Sarah Thorne-Miller
Area 3 Director

When I joined the Liberty Belles Chorus of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, in February 2015, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Belles are a family to me, and I do everything I can for family.  I served in several positions for the Chorus over the years, and I currently serve as the Chorus Marketing Chair, Social Media Administrator, and Contest Chorus Manager. 

In late 2017, I joined the Area 3 Council as Education Co-Coordinator.  One of my passions is the importance of diversity of education being offered at conventions and virtually. It is important to have and expand classes in administration, leadership, and equality and diversity in addition to our traditional courses covering the three judging categories of Performance, Singing, and Music. As Area 3 Director, this will be one of my main focuses.

One of Harmony, Inc.’s many strengths is our sisterhood – the fact that we can come together sharing a love for music to a welcoming community for women from two countries is a true blessing.  I invite any one of our Harmony sisters to contact me at any time!