Welcome to our collection of tutorials, speeches, and classes given specific to our Barbershop style. These videos are all publicly available on YouTube as well.

Harmony's HIVE is also available. The schedule of upcoming classes is below, or Harmony, Inc. members can also watch recorded sessions by clicking the image below.

Grow It or Die - A Round-Table on Membership Recruitment with Anne Bureau and Ig JakovacJune 3 at 7pm ESTEvery Chapter has attrition. People move, no longer have time, retire, die, etc..  Just replacing those loses isn’t enough to maintain a healthy chapter. We’ll discuss recruiting strategies, marketing plans, ways to attract and keep members, now and as we move into the future and how that is all tied into the Who We Are and What We Do. Register here.
Success with Young Women Singers by Tony SparksJune 6 at 2pm ESTShare in the Lessons Learned from directing, mentoring, and coaching spirited groups of young women (all under age 30). Understand their desires, fears, priorities, strengths, and challenges. Prepare yourself to be more successful in dealing with them and helping them become the most successful singers and team players they can be.

Although all ages are welcome, this course is specifically geared toward ‘non- youth’ (age 40+) chorus directors, coaches, and singing mates of young women. Register here.
Bring the Lyrics to Life with Gene SpilkerJune 9 at 7pm ESTThis class will help you discover the reasons why composers and arrangers make the word choices they do and empower you the singer to make artistic decisions to create natural and effective performance plans. Register here.
Captivating Rehearsals on Zoom with Jordan TravisJune 11 at 7pm ESTThrough collaboration and innovation, learn how to create varied and interesting rehearsals in-person and online to help grow musicianship, performance, membership, and FUN! This presentation is perfect for Musical Directors, Assistant Directors, Section Leaders, Performance Coaches, and other artistic leadership roles - or anyone who is interested in learning and growing in this way! Register here.

Music Category

The Music Category with Steve Tramack, David Wright, Kirk Young, and Kevin Keller.

In this master class style presentation, Music Category experts Steve Tramack, Dr. David Wright, Kirk Young, and Kevin Keller provide a deep dive discussion of the Music Category. The Alexandria Harmonizers, under the direction of Joe Cerutti, provide live examples.

Singing Category

The Singing Category with Jay Butterfield, Richard Lewellen, Tony Colosimo, Drew Wheaton, Matt Gifford, and Steve Scott

In this master class style presentation, Singing Category experts Jay Butterfield, Richard Lewellen, Tony Colosimo, Drew Wheaton, Matt Gifford, and Steve Scott provide a deep dive discussion of the Music Category.


Copyright 101 with Janice Bane (BHS Copyright & Licensing Manager) and Scott Harris (BHS Arranger & Repertoire Manager)

Please note that these instructions are for our American chapters. Canadian chapters and members have different rules when it comes to learning tracks. Please contact CMRRA for more information.

Grant Basics 101 with Ashley Torroll and Ashley Brown

In addition to briefly describing the BHS grant process, this class will aid you in creating more persuasive and descriptive answers to grant proposal questions to help enable exciting engagement with your communities.



The Power of Positive Coaching with Cindy Hansen-Ellis and Paul Ellinger

Positive communication in a coaching session can and will impact the singer, the performance, and the audience. Cindy and Paul will model coaching styles with both registered and pick up groups, and will show do’s and don’t that may not be on your radar based on gender, age, experience, or other issues that need to be navigated.

The Science of Riser Placement with Rob Mance and Steve Scott

Watch Rob Mance spend 90 minutes with a live chorus and talk about “stacking” the risers with several goals in mind. Learn how you can influence blend and pitch by where you put individuals and voice parts.

Directors...STOP TALKING! with Dr. Don Campbell and Kirk Young

Watch Dr. Don Campbell direct a group with limited verbal cues, while Kirk Young breaks down what just happened. Directors can communicate so much more by speaking less, and have wonderful, unintended results!

Director's Roundtable with Gary Steinkamp, Rob Mance and Steve Armstrong

Gary Steinkamp, Rob Mance and Steve Armstrong share ideas and strategies and investigate barriers and frustrations. Collectively, watch how participants develop a new network of peers and friends who want to see directors succeed and learn the most important thing of all.. you are not alone!



Vol. 1 with the Association of International Champions

Hang out with the champs as they share a rare behind-the-scenes look at what happens when you dedicate your life to this level of quartet singing. Fred Farrell leads a panel of gold medalists: Jay Hawkins, Hank Brandt, Mark Hale, Royce Ferguson, Mike Lawton, and Drayton Justus.


Dr. David Wright takes an in-depth look at the barbershop art form, its history, how it formed, and how it continues to evolve even today. Wright has been a mainstay every year at our Harmony University with his class History of Barbershop. His class combines many years of extensive research with his own experience with singing barbershop to craft a presentation that’s both entertaining and enlightening.

History of Barbershop ONLINE study Written resources

History of Barbershop ONLINE study Written test