Highlights from the Annual Meeting of the IBOD

The International Board of Directors held its board meetings prior to the contests in Sandusky, Ohio. Highlights of the meeting include: the elimination of the Silver Division Contest, changes to the International Chorus Contest, adjustments to various fees, a review of traditional Harmony practices with an eye toward sensitivity and inclusion, and a new initiative to exchange Harmony Queen performances with the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers at our respective international conventions.

International Chorus Contest: With the elimination of the Silver Division Contest, we have set a target number of 27 contestants for the International Chorus Contest, with invitations if needed to reach this target number. The qualifying score for the International Chorus Contest will remain at 792 (an average of 66). If the number of qualifying choruses who indicate their intention to compete is fewer than 27, the ICJ Chairman will invite choruses, in descending order of Area qualification score, to make up that number. Invited choruses must achieve a minimum Area qualifying score no lower than 768 (64 average) to be eligible for invitation.

International Chorus Trophy: Jeanne O’Connor has directed the Village Vocal Chords to a record-setting 18 gold medals. Earlier this year, the VVC has announced Jeanne’s retirement after the 2019 IC&C. To honor Jeanne’s extraordinary accomplishments, the International Board of Directors is excited to announce that the current championship chorus trophy will be retired following IC&C 2019 and a new
trophy, “The Jeanne O’Connor Championship Chorus Award,” will be presented to the championship chorus commencing with IC&C 2020.

Review of Fees: The board continues to remain focused on keeping dues and other fees as low as possible for our members while ensuring we cover corporate expenses, enhance the services provided, and achieve future goals. Significant time goes into processing registrations, contest entries, late renewals, etc., and it has been quite some time since we’ve increased these fees. Also, in comparing some of Harmony, Inc. fees with other barbershop organizations, they are extraordinarily low.
After our review, the following fees will be adjusted as follows in 2020:
Annual quartet registration – $20
Quartet contest entry for both AC&C and IC&C – $40
Chorus contest entry for both AC&C and IC&C – $65
Late membership renewal fee – $10

The pricing for big screen ads for IC&C has been adjusted and simplified. Moving forward there will be two categories:
Ads by Harmony member, including member-owned business(es) – $35
All other ads – $100

Membership Management Platform: We are researching several membership management platforms and hope to have a platform selected and in place soon. We plan to make it easier and more efficient for both Harmony, Inc. and our members to update member information, manage dues, etc.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Topics: The Equality & Diversity Committee (EDC) has done a great job raising awareness and encouraging dialogue about diversity and inclusion. As a result, members are feeling more comfortable sharing their feelings about topics that concern them.
– The committee has received concerns that Harmony Grace is a Christian song and, as such, not all members are comfortable singing it. Some members think Harmony Grace does not represent members who are non-religious or of other faiths; therefore, it does
not support the direction of Harmony, Inc. towards being inclusive. The board had a lengthy and thoughtful discussion about Harmony Grace. It was decided that we will explore options for a song that is secular and inclusive in scope. More information will be forthcoming as we explore options.
– The EDC has prepared an Area and Chapter Handbook that was presented to the IBOD. The handbook promotes and celebrates equality and diversity in our organization. Following discussion, it was decided that the Area Directors will share the handbook with their councils and chapter leaders and, ultimately, with the membership.
– Our Associate members will soon be receiving a survey from the EDC. This survey will be like the survey sent to chapter members earlier this year. Feedback from our Associate members will give us a baseline as we move forward with education and awareness of the issues about diversity and inclusion.
– Songs from the era of minstrel shows evoke racial and ethnic stereotypes that some consider offensive, today. These types of songs have no place in an organization that seeks to be truly inclusive. In reviewing the songs that are part of the Here’s Harmony Series in the members-only site, it was determined that four songs will be removed from the series since they evoke these racial stereotypes; Back in Dixie Again, Dixie Boy, Steamin’ Down the River, Welcome Back to Dixieland. The board will also confer with the Barbershop Harmony Society to make sure that an effort is made to identify and remove songs with insensitive, offensive lyrics.

Corporate Bylaws: We have been reviewing our corporate bylaws to simplify and bring them up to contemporary standards. The bylaws committee presented a draft of the updated bylaws, which will be shared with Quantum Governance as part of the review of our governance structure. Their findings will be provided to the IBOD at the mid-year meeting. When the updated bylaws are finalized, they will be sent to the entire membership for a vote later this year.

Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers: For many years, Harmony has enjoyed a close relationship with the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers. We are excited to share that we are planning an exchange of performers at our respective international conventions, beginning with a LABBS quartet attending our 2020 IC&C. We hope to send a past Harmony Queens quartet to LABBS in 2021. This exchange will be another way to strengthen our bond with LABBS.

Fund-Raising Task Force: A fund-raising task force was established by the International President just before IC&C to find a way to raise $5,000 at IC&C so that Harmony could receive a matching gift of $5,000 offered by an anonymous donor. The task force’s efforts resulted in donations totaling over $7,000 at IC&C. With the matching gift, the total donated to Harmony is over $12,000 that will be used for Youth
and Harmony. Stronger. initiatives.
Fund raising will allow Harmony to take advantage of opportunities that are already available to us, but which cannot be executed due to limited funds. The Fund-Raising Task Force will remain in place for 2020 to work on creating additional fund-raising
initiatives to support our strategic goals.

The complete version of the annual meeting minutes can be found here.

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]

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In Pursuit of Excellence

Area 6’s Hot Pursuit stole the Harmony, Inc. audience’s heart with their powerful rendition of Maybe this Time in the quartet finals, capturing the 2019 international quartet championship November 9 at Harmony, Inc’s 60th Anniversary Convention and Contests. A young quartet with a cumulative age under 110 years, the new Harmony Queens sang three arrangements by baritone Melody Hine and one by her father, renowned arranger and quartet champ Clay Hine.

Their accomplishment was even more significant as this was the contest debut for Maybe This Time, which garnered the highest performance scores of the contest and helped the quartet edge out silver medalist Take 4.

“One of the things we felt is that all four of us ended the song invested in the narrative,” said lead Tessa Walker. “All of us were on the exact same page, involved in what we were doing and what the audience was feeling. It was emotionally overwhelming, but great to be able to connect with people on that wavelength.”

The members of Hot Pursuit have strong musical roots. As music educators, coaches, teachers and even barbershop “brats,” their love of barbershop, and their newly found home in Harmony, Incorporated, is very clear. It was bass Candra Rice who wanted the quartet to go ‘home’ to Harmony, Inc. noted Hine. “We’ve competed in the past, but wanted to do more (as a quartet). Candra asked how would we feel if we (entered) an HI contest.” The rest, as they say, is musical history.

The quartet contest at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio, featured 32 quartets from the U.S. and Canada. The medalists are:
1. Hot Pursuit (Area 6) – 2933/81.5%
2. Take 4 (Area 4) – 2904/80.7%
3. Fierce (Area 4) – 2846/79.1%
4. Swing Theory (Area 5) – 2807/78%
5. New Q (Area 2) – 2770/76.9%

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Nominees for 2020 IBOD

The purpose of this communication is to seek nominations for Board Directors and Area Directors to the International Board of Directors. In 2020, nominations will be for:
Board Directors (4)
Area 1 Director
Area 3 Director
Area 5 Director

Newly-elected International Board Members begin their term with the Annual Meeting following the election, held in the Fall. Serving on the International Board is a privilege we hope many of you will want to experience.

– Be a regular or associate member of Harmony, Inc. for at least five (5) years.
– Have previous administrative experience such as serving as an Officer on a Chapter Board of Directors, Area Council or other similar organization.
– Possess good verbal and written communication skills.
– Have daily access to a computer and the computer skills to communicate by email and to compose reports.
– Be able to work independently, manage time effectively to meet deadlines with good problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
– Be available to attend at least two out-of-town meetings each year (duration of meetings 3 – 4 days each), at which time International Board Members & Area Directors are required to participate in daily meetings, approximately 8 – 9 hours in duration.
– Have a valid passport enabling international travel. The cost of this travel to be covered by Harmony, Inc.

Other Helpful Skills 
– Business Management experience and/or the ability to analyze, understand and produce financial reports.

This year the nomination has been broken into two online forms, HAR-034 Part 1 is the Nomination Form and HAR- 034 Part 2 is the Application. Both forms can be found on the Harmony, Inc. website under Forms/Documents in the members-only section.

Nomination forms (HAR 034 Parts 1 & 2) for 2020 Elections must be returned to the Nominating Committee Chair and Corporate Office no later than January 15, 2020. As the forms are online, once completed and submitted the digital information will transmit directly to the Nominating Committee Chair and Corporate Office.
Please be sure that all members of your chorus receive this information in sufficient time to meet the deadline. Share by e-mail, add to your Chapter bulletin and announce this at your Chapter meetings. Encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming part of the administrative team that will move our organization into the future.

