Canadian Members, follow this link to Sing Canada Harmony’s scholarship application.
Please note that while the application highlights several options for your letter of recommendation, the Directors First program specifically requires a letter from your chapter leadership. Please see the requirements below. Also, please note on your application that you are seeking a Directors First scholarship.

U.S. members, fill out this application.
Please note that you must have your chapter leadership submit a letter of recommendation endorsing your application no later than January 31st. Please see the requirements below.

Please review the guidelines of eligibility, deadlines, background, and requirements.

In applying for this scholarship, you acknowledge:

  • The scholarship covers your registration, room, and board to Harmony University. You will be responsible for your travel and other expenses surrounding your trip to Nashville, Tenn.
  • Each chapter in Harmony, Inc. will send only one representative during the multi-year duration of the Directors First program. Thus, we are asking for chapter leadership acknowledgement that you are the musical leader they would like to send using their scholarship entitlement. Please have your chapter representative submit a simple letter of recommendation to [email protected] AND [email protected], noting in the subject line that the recommendation is for the DIRECTORS FIRST SCHOLARSHIP. Your application will be considered incomplete without it.
  • You will be asked to confirm your participation in mid-April. In the event that you cannot accept your offer for a scholarship, you will not be prevented from applying and receiving a scholarship in future years.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] for more information.