International Board unstintingly – she was the International President from 2000-2002, and steadied Harmony’s course for decades with her unparalleled
leadership skills. She truly has been the face of Harmony.

The Jeanne O’Connor International Chorus Championship Award

With Jeanne’s decision to retire as the director of the Village Vocal Chords effective at the end of 2019, it seemed only fitting that the International Chorus Championship award be renamed for the individual who has owned that title, Champion, for over 35 years. At the 2019 International Convention & Contests Championship Showcase, International President Donna McKay announced that the International Chorus Championship award would be renamed “The Jeanne O’Connor International Chorus Championship” award and it would be presented for the first time at IC&C 2020.
When Jeanne was presented with the International President’s Award in 2012, she received a crystal Mickey Mouse trophy and her accomplishments as a singer, director, and leader, were recited to an adoring audience (you can view that presentation here). Since that time, she has added several more accomplishments, serving as International President (2012-2014), Immediate Past President (2014 to the present), and Recording Secretary (2019 to the present). Oh, and she directed the Village Vocal Chords to two more gold medals (2013, and 2015), two silver medals (2017, 2018) and a fourth place medal in 2019.
Many have suggested that Jeanne is the face of Harmony…or Jeanne is Harmony…though as you can see, she has many faces, she would be the first to say that she learned at the knee of our founders. How awesome that she is aware of this recognition of her legacy and is so humbled by it.

To that we say, to you Jeanne, “Thank you for the music.”

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Some of these Qs are not like the others

We’re happy to announce that most Harmony Areas have opened their arms again this year, inviting mixed-gender quartets registered with the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association (MBHA) to participate on a space-available basis in this spring’s Area Conventions Contests.

Since 2018, Harmony, Inc. has partnered with MBHA to provide opportunities for mixed quartets to perform for score and evaluation at Area Conventions and Contests. The mixed quartets love participating in the madness of a Harmony AC&C, performing for the welcoming
Harmony audiences, learning in the eval sessions, and using the scores they earn to potentially qualify for an MBHA-sponsored Area Champion trophy and/or an invitation to represent Canada or the United States at the World Mixed Barbershop Quartet Contest hosted by Barbershop in Germany (BinG!) in Germany each even-numbered year.
The official voice of mixed-voice Barbershop harmony in North America since it’s founding in 2014, MBHA’s mission is to promote, encourage, and celebrate mixed voice Barbershop Harmony in North America. And we are proud and grateful that Harmony, Inc. has so generously agreed to lend an assist.
So, to the particulars: Areas 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 invite mixed quartets of any makeup – MWWW, MMWW, MMMW or any other combination of more than one gender – to experience the joy of a Harmony convention first hand and to be adjudicated at the participating AC&Cs.

For details on how to register with MBHA visit www.mixedbarbershop.org

For information on how to register for your particular Area contest, please direct questions to:

Area 1 – June Cousens, ([email protected])
Area 2 – Christina Tramack ([email protected])
Area 3 – Nicola Stevens ([email protected])
Area 5 – Debbie Gay ([email protected])
Area 6 –Trayce Elenteny ([email protected])

For information on dates and locations of these Area Convention & Contests (AC&Cs), visit the website at www.harmonyinc.org.
Be sure to visit our facebook page!

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
President of MBHA
[email protected]

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Harmony, Inc. could not survive without its dedicated volunteers! Please consider volunteering your time and talents to keep us moving forward. We currently have the following open positions:

After many years serving as Quartet Development Coordinator, Debi Stoll plans to retire this summer. We thank Debi for her many years of dedicated service to Harmony, Inc.! If you have a passion for quartetting and are looking for an opportunity to serve Harmony, Inc., this position is for you. The Quartet Development Coordinator processes quartet registrations, answers questions from quartets, and promotes quartetting in Harmony, Inc. She reports to the Director of Music Programs.

Public Relations Coordinator: Do you have experience in PR and Marketing? Then this position might be for you! The PR Coordinator helps identify and develop PR opportunities for Harmony, develops and updates PR materials, and assists with PR for IC&C. The PR Coordinator is a member of the Communications Team and reports to the Director of Communications.

Manual Chair: Do you have experience maintaining large manuals in a knowledge-based system or software such as Adobe InDesign or FrameMaker?  Do you have experience in a system that’s an even better fit? Then this position is for you! The Manual Chair keeps our corporate manual up to date to reflect procedural and policy changes made by the board. She reports to the Immediate Past President.

For more information, please contact me at [email protected].  If you are ready to apply, please fill out the online application.

Submitted by Donna Mckay
International President
[email protected]

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Sing Niagara Hosts Inter-Chapter Night

New friends from nearby Harmony Choruses, Classic Blend and Skyway Connection, joined Sing Niagara Women’s A Cappella Chorus for an Inter-Chapter event September 25. The ladies travelled from as far as Hamilton, Ontario – just 35 minutes north – to St. Catharines for a
wonderful evening of learning, laughter, and fun.

The night included playing games and learning tags (taught by the choruses’ directors) singing for each other, and of course, a group sing.