Board Directors
Board Directors will be expected to perform a variety of functions and must be flexible with the time and desire to take on extra duties.

Duties of an Area Director
An Area Director’s primary responsibility is to represent her Area at International Board Meetings. She will plan and chair two Area Council
Meetings each year at a location central to the membership in her Area, to keep in touch with the interests, concerns, and needs of the Area, and to create programs to help the Area. The balance of her work can be done at home and involves keeping in touch with the chapters in her Area, offering advice and assistance, and visiting Area chapters when the need arises.

Attendance at Board Meetings
All International Board Members are required to attend two International Board Meetings per year – one (Annual Meeting) requiring early arrival at International Convention and Contests (usually Sunday) in the fall and the other (Mid-Year Meeting) approximately four days in the middle of May or June held in a city to be determined by the incoming Board of Directors.

Newly-elected International Board Members are expected to join the Standing Board at the end-of-year Board Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting. This has proven to be an invaluable way to get acquainted with the work and what will be required of them
coming into their elected position.

Please remember the deadline for nominations – no later than January 15, 2020!

Harmony, Inc. will only continue to grow and flourish if willing members give a little of their time and effort to make it happen. Allow your name to stand for election…it will be deeply appreciated by all Harmony, Inc. members.

Submitted by 
Marie Ross – Chair
Trinda Ernst – Canadian Teller
Michelle Buckenmeyer – U.S. Teller
[email protected]

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Harmony, Inc. celebrates 60 years

If you think the last 60 years were exciting, wait ‘til you see what’s coming next!

President Donna McKay presented an inspirational look ahead to what’s in store for Harmony, Inc. over the next five years as we implement our strategic plan, Harmony. Stronger. In her crystal ball she saw more members, more chapters, more education, more communication, greater accomplishments and a larger footprint across North America.

Harmony has established a strong culture of accomplished leadership at all levels. The newly installed International Board of Directors and Assistants will boldly lead us into an exciting future. The traditional candle-light ceremony marked the transition from the leadership of yesterday to the leadership of tomorrow. It concluded with an emotional rendition by all present of What a Dream Can Do, “Our Voices One in song, together proud and strong . . .” then a mad dash to the Anniversary party where all indulged in generous helpings (or two . . . or more . . .) of scrumptious cakes and raised their voices, as Harmony members always do whenever they meet, in celebratory song.

Submitted by Roxanne Powell
Editor, e-note
[email protected]

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i-Give and AmazonSmile

If you are an on-line shopper, consider signing up for i-Give or AmazonSmile: Both organizations donate a percentage of all your purchases to Harmony, Inc. Both Canadian and American members can sign up for i-Give. It’s easy! Once you have set up an account, you begin your on-line shopping trip by logging into i-Give where over 2,000 stores are listed. When you purchase from one of those stores, a percentage of your purchase is automatically donated to Harmony, Inc. For convenience, you can link a store website to your i-Give account so that you can log into the store directly. For more information and/or to sign up, go to www.i-Give.com

If you are a U.S. member of Harmony, Inc. you can also choose to sign up with AmazonSmile using this link smile.amazon.com/ch/05-6017767. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon that you shop now: same products, same prices, and same service.

Support Harmony,
Inc. by shopping at i-Give or smile.amazon.com

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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Harmony Members Donate

At the 2019 International Convention & Contests Opening Ceremony in Sandusky, Ohio, I shared exciting news about donations. An anonymous donor offered to provide a matching gift of up to $5,000 based on the donations we could collect in the four days of IC&C.

Donors used several methods: text-to-donate, our website, or by placing cash in the buckets. WOW, did you all come through!

I am thrilled to report that Harmony members and supporters donated over $7,000 in just four days! That means that Harmony also received the matching gift of $5,000, making the grand total over $12,000 that will be used to support our Youth Members and our Harmony. Stronger. initiatives! This money will go a long way toward achieving our future goals.

If you haven’t donated yet, or you’d like to donate more, you can still do so by texting the word Harmony60 to the number 44-321 (US phones only), or by going to the Harmony, Inc. website and clicking on the green “Donate” button on our home page.

THANK YOU for your support of this fundraising initiative! You make me beyond proud to be a member of this amazing organization!

Submitted by Donna McKay
International President
[email protected]

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What Is Sing Canada Harmony?

