Laura Oakes
Director of Marketing and Communications

I am such a nosey person! I’m the one you will find poking around asking a bunch of questions. I love to learn other people’s story. You know, that story of “us” we all have inside? I just need to know why? How? And when?  I’m curious as to what exactly it is that makes you tick and how do I scoop up some of that positive energy you are putting out? I guess that is what initially guided me towards Marketing and Communications. I want to convey that story, tell others the best part and let them know how they can get their giant helping of positivity. 
Northern Blend is the chorus that brought me to Harmony, Inc twelve years ago. Talk about an abundance of positivity! I couldn’t have chosen a better chorus to learn about this amazing organization and our sisterhood. 
I’m so very pleased to be able to share my need to inform by serving on the IBOD for Harmony, Inc. as the new Director of Marketing and Communications. Although I am new to the IBOD and learning the ways of Harmony, Inc. on a whole new level, I am not new to working within the machinery of a non-profit organization. I have served on Board of Directors in all positions for local community theater and arts organizations and have cut my marketing and communications teeth by working as a graphic illustrator, publicity assistant and webmaster for 15 years prior to retirement. I am a creative being and a self-taught artist currently mastering work through encaustic painting.
It is my goal, in my IBOD Director position, to ensure that our membership easily has the information needed to enjoy their affiliation with Harmony, Inc. and to spread the word to garner new and prospective members. I have an amazing team of Assistants and the mentorship of my predecessor, Mary Ann Wert, who have that same goal.
If you have a project or information and need assistance in dissemination to the Harmony, Inc. membership, please use form HAR-132 Submit Communications Item, This form can be found in the Members Only section of the website under the Links to Forms tab. This is the most efficient and preferred way to request Communications and Marketing for things such as website updates, E-note submissions, member-wide information distribution, new marketing items, etc.
Together, the Marketing and Communications Team will seek out the story, convey the information and promote all of the best that Harmony, Inc. has to offer. I guess being nosey has its place, especially once you have the information, that story of music, love and friendship must be shared.