Interested in starting a Harmony, Inc. chapter in your area? That’s great!  We know your new chapter will have a significant positive impact on the lives of the women who join.

Harmony, Inc. provides a positive experience for all women who want to be part of a strong network of female barbershop harmony singers.  Our mission is, “Empowering all women through education, friendship and singing”. Founded in 1959, Harmony, Inc. currently has over 60 chapters and 2,000+ members in the United States and Canada. Sixty years after our founding we continue to maintain the democratic principle of, “one voice, one vote”.

Please provide our New Chapter Development Coordinator with some basic information about you and your potential chapter by completing the Potential Chapter Inquiry Form. Once your information is received, she will contact you to guide you through the entire charter process.

As you move through the process to charter, you’ll learn about the following, and much more:

  • Becoming a prospective chapter of Harmony, Inc.
  • Member privileges and responsibilities
  • Harmony, Inc.’s Areas, governmental structure, conventions and contests
  • Preparing your chapter bylaws and standing rules
  • Incorporating your chapter
  • Becoming a chartered chapter of Harmony, Inc.

We look forward to working with you through the charter process.  If you have questions along the way, please contact our New Chapter Development Coordinator at [email protected].