Sing Canada Harmony Scholarship Fund (SCH) is a Canadian registered charity that partners with Harmony, Incorporated to support the Directors First initiative. In addition, SCH provides individual and group scholarships to eligible Canadian residents who need financial assistance to further their vocal musical education, whether at Harmony University, an Area Education Day, in a school or college, or in the community. In its 10 years as a registered charity, the foundation has awarded more than $750,000 through the generous donations of individuals, quartets and other barbershop groups associated with the Barbershop Harmony Society, Harmony, Incorporated and Sweet Adelines International.

Deadlines for scholarship applications are December 1st, March 1st, June 1st and September 1st and forms can be accessed online at singcanadaharmony.ca. Applicants need a reference, which can be given by the chapter liaison and others. For more information about the opportunity to serve as your chapter liaison, please contact the undersigned SCH Board members.

SCH accepts donations online through Canada Helps or by cheque. There is a DONATE button on the web site. In this season of giving, please consider recognizing a friend or family member who has asked that you not buy a gift this year, whether for the holidays or for a birthday or anniversary or other special occasion. Perhaps you are that person who wants to de-clutter at home and appreciates a creative gift. It is easy to let your friends and family members know they can make a tribute gift in your honour (yes, we are Canadian) and get a tax receipt. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone further their vocal music education. Unlike many charities, SCH operates with volunteers, so administrative expenses are minimal.

Submitted by
Trinda Ernst, past International President 2004-2006 ([email protected])
Patricia Cassidy, past Area 5 Director ([email protected])

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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

It’s hard to believe another IC&C has come and gone! To all our members, families and friends who volunteered in Sandusky: Thank you! Thank you for all the time you gave to make our convention a success ̶ we couldn’t do it without your help. Eighty-four volunteers gave over 400 hours of their time working the backstage pattern, the Hospitality Room, education classes, doors, selling tickets and generally doing anything that was asked of them.

Special recognition goes to Sandy Lorenz, Nicola Stevens, Barb Hodges, JJ Piccolotto and Linda Brehaut, whose combined volunteer hours totaled 92 hours! Yet even the volunteer who gave a half hour helping at the Showcase or an hour manning the Harmony Sales Table provided crucial help for a smooth-running convention.

For those of you who volunteered this year, I hope to see you all in Louisville – and if you haven’t experienced the fun of being a volunteer, consider giving it a try next year.

Submitted by Anne Leinen
Convention Volunteer Manager
[email protected]

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A Record-Breaking IC&C!

1008 AEPs – plus an additional 270 tickets sold at the door, 783 dinners, 849 people attending 25 education classes, 84 volunteers logging over 410 hours, 31 competing quartets and 25 competing choruses. 2019 IC&C was definitely a record-breaking event in many ways!

With a score of 83.7% (1507) A Cappella Showcase took home their third gold medal with the second highest chorus score ever. Runners-up Northern Blend finished just 7 points behind with an 83.3% (1500). It was the first time Harmony, Inc. saw not one, but two scores above an 83% in the same contest. The quartet finals were just as exciting with four of the top five winners being brand new Harmony Inc. quartets! Hot Pursuit was named the 2019 Harmony Queens, scoring an 81.5%. Take 4 took home the silver medal for a second year in a row with a score of 80.7%. Fierce (79.1%), Swing Theory (78.0%), and NewQ (76.9%) received the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place medals. Congratulations to everyone who crossed the stage and to our award winners.

Congratulations also to Ellen Messer with Atlanta Harmony Celebration! Chorus who was selected in our random drawing at the opening ceremony and won a two-night stay at the Kalahari and Bobbie Wallsmith with Harmony Magic Chorus who was our Sing-O winner
and received a free AEP for IC&C 2020 in Louisville!

We hope you enjoyed all of the new experiences at this year’s convention; message board, selfie station, Quartet celebration room, two big screens and live action video feeds in the ballroom and more! We hope to continue to improve the attendee experience and welcome any feedback or suggestions! Just send an email to [email protected]

A final thank-you to the convention team, volunteers, COJ and panel, IBOD, Anniversary Committee, vendors, AHQ, Education team, IC&C Planning Committee, Area Table Decorating teams and so many more who made this year’s event such a success!

IC&C 2020
And now – on to 2020! Next year we are traveling to Louisville, KY to the Galt House: November 4-8, 2020. Now is your chance to explore the Bourbon Capital of the world! Watch this video for a glimpse of all this great city has to offer. Make plans now to be at the opening ceremonies on Wednesday night. One lucky attendee will win a two night’s stay at the Galt House.

