Sara Stone
Director of Programs

I very much appreciate the opportunity Harmony, Inc. members have given me to return to the International Board of Directors.  I served for 11 years between 1997 and 2008 before life became somewhat complicated and I needed to focus on some other issues.  I didn’t go far, however, because I served for three years immediately AFTER leaving the board as the International Convention Manager.

Although I’m still working full-time, I’m looking forward to some form of retirement in 2021.  I’m active in two chapters – Director of Covered Bridge Harmony and member of Harmony Magic.  I also sing in a very active quartet, Change of Heart. I’m a proud lifetime member of Harmony, Inc.

I’m honored to support you in this new role – Director of Programs (Music and Education). I’m also glad to be following two great board members, Kelly Thomas and Katie Taylor, in supporting these music and education programs for Harmony, Inc.

Although 2020 has been such a challenging year for so many of us, I’m looking forward to the New Year and hope we’ll be able to gather in person before the year runs out.