With three choruses blending their voices, boy, did we blow the roof off that rehearsal hall!

There was also time to get to know each other and to share stories over coffee and treats during the final portion of the evening. So much fun!  All agreed it was the “start of something great!”

Submitted by Mary Pagnotta
Chapter Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]

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Harmony Tomorrow…

Give to honor the past, invest in the future, and spread the joy of singing.

February 9-15 is Harmony Awareness Week. We all love harmony… and Harmony! What a great time to support our mission of “Empowering All Women Through Education, Friendship, and Singing.”

We’re excited to share our new 2020 fundraising campaign called HARMONY TOMORROW! Every dollar raised will help expand our youth outreach, spread our footprint across North America, bolster our Harmony. Stronger. initiatives, and support our future goals. Give because you want to share the joy. Give to honor our past. Give to invest in our future and spread the joy of singing. Share your enthusiasm with your chorus, your quartet, your family, and invite them to give, too.

Click HERE to make your donation to HARMONY TOMORROW or go to https://secure.givelively.org/donate/harmony-inc/harmony-tomorrow.
And don’t forget to share on social media!

With your support, Imagine the Possibilities!

Submitted by Your 2020 Fundraising Task Force
Donna McKay, International President, [email protected]
Jan DelVecchio, Director of Business Services, [email protected]
Gaye LaCasce, Area 6 Director, [email protected]
Donna Clarkson, VP Finance, [email protected]

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Another Year in Harmony

On February 15, 2020, documents and information will be distributed to all Chapter Presidents, Chapter Secretaries, Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Life Members. It is imperative all members use the most current forms (2020), as International dues will increase this year. Current forms will be available in the Members Only section of the website beginning February 15.

All members, regardless of the date they initially became members, will be required to renew by April 1. This includes new Chapter, Associate, and Affiliate members who joined between October 2019 and March 2020.

– Your renewal documents will be specific to your chapter. Please follow the instructions provided in your renewal notice.
– As part of your annual chapter renewal, you will update your incorporation date (if needed) and pay the chapter administrative fee.
– Area dues must be submitted along with International dues for all new and renewing members.
– If your chapter has a male director, you must renew his Affiliate membership and pay his Area dues.

– Your renewal documents will be specific to your Area and will include the correct Area dues amount. Please follow the instructions provided in your renewal notice.

Please call the corporate office or send an email with any questions. If you’d like assistance in completing the online form, contact Corporate Assistant Kelly Peterson at [email protected] to schedule a phone consultation.

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Area Contest Entry Forms & Deadlines Reminder

We are nearing the first entry deadline for this year’s Area Contests! Remember to get your forms and payment submitted by the deadline to avoid paying late fees. Contest entry forms are found on the Members Only page. The online forms are sent via email to your Area Contest & Judging Chair, so be sure to hit “Submit” once you’ve filled out the form, regardless of how you choose to pay.

Click here for a list of locations, dates, and deadlines.

As a reminder, all contestants who will perform in Harmony, Inc. contests must be members in good standing, which means that all Harmony, Inc. Corporate, Area and Chapter dues must be current as of April 1, 2020, in order to participate in contests.

Are you looking for information for your AC&C? Check out your Area’s website or Facebook page for information on All Events Passes, housing, and more!

Submitted by Kelly Peterson
Corporate Assistant
[email protected]

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Judge news!

Harmony, Inc. judges met late in January in not-too-cold New Hampshire for our annual Category Training School to hone our skills in anticipation of serving Harmony, Inc. at our contests this year. At the end of the school, we celebrated certification of three new judges.
Congratulations to Linda Briggs, our newest certified COJ; Fatima Whelan, our newest certified Performance Judge; and Amy Patterson,
our newest certified Singing Judge! Congratulations also to Angie Locke-Morton for advancing to Candidate status in the COJ category at the end of the school.

That’s the good news.
Sadly, we also had to accept Lauren Lindeman’s resignation from the judging program. She determined that health and family concerns were preventing her from participating as a judge at the level she demands of herself. This decision puts a cap on a long and distinguished judging
career. Lauren was among the first three judges ever certified in Harmony, Inc. In 1984, she was a pioneer (along with Nancy Foris and Barbara-Ann MacIntosh) in our nascent judging program, achieving certification in the Sound category at that time. Most recently, we have known her as a Music Judge. Over her 35 years of judging, she has held leadership positions in the program and has been a mentor to
many. We celebrate her service to Harmony, Inc.

Submitted by Kathy Greason
ICJ Chairman
[email protected]

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Area Director Election Results and Next Steps

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of the election for Area 1 and 3 Directors, each by acclamation:

Area 1 Director: Linda McMaster
Since joining, Linda has held many administrative roles including chapter president. She created and chaired the chapter strategic planning committee and annual member planning process. Since becoming Area 1 Director she has been involved in a number of new initiatives including streamlining the council administrative structure, creating a Music Directors Forum, planning for membership recruitment and youth integration, and developing a new website and newsletter. Prior to retirement she was a Strategic Advisor for the Federal and Provincial Government. She facilitated a number of strategic planning initiatives including a tri-party government and university collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada.