We are already working on improvements for next year and are in the process of updating the website and FAQs so you will have all the information you need right at your fingertips. We’ll let you know when it becomes available and when you can start booking hotel rooms. In the meantime, pre-registration for 2020 (reserved seating for Quartet and Chorus contests) is available until March 1 or until 200 seats are sold whichever comes first. The cost is $132 US or $174 CAD.

We will be using the Harmony Chat Facebook group again to keep everyone up to date. If you have not joined that group yet – we encourage you to do so and stay in the know!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season to all of you from the Convention Team. See you next year in Louisville!

Submitted by Allison Thompson
Convention Manager
[email protected]

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IC&C Big Screen Ads

Thanks to all the members and member businesses who purchased Big Screen Ads for IC&C 2019. It is great to see those smiling faces and warm wishes on the screen between contestants. Watch for changes coming for IC&C 2020.

Apologies to the following members whose ads somehow vanished into the ether:

Queen Anne Recordings (Anne Bureau); Professional Learning Tracks

Big Bang Promotional Products (Jill Reid); Promotional Pens, Notebooks, Apparel

Submitted by Jan DelVecchio
Director of Business Services
[email protected]

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A Cappella Showcase takes home GOLD

A powerful performance featuring a spirited and crowd-pleasing uptune led Milton, Ontario’s A Cappella Showcase chorus to the Harmony, Incorporated 2019 international chorus championship on Friday, November 8, 2019 in Sandusky, Ohio. The 68-member chorus opened their set with the haunting ballad, On My Own, from Les Miserables, then segued into their high-energy uptune, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes. The result: a standing ovation and a fourth international championship.  It was an exciting chorus contest overall, with ACS’ 83.7 score the second-highest in the history of the Harmony, Incorporated chorus contest, edging out second place Northern Blend Chorus, who scored an 83.3.

“Going into contest, we were interested in ‘beating’ ourselves and how we would could improve our score (from Area 5 contest),” remarked A Cappella Showcase director Jordan Travis. “Our mantra this year was ‘choose to be amazing’ and we focused on what those choices meant for each of us.”

A Cappella Showcase delighted the audience and brought a fun twist to the already-popular “Thousand Eyes” during the Championship Showcase performance, with the chorus and choreographer Liz Travis showing director Travis that they were in charge and keeping an eye on him. “We had planned this twist, and we’re excited it had the desired effect,” Jordan Travis stated.

In this contest, more choruses achieved or moved closer to A-level performances than in years past. “We (Harmony) broke through a massive barrier,” noted Travis, “which shows the whole organization is moving forward.”

Just shy of 700 contestants representing the U.S. and Canada competed at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio. The medalists were:
A Cappella Showcase (Area 5/Milton, Ontario) – 1507 points/83.7%
Northern Blend Chorus (Area 3/Watertown, New York) – 1500 points/83.3%
Sounds of the Seacoast (Area 2/Portsmouth, New Hampshire) – 1413 points/78.5%
Village Vocal Chords (Area 4/Metro Chicago, Illinois) – 1411 points/78.4%
Atlanta Harmony Celebration! (Area 6/Buford, Georgia) – 1370 points/76.1%

Submitted by Anita Prather Harvell
Social Media Coordinator

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to the Coastal Voices Chorus who chartered as a new Area 6 Harmony, Inc. Chapter on October 2, 2019!

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Perfect Your Pitch with Aged to Perfection

On November 23, 2019, Silk’n Sounds Chorus is hosting a youth outreach workshop for female singers age 13 and up: “Perfect Your Pitch with Aged to Perfection” featuring Harmony International’s First Place Quartet! Come ring some chords with mother and daughter singers and friends at an inter-generational a cappella workshop from 10:00am-4:00pm at North Haven High School, North Haven, CT. This interactive singing workshop will culminate in a public performance at 3:00pm featuring “Aged to Perfection”, Silk’n Sounds and workshop participants. Tickets are $10 for participants (additional family members are $5) and tickets for the performance are $10 for non-participants. To preregister, contact Cathy Gobes at [email protected]. Go to http://www.silknsounds.org for chorus information.

