Bootcamp Assistance

Harmony, Inc. offers reimbursement to Leaders including Musical Leaders attending educational opportunities 

To encourage the development of leadership and musical skills, Harmony, Inc. assists with the reimbursement of tuition expenses through the Bootcamp Assistance Service.

  1. Expenses incurred by a Harmony, Inc. member in attending a Harmony Inc. or Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) Educational Event are eligible for reimbursement as indicated below.
    • To receive expense reimbursement, you must complete and submit the Bootcamp Assistance Request and Report (BARR) following the session.
    • The BARR must be signed by the member’s chapter president or director at the conclusion of the bootcamp session, and emailed to Chorus Director Development Coordinator who will endorse and forward to the Executive Assistant, Finance for payment.
    • The maximum reimbursement per bootcamp session will be $100 USD.
    • Reimbursement is limited to one (1) bootcamp session per chorus per year. There is a maximum of 30 $100 USD disbursements available and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis as they are received by the Chorus Director Development Coordinator.
    • A partial list of 2017-2018 Leadership Academy and Harmony College dates, locations and costs may be found here.
  2. To attend schools not part of Harmony Inc. or on the BHS list, please check with the Chorus Director Development Coordinator (CCDC) for authorization BEFORE YOU GO. The BARR will be required at completion for reimbursement.
  3. If your chorus would like to get together with other local choruses and have a separate Executive or Director Development session this is a possibility. Please discuss your plan and submit an email proposal to the Chorus Director Development Coordinator for approval. Funds could be made available at $100.00 USD per chorus participating in the session. The BARR will be required at completion for reimbursement.
Harmony, Inc.