VP, Convention & Contests

Linda Brehaut

How exciting it is to be serving on the International Board again!

I have been a member of Harmony for 23 years and sing with Valley Voices in Nova Scotia, Area 1.  I have served my chapter in many capacities and represented Area 1 as their Director from 2012-2018. Eventually, I realized I was keeping the best job in the world for myself so thought I should step down from the position and make the opportunity available to someone else. A year later, and I have returned to serve this organization, an organization that has given me so much! I am honoured and humbled to be nominated to serve on the executive committee for Harmony, Incorporated as the incoming Vice President of Convention & Contests!

Anyone that knows me will agree that I am an incredibly busy person, but I believe I am fairly good at compartmentalizing my time and setting aside designated times for each of my responsibilities. I am hopeful that I will be able to meet the expectations set out for this position and will serve the members of this organization to be best of my ability. I am retired from a 35-year career in health care but choose to use my own definition of what “retirement” looks like. For me, it is a time in my life when I get to choose if I want to go to work or not! I continue to work on a casual basis in a medical laboratory and my fun job is working as a substitute educational assistant at the elementary/middle school level. My family and my church, where I have been on the leadership team for a children’s choir for the past 29 years, are my priorities, but they know all too well that I have Harmony activities high up on that scale of priorities too! Learning and teaching are two very important aspects in my life – how wonderful it is to do that through music while spending time with wonderful friends!
Harmony. Stronger. Looking forward to 2020!