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Capital Chordettes welcome new director

The Chordettes have a new director! The Capital Chordettes are thrilled to announce that Denis Laflamme has accepted the position of Music Director for the Capital Chordettes effective May 26, 2019. Denis brings a wealth of barbershop skill and knowledge along with vision and an incredible energy that is amazing and contagious.

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to Scarborough Harmony Chorus who chartered as a new Area 5 Harmony, Inc. chapter on March 20, 2019!

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to Lake Ridge Legacy Chorus who chartered as a new Area 4 Harmony, Inc. chapter on March 13, 2019!

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to Panama City A Cappella who chartered as a new Area 6 Harmony, Inc. chapter on March 10, 2019!

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to St. Louis Vocal Project who chartered as a new Area 4 Harmony, Inc. chapter on March 8, 2020!

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New Chapter!

Congratulations to Rhythm of New Hampshire Show Chorus who chartered as a new Area 2 Harmony, Inc. chapter on October 10th.

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Nine Harmony Directors Attend HU

Nine Harmony directors attended Harmony University last week courtesy of the hundreds of donors to the Directors First initiative in the U.S. and Sing Canada Harmony. They were immersed in a week-long learning experience where they expanded their knowledge and raised their skills to new heights, to better serve their home chapters.

First Class of Directors First – (clockwise from back left) Bonnie-Sue Bonell-Dowdall, Baytones Harmony; Susanna Kember, ScotianAires; Sara Stone, Covered Bridge Harmony; Wendy Arnold, Toronto Accolades; Christina Tramack (inset), New England Voices in Harmony; Janice Westphal, Sound Celebration; Randy Parish-Bell, California Note Catchers; Pam Ringo, Bluegrass Harmony; Nancy Oliver, Harmony Falls

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The VVCs Celebrate Harmony Awareness Week

The Village Vocal Chords celebrated Harmony Awareness week by inviting a new co-ed chorus, Take Note, to our rehearsal. We sang to Take Note, they sang to us, and we all sang a tag together. A good time was had by all. The VVC will be joining Take Note on stage on April 8th for the ‘You Raise Me Up’ concert to benefit the Special Olympics of Illinois.

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Three HI Judges Complete BHS Judges Candidate School

For the first time EVER, the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) has invited women to seek certification in their judging program. Three Harmony, Inc.-Certified Judges applied to this new program, were accepted, invited to attend, and successfully completed the recent 2017 BHS Judges’ Candidate School.

Please join me in congratulating Linda Muise (Chairman of Judges/Contest Administrator), Theresa Weatherbee (Performance), and Sandi Wright (Performance) who are three of the eight women who are part of this historic first class of candidates to include women candidates in the BHS judging program. Linda, Theresa and Sandi — we are SO PROUD of you and look forward to your continued journey in this program.

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Putting Directors First

In 2017, Harmony, Inc. is going to show the world just how important our musical directors are to our organization. The Directors First program is off to a powerful start and we have the opportunity to now kick it into high gear. Our goal is to send 12 directors or musical leaders to Harmony University in July. Our fundraising window is limited in our first year out of the gates—we must act swiftly to secure the funds to send the first 12 Harmony, Inc. reps this summer! Then, of course, we’ll have a whole year to earn the funds we need to send next year’s crop of 12 directors. At the end of the five-year campaign, we’ll have sent one director or musical leader from EACH CHAPTER to Harmony University for a world-class barbershop education. This campaign is going to make your director better, make your chorus better, and make the weekly experience on your risers better. We all chip in and we all benefit. Watch the videoLearn about the programOrganize your donation. Watch Harmony, Inc. grow and flourish. This year is the year we are going to put Harmony, Inc.’s directors first!

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Putting Directors First

In 2017, Harmony, Inc. is going to show the world just how important our musical directors are to our organization. The Directors First program is off to a powerful start and we have the opportunity to now kick it into high gear. Our goal is to send 12 directors or musical leaders to Harmony University in July. Our fundraising window is limited in our first year out of the gates—we must act swiftly to secure the funds to send the first 12 Harmony, Inc. reps this summer! Then, of course, we’ll have a whole year to earn the funds we need to send next year’s crop of 12 directors. At the end of the five-year campaign, we’ll have sent one director or musical leader from EACH CHAPTER to Harmony University for a world-class barbershop education. This campaign is going to make your director better, make your chorus better, and make the weekly experience on your risers better. We all chip in and we all benefit. Watch the videoLearn about the programOrganize your donation. Watch Harmony, Inc. grow and flourish. This year is the year we are going to put Harmony, Inc.’s directors first!

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