Harmony, Inc.

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  The Creed of Harmony, Inc.

 Harmony from our hearts, as well as voices;
 Affection for each other, oft expressed;
 Radiant with our love of barbershop;
 Mindful of our principles and ideals;
 Outstretched hands to every race and creed;
 Neatness in our dress and in our thinking;
 Young in heart, for singing keeps us young;
 I nspired with our desire to grow and flourish;
 Nourished by devotion to our music;
 Constructive in our work for Harmony, Incorporated 

The statement of purpose/mission of Harmony, Inc.

Harmony, Inc. is an international, non-profit organization whose purpose is to empower all women through education, friendship and a cappella singing in the barbershop style.

The History of Harmony, Inc.

Since 1959, the organization has expanded from its Eastern roots to include chapters in the United States and Canada from California to Newfoundland, and from Manitoba to Florida.Contests and conventions are held each year for the purposes of educating members in the performance of the craft, bringing together the membership to see the best perform, to inform the membership of the status and direction of the organization, and to encourage an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.A steady growth in membership, a gradual geographic expansion, continuous improvement in the quality of performances, and the determination to abide by its democratic principles and maintain its unique "Blend With Friendship", all bespeak a bright future for Harmony, Inc.

Our Rich History

International Organization of Women Barbershop Singers

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