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Area 1 makes the news

June 2, 2017
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dropped in on Area 1’s AC&C –
Here's what they had to say.

Nine Harmony directors attended Harmony University

August 1, 2017
Nine Harmony directors attended Harmony University last week courtesy of the hundreds of donors to the Directors First initiative in the U.S. and Sing Canada Harmony. They were immersed in a week-long learning experience where they expanded their knowledge and raised their skills to new heights, to better serve their home chapters.  To read more, click

DIRECTORS FIRST CLASS ONE – (clockwise from back left) Bonnie-Sue Bonell-Dowdall, Baytones Harmony; Susanna Kember, ScotianAires; Sara Stone, Covered Bridge Harmony; Wendy Arnold, Toronto Accolades; Christina Tramack (inset), New England Voices in Harmony; Janice Westphal, Sound Celebration; Randy Parish-Bell, California Note Catchers; Pam Ringo, Bluegrass Harmony; Nancy Oliver, Harmony Falls are the leading edge of Harmony, Inc.’s five-year initiative to send a musical leader from each Harmony chapter to Harmony University on scholarship.

The Village Vocal Chords celebrate Harmony Awareness Week

February 28, 2017
The Village Vocal Chords celebrated Harmony Awareness week by inviting a new co-ed chorus, Take Note, to our rehearsal. We sang to Take Note, they sang to us, and we all sang a tag together. A good time was had by all. The VVC will be joining Take Note on stage on April 8th for the 'You Raise Me Up' concert to benefit the Special Olympics of Illinois.

Atlantic Provinces gains its first Harmony, Inc. Singing Judge in six years

January 26, 2017
Sue Kember, director of Atlantic Barbershop Champions The ScotianAires Chorus, has been certified as a Singing Category Judge with international barbershop organization Harmony, Inc. at its Category Training School held in January 2017 at Greenfield NH. Harmony, Inc. trains candidates for certification in four categories: Singing, Music, Performance, and Chairman of Judges. In the Atlantic Provinces, which comprise Area 1 in Harmony, Inc., there are currently two Performance Candidates (ScotianAires members Jill Reid and Fatima Whelan) and one Performance Judge (Theresa Weatherbee). Sue’s certification now gives the Atlantic Provinces its first Harmony, Inc. certified Singing Judge in six years.To read more, click

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Putting Directors First in 2017

Christina Lewellen, International President

February 2, 2017
In 2017, Harmony, Inc. is going to show the world just how important our musical directors are to our organization. The Directors First program is off to a powerful start and we have the opportunity to now kick it into high gear. Our goal is to send 12 directors or musical leaders to Harmony University in July. Our fundraising window is limited in our first year out of the gates—we must act swiftly to secure the funds to send the first 12 Harmony, Inc. reps this summer! Then, of course, we’ll have a whole year to earn the funds we need to send next year’s crop of 12 directors. At the end of the five-year campaign, we’ll have sent one director or musical leader from EACH CHAPTER to Harmony University for a world-class barbershop education. This campaign is going to make your director better, make your chorus better, and make the weekly experience on your risers better. We all chip in and we all benefit.
Watch the video. Learn about the program. Organize your donation. Watch Harmony, Inc. grow and flourish. This year is the year we are going to put Harmony, Inc.’s directors first!

Three Harmony, Inc.-Certified Judges successfully completed the 2017 BHS Judges' Candidate School.

August 1, 2017
For the first time EVER, the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) has invited women to seek certification in their judging program.  Three Harmony, Inc.-Certified Judges applied to this new program, were accepted, invited to attend, and successfully completed the recent 2017 BHS Judges' Candidate School.  Please join me in congratulating Linda Muise (Chairman of Judges/Contest Administrator), Theresa Weatherbee (Performance) and Sandi Wright (Performance) who are three of the eight women who are part of this historic first class of candidates to include women candidates in the BHS judging program.  Linda, Theresa and Sandi -- we are SO PROUD of you and look forward to your continued journey in this program. [This article was written by Jacquie Jensen, ICJC]