For the Love of Harmony

From Capital Chordettes

 in Memory of former member Cheryl Miller

In Memory of Rita Olscamp

From Island A Cappella, Area 1

In Memory of Daphne Meagher,

Charter Member, Past Area 6 Director.

From Atlanta Harmony Celebration!, Area 6

From Sue Kellison with thanks to

the Convention Team


In Memory of Bill Jackson, husband of

Area 6 Director, Carol Jackson

From Harmony Sound Waves, Area 6

From Area 2 with thanks to the

Judging Panel for AC&C


From Covered Bridge Harmony

in Memory of Kathi Hornbeck

With thanks to Change of Heart for their help with the Find Your Voice event in Tennessee.

From Area 6

JUNE 2017

In loving memory of former member

Shirley Crossman

From Joan Fontaine

In Memory of Danny Beaton,

husband of Nancy Bulger Beaton
From Island A Cappella, Area 1

JULY 2017

With thanks to the Judging


From Area 5

APRIL 2017


From Sharon Gilbert for FUSION with thanks for their gift of Harmony

From Sandee Luster, in memory of

Terry Ritter, Past International President


From Silvern Voices with thanks to Jeanne O'Connor for the long distance coaching

Harmony, Inc.

International Organization of Women Barbershop Singers

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In Memory of Bill Jackson

From Area 6

MAY 2017

With thanks to Coach, Kathy Greason

From Sea Belles, Area 1

From Joan Fontaine (Area 3), in loving memory of her son Michael Chevalier

From Crystal Chords for Jeanne O’Connor, in appreciation for sharing her great talent.

With thanks to the Judging Panel
for AC&C 2017

From Area 2

In loving memory of Leanne Hoelke

From Classic Blend

With thanks to the Judging Panel

for AC&C 2017

From Area 6

In Memory of Brian Curley, brother of member Isabella Christian

From Island A Cappella, Area 1


From Northern Blend with thanks to

Ig Jacovak and Anne Bureau

From Shirahz with thanks to Ken Fisher


To Ellyn and Harry Hakomaki in celebration

of their 50th Anniversary

From Bev and Bill Jackson