Area 3 Director: Sarah Thorne-Miller
Sarah has been a member of the Liberty Belles Chorus and Harmony, Inc. for five years. She served as Bass Section Leader, Show Co Chair, Performance Sales Co-Coordinator, Secretary and President, and currently serves as the Chorus Marketing Chair, Social Media Administrator, and Contest Chorus Manager. She joined the Area 3 Council as Education Co-Coordinator in late 2017. She also served as the U.S. Teller and Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Harmony, Inc. International Board of Directors for the two years she was Chorus President. Sarah is a planner and organizer, very detail-oriented, and prioritizes extremely well. Her educational background in broadcast journalism serves her well in her communication and organizational skills, as does her career as a legal assistant

Both Linda and Sarah will be assuming a two-year term as Area Director and International Board Member immediately following the 2020 International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in November.

Area 5 Director:  ???

Area 5 members have been notified of the election for their Area Director, and materials – including the link to electronic voting – have been distributed. The voting for the Area 5 Director will close on March 5, 2020.  All Area 5 members in good standing are encouraged to exercise their right to participate in this vote no later than the March 5 deadline.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Linda and Sarah, and to thank each of them for her willingness to serve her Area and Harmony, Inc. in this important way. It is indeed a great honor to serve on the International Board of an organization such as ours. The work will be both challenging and rewarding but is appreciated by all Harmony, Inc. members.

Submitted by Marie Ross
Nominating Committee Chair
[email protected]

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Membership Adventures: From Sea to Shining Sea

One of the three pillars of our strategic plan is Membership which includes Recruitment, Retention and Onboarding. Did you know that last year we experienced a seven percent increase in our membership? We had six new chapters. This year we are working with two prospective chapters in Illinois and Arizona as well as a potential new chapter in Quebec.

Wouldn’t it be great to see new chapters all across the USA and Canada? If you’ve got contacts is parts of the USA and Canada where there are yet to be Harmony, Inc chapters why not reach out to them and ask them to spread the word about our amazing organization? New recruitment material is in the works but in the meantime, there are links you can share with interested contacts:
– If people want to find out if there is a Harmony, Inc. chapter in their area they can check out Locate A Chapter on our website.
– If they are interested in starting their own chapter they can check out Start A Chapter.
–  If friends want to learn more about the history of Harmony, Inc. they can check out Our Rich History. Our website is full of information, history, and resources.

If you are new to Harmony, Inc. you may not know that we have different types of memberships. Learn about Associate Memberships, Affiliate Memberships and Life Memberships by clicking here.

Do you have ideas on how to attract youth to our organization? Have you already been successful in attracting youth and are willing to share your techniques with all of us? If so, please send me an email so I can compile a list of ideas to share with all our chapters. I can be reached at [email protected]

Submitted by Kim Meechan
Director of Membership

[email protected]

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Meet the Assistant: Kristin Gunasekera, Youth Programs Coordinator

Welcome to our newest assistant to the International Board of Directors, Kristin Gunasekera from Area 6!  Here are a few tidbits about Kristin.

How long have you been a member of Harmony, Inc.?
I have been a member of Harmony since 2008. I am the tenor section leader for Sisters of Sound, our music committee chairman, and I sing with the quartet In A Chord. I’m the Area 6 Convention Chairman, Area 6 Youth Coordinator, and founder and President of Unaccompanied Minors. I served as Sisters of Sound’s Vice President for one year and as their President for four years.

What would you like to accomplish as Youth Programs Coordinator?
As the Youth Coordinator, my goal is to be an advocate for and support to our current youth membership. In addition, I would like to help Harmony, Incorporated develop ways to expand our youth membership. I am the mother of five children, ages 10-16 years old. I sing with my two daughters, Scarlett and Daphne, and with my mother, Mary Ann Cantwell, in Sisters of Sound. My daughters have been members of Harmony, Inc. for seven years, since they were 6 and 8 years old, and it is their experiences that encouraged me to take a more active role with youth in Harmony.

Now for the really important question, pancakes or waffles?
I prefer waffles, but enjoy both.

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

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#HarmonyAwarenessWeek Is Around The Corner

February 9-15, 2020

Last issue, we shared some ideas on how you can celebrate all things Harmony during #HarmonyAwarenessWeek. Many chapters are already conducting guest nights and sharing the love of singing with an entirely new audience. Let’s keep that going by showing our communities why we’re #HarmonyStronger.

If you are close to another chapter, stop in and visit and share those pictures with us! We’d love to see (and hear) quartets singing in and around their communities. Who knows, your performance could be the next viral sensation!

Stay tuned for the launch of our #HarmonyAwarenessWeek Facebook frame as well as other Public Relations materials available to Harmony, Inc. members.

Tag your posts with the official hashtag as well as Harmony, Incorporated, tell a friend (or two) why you love singing, and fill up your social media feeds with all things barbershop!

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

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