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The following are common questions that are asked of our members by women interested in joining Harmony, Inc. 

If you don't see your question / answer below, please feel free to email us and someone will get back in touch with you just as soon as possible.

What does AC&C and IC&C stand for? 

AC&C stands for Area Contest & Convention and IC&C stands for International Contest & Convention. 

How do I know which part I should sing? 

Typically when you visit  chorus they will go over the different voice parts with you and determine which part would best suit your range. Click  here  for an overview of the different voice parts. 

I don't read music, how can I learn my part? 

Many choruses have members who don't read music. Although each chorus is different, often times they will provide learning tapes / CDs with part predominant tracks to help you to learn your part. In addition, it is customary for choruses to build section rehearsals into their schedule. 

Why are there two women's singing organizations? 

Harmony, Inc. was formed in 1959 when approximately 150 women broke away from Sweet Adelines International to form a new women's barbershop organization with a focus on democratic principles and proper lines of communication between its members. Although the two organizations create wonderful music and friendships, Harmony, Inc.'s musical focus mirrors the men's Barbershop Harmony Society in song selection, performance and competition standards. 

What happens when someone has to take off for a few weeks for business travel or someone is sick and needs to be out for a bit? 

Each chapter handles time off or leave of absences differently. You would need to check with your chapter to understand their policy for missed rehearsals. 

What type of commitment is involved? 

Every chapter is different but most rehearse on a weekly basis and do a variety of performances throughout the year. Although not all chapters participate at the contest level, Harmony, Inc. does have two contest periods each year - Area or regional-based contests in the spring and an International contest in the fall.

How much travel is involved? 

Travel depends on the chapter's performance / contest schedule. Most performances take place locally within the community of the chapter. Contest varies in location every year. 

Do we have to go to contest? 

It is not a Harmony, Inc. requirement for a chapter to attend contest every year. Individual participation depends entirely on a specific chapter. 

What is the total cost commitment? 

Most chapters have monthly dues and that amount varies by chapter. Harmony,Inc. has an annual dues which is often absorbed into the chapter's monthly dues (so you don't have to pay dues twice). You would need to check with your local chapter to find out their specific dues schedule.