Hotel/Venue Information

How do I book a hotel room?

To book your hotel room, please click here. If you are sharing a room, designate one person to make the reservation for the group. You will be charged one full night as a deposit when booking your room. Please be sure to have your credit card number, billing address and names and email addresses of your roommates with you when you make your reservation. Cancellation policy is 72 hours before arrival date for full refund less $25 processing fee. The last date to make your hotel room reservation is October 1, 2019.

What is the hotel check-in process?

There are two ways to check-in to your hotel room. You can go to the front desk at any time or take advantage of the Harmony Inc. dedicated check-in kiosks located in the Convention Center. The dedicated check-in is available Wednesday, November 6th from 11 am – 8 pm and Thursday, November 7 from 10 am – 2 pm.

What is the fair share assessment fee?

To help cover the costs of IC&C expenses and meet our contractual obligations, all members of Harmony, Inc. are required to stay at the convention hotel or pay the Fair Share Assessment Fee: the equivalent of one night’s stay at the hotel (including taxes).

Will there be food available onsite?

The Kalahari Resort has seven restaurants on-site. For a complete list click here. In addition, we will be selling food in the convention center during contests so that you can grab a quick bite to eat.

I have mobility issues – will it be difficult for me to get around?

While the hotel is quite large, the activities in the convention center are all contained in one area making it easy to get around. We have requested that all Harmony sleeping rooms be close to the convention center, but you can also call the hotel directly and request a room close to an elevator. You can also rent a scooter to use during the week and it will be delivered to the hotel. The cost is $100 plus $50 delivery. A credit card and driver’s license number are required. For more information or to reserve a scooter – call 1-440-365-8581.

What is the best airport to fly in to?

There are several airport options to consider when flying into Ohio. For detailed information on airports and shuttle services, visit our IC&C webpage.

Does the hotel have a shuttle?

Shuttles can be arranged through the hotel Concierge by calling 419-433-7200, ext. 34090. When you call to make arrangements, you will need to provide your flight numbers and the arrival times, along with a cell phone number so that the shuttle driver can contact you after you land and advise where to meet the shuttle. Arrangements need to be made in advance and no later than 48 hours before the shuttle is needed. Charges will go to the guest’s room reservation and the credit card that is on file for the room.

What is the weather like in Sandusky?

You can get the most current forecast along with monthly temperature averages by clicking here.

Is there anything to do around the hotel?

The hotel is offering our group rate three days pre- and post- conference (based on availability) if you are interested in extending your stay. There is a TON of stuff to do at the Kalahari from the water park, to the animal park as well as: game room, 7-D theater, Escape room, Laser tag and more. For more information visit the Kalahari website.

There are also options in the surrounding area: Sandusky: although Sandusky’s top attraction, Cedar Point, will be closed in November, there are lots of other places to explore. Check them out by clicking here.

Cleveland: check out the Official Visitors Guide for a comprehensive look at area attractions, and activities. The Show Your Badge Program allows you to simply show your conference badge when visiting participating partners in order to receive an exclusive offer.

Convention Information

How do I register for IC&C?

Registration Forms are posted on the IC&C website and are due September 15. They may be returned by ground mail with a check or money order or by email with payment through PayPal, or for payment in Canada, by E-Mail Transfer through your Bank. All prices are in US funds but may be paid in Canadian equivalent with exchange calculated on the day of payment.

What is the cost to attend IC&C?

All prices are listed as US Dollars. Payment is due in US Dollars or Canadian Equivalent. To convert to CAD, go to: US to Canadian Dollar Converter. Please note: All members must have their AEP on them when entering the contest venue. Door monitors check for AEPs and will be instructed to only allow members with AEP‘s in the ballroom. Performing All Events Pass (AEP) = $125 Non-performing All Events Pass = $89 Performing Youth All Events Pass = $95 Non-performing Youth All Events Pass = $65 Saturday Dinner = $35

What is the Saturday Dinner?

Participation in the Saturday dinner helps us to lower the price of our AEPs – and it’s a lot of fun! Dinner is $35.00 inclusive and this year we are offering a buffet so that you have more options to choose from. The two main dishes being served are Roasted Prosciutto Chicken Fontina and Pot Roast Jardinière with a variety of sides and desserts. Vegetarian? No worries – we will have a special plated dinner for you – just be sure to indicate your dietary restrictions on your dinner order form. Forms must be postmarked or e-mailed by October 1. Please note: there will be no dinner ticket sales on-site. You must pre-purchase your seat. If you purchase a seat, then determine you can no longer attend the dinner, it is your responsibility to sell your ticket to someone else. You can post the information on Facebook via Harmony Chat or the IC&C event page, or you can post it on the bulletin board in the Hospitality Suite at IC&C. Remember, the person buying your ticket is also buying your seat assignment, we will not re-assign seats after they have been posted.

How are seats assigned for dinner?

After the October 1 deadline, we will randomly draw table assignments for the Saturday dinner. Each chorus will get a select number of seats based on their dinner orders. We will notify choruses of their table and seat numbers – but they can determine who sits where. Individual or small group orders will be placed at extra seats where available. We will post the table assignments in the hospitality room at IC&C but it is up to the individual members to remember what their table/seat assignment is.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, family and friends are invited and encouraged to attend IC&C. The cost to attend contest is $15 for adults, $8 for youth (per contest). They are also invited to attend dinner for the $35 fee. Can be pre-ordered on the AEP form.

How does my chorus reserve a hospitality room?

This year, each Area will be assigned a Hospitality Room to be used after the Showcase of Champions. We will reach out to each area with room assignments prior to IC&C.

What happens at the Opening Ceremonies?

You don’t want to miss this year’s opening ceremonies and membership meeting! In addition to our annual introduction of the new Board and Assistants, officer installation and our awards, we’ll be recognizing some very special 50 and 60 year members. Additionally, we will have a random drawing from those attending: The lucky winner will get two nights hotel stay comped during the conference.

What is the Parade of Champions?

One of the highlights of IC&C, the Association of Harmony Queens will entertain you with their annual Parade of Champions show. You’ll get to hear many of our past Queens sing some of your favorite songs as well as the Queens chorus. Please note the cost to attend this event is included in your AEP. Anyone without an AEP can pay at the door: $15 for adults and $10 for 25 and under.

What is the Saturday Showcase?

All members and guests are invited to the annual dinner and showcase event. It’s a great way to close out IC&C as we recognize and hear from our top medalists. The evening will begin with a plated dinner. The cost is $35 and there will be assigned seating. You are able to attend just the showcase starting at 8:30 pm at no cost – however you will be seated at the back of the room.

What is the International Chorus?

One of the best parts about IC&C is getting to meet so many people from so many places who share your love of singing. This is exemplified in our International Chorus – comprised of members of each chorus that come together to learn a song and perform on the IC&C stage after the Chorus Competition on Friday. An email has been sent to all choruses about participating in the International Chorus. We encourage you to sign up for this incredible experience. You will be sent the music ahead of time and there will be a rehearsal on Thursday morning.

What is the new member meeting?

The new member meeting is held each year at IC&C and gives our newest members an opportunity to meet with the Harmony, Inc. President and ask any questions you may have about Harmony, Inc

What are education classes?

Want to be a better singer? Need help getting your chapter off the ground? IC&C is more than just contests and singing. We are fortunate that our talented members and panel volunteer of their time to help us all become Harmony Stronger. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity during IC&C. Classes will be offered Thursday and Saturday mornings. Once the classes are finalized they will be posted on the IC&C page of our website and it will be printed in the program you receive at registration.

What is the Minor Chords?

Minor Chords is a chorus made up of Harmony’s youth members, that are age 25 and under. They meet twice at IC&C to rehearse their latest piece that they will perform at the President’s Reception, and after the Chorus Finals. Every year a new director is chosen to provide an unforgettable experience for these talented young women. For more information visit the Harmony, Inc. website. You can sign up for the 2019 IC&C here.

Contest Information

What paperwork is needed for chorus and quartets?

IC&C Contest Entry Forms and the required $25.00 Contest Entry Fee made payable to Harmony, Inc. (US Dollars or Canadian Equivalent) must be submitted no later than 15 days following your respective Area’s AC&C and sent to the Executive Assistant, Administration. Entries submitted after the contest entry deadline date listed will be penalized $20.00 (US Dollars or Canadian Equivalent) and the quartet will be required to sing first in the contest. NO entries will be accepted after September 1. HAR-059 Official International Quartet Contest Entry Form HAR-060 Official International Chorus Contest Entry Form HAR-111 Official International SilverDivisionChorusEntryForm HAR-115 AEP-Dinner Purchase Summary HAR-116 AEP Registration Form Instructions pdf HAR-080 IC&C All-Events Pass Registration Form HAR-082 Contestant Song Registration Form Photo Authorization Video Authorization

What is a Quartet Celebration Room?

The Quartet celebration Room is an opportunity for our competing quartets to “re-group” after they leave the stage and before they return to the audience. It’s a private place for you to celebrate your great accomplishment! The celebration room will be included in your pattern schedule, but it is optional.

What is the Silver Division Chorus Contest?

Chapters who do not meet the qualification score for the International Chorus Contest at their AC&C, but fall within a specified score range are eligible to participate in the Silver Division Chorus Contest. The winner of the Silver Division Chorus Contest will move on to the International Chorus Contest, competing in the 3rd slot in the Order of Appearance.

How is the order of appearance determined?

A live drawing for the order of appearance will take place in the months prior to contest (typically Aug-Sept). Information on how to watch the live drawing will be sent to all membership once the drawing date and time is finalized. After the drawing, the order of appearance will be added to the IC&C webpage.

How do I find out when I am onstage and the pattern schedule?

The ICJC will send the contest pattern and related information to each competitor after the order of appearance is published and prior to contest.

Where can I get contest scores after contest?

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we will only be printing the Official Scoring Summary for contestants (one per quartet, four per chorus). Scores will be posted online shortly after each contest as well as posted in the hospitality room.

My chorus wants to rehearse before we compete. Will there be rooms available?

All choruses will have a chance to sign-up in the Hospitality Room for Chorus Rehearsal space for Thursday, November 7th. To be placed on a waiting list for a pre-contest Chorus Rehearsal Room and/or Breakfast Room for Friday morning email [email protected]. No space will be assigned until after the chorus contest schedule is published in September.

How are contestants scored?

There are three judging categories in the Harmony Inc. contest. For more information on judging and scoring refer to the CJ Handbook.

• Music – Music is defined as the song and arrangement as performed. The Music judge evaluates the suitability of the song and arrangement to the barbershop style, and the performer’s musicianship in bringing the song and arrangement to life. – Major elements in the category are consonance; theme; delivery and musicality; execution; and embellishment.

• Performance – Performance is defined as the net impact of the performance upon the audience. The Performance judge evaluates to what degree the audience is entertained through the performer’s communication of the story/message/theme in its musical and visual setting. – Major elements in the category are entertainment; audience rapport; expressiveness; vocal/visual unity and believability.

• Singing – Singing is defined as quality, in-tune vocalization accomplished with a high degree of unity, ensemble consistency and artistry. The Singing judge evaluates the degree to which the performer achieves artistic singing in the barbershop style. – Major elements in the category are intonation; vocal quality; unity of word sounds, flow, diction and synchronization; expansion and “ring”; artistry.

What are Evals?

Contestants participating in the Silver Division Contest receive a minimum of 20-minute coaching Evaluation Sessions with a Judge from each of the performance categories of Music, Presentation and Singing. Due to the number of contestants at IC&C we are not able to offer individual evals for the Quartets and Choruses.

Will I get to practice on the stage before contest?

Due to the size of our contests, and time constraints, we are not able to allow all choruses and quartets time to practice on the actual stage. We are able to offer a brief stage “viewing” which will allow up to five people from a chorus and quartets to walk onto the stage. Please note, there is no singing allowed during this time. Times for the stage viewing will be included in the IC&C schedule, as well as your contestant packets.

Can I bring personal belongings with me backstage before I compete?

We encourage all contestants to not bring your personal belongings with you in the pattern, as they will not be allowed backstage. If you must bring something, please make it small, consolidate chorus belongings etc. We will provide a table in a hallway that will be monitored by volunteers. You can drop your belongings on the table before going on stage, and pick them up after you compete.

Common Acronyms

AC&C Area Convention & Contests

ACJC Area Contest & Judging Chairman

ACOJ Associate Chairman of Judges

AEV Advance Expense Voucher

AEP All-Events Pass

AICJC Assistant International Contest & Judging Chairman

AHQ Association of Harmony Queens

BHS Barbershop Harmony Society

CA Contest Administrator (BHS term)

CD Category Director

COJ Chairman of Judges

CS Category Specialist (BHS term)

CTS Category Training School

C&J Contest and Judging

EC Executive Committee

GKT General Knowledge Test

GOC Geographically Outlying Chapter

GPM Guest Panel Member

IBOD International Board of Directors

IC&C International Convention & Contests

ICJC International Contest & Judging Chairman

ICJ Comm International Contest & Judging Committee

MC Master or Mistress of Ceremonies

MUS Music Category

OJF Official Judging Form

OPM Official Panel Member

OSS Official Scoring Summary

PPM Practice Panel Member

PER Performance Category

PRS Presentation Category (archival term)

SA Scoring Analysis

SDCC Silver Division Chorus Contest

SNG Singing Category

SWTQ Singing with the Queens

TC Training Coordinator

VPC&C Vice President of Convention